Magick and Dragons

Transitions by Todd Lockwood

General Information about Dragon Magick and Draconic/Draconian/Dragon Paths

  • Dragon Magick – article covering the topics: What is Magick? What does the Dragon represent? What is Dragon(Draconian) Magic?
  • Dragon Magickby Nekoshema giving a brief explanation and basic information on Dragon Magick.
  • Dragon Magick Podcasts — interviews with Dragon Magick practitioners on BlogTalkRadio and other platforms.
  • Draconic Wicca – article found on Facebook, describes the basic beliefs of Draconic Wicca and includes the following sections:
    • Dragon History – by Cryn Dragonsight
    • Dragon Festivals – compiled by Duriel HazelBelisama
    • Dragon Types
    • Appearances of Dragons
    • Dragon Elements
    • Draconic Code of Honour
    • What is Draconic Wicca?
    • Dragon Path for Beginners – by Duriel HazelBelisama
    • Dragon Path for the Experienced – by Duriel HazelBelisama
    • Guardian Dragons – by Duriel HazelBelisama
    • Dragon Magick – by Duriel HazelBelisama
  • Dragon Deities? – by Topaz Drachen discussing a particular list of Dragon deity names that appears in many places online.
  • The Draconic Path – by Mabigonia, another description of what the Draconic Path is for some people.
  • The Draconian Path – by Lady Lionrhod,  about the philosophy of the “Circle of the Crystal Dragon’s Unfolding Tradition”.
  • Draconian Path – outlines the philosophy of the “Temple of Ascending Flame: The Left-Hand Path of Spiritual Ascent”.
  • The Path of the Dragon – by Asenath Mason, from “The Way of the Serpent” by Magan Publications, 2011. This link goes to the Temple of Ascending Flame website.
  • Tales From the Nightside: The Draconian Path (reblogged) – by Jaclyn Cherie about the various depictions of the Dragon in the mythologies of different cultures and their meanings associated with walking the Path of the Dragon.
  • Dragon Principles & Codes of Honour – article divided into seven sections: “The Wisdom of the Dragons”, “Draconic Code of Honour”, “The Craft Code of Honour”, “The Three Main Principles of Draconian Magic”, “Five Elementary Draconian Principles”, “Esoteric Comments to the Three Basic Concepts of Draconian Magic” and “Draconian Aphorisms”.
  • The Four Elements & the Coils of the Dragon – article about the Elements, Tarot, Kabalah in relation to the Talismanic or Magical Arts, by S.L. MacGregor Mathers called “Notes on the Astronomical Tarot” and based on a transcription of the works of Cornelius Agrippa (1486 – 1535), a German magician, occult writer, theologian, astrologer, and alchemist.
  • Dragon Alchemy – an article by CrystalSinger about the metaphorical and symbolic meaning of the Dragon in Alchemy.
  • Dragon as a Totem – three articles by different authors about the symbolism of the Dragon as a totem.
  • Dragon Runes – shows a few different examples of runic alphabets associated with Dragons in one way or another.
  • Private: DMV Clan Initiate Lessons (Version 1) – my personal answers to the questions asked of those doing the DMV Clan Initiates program. The “lessons” were actually taught by doing the research to answer the questions and through the subsequent online discussions. This section of Dragon Dreaming is not visible to the public. DMV Clan website has now closed.
  • Into the Wyrd & The Draig Sidhe Path – The Draig Sidhe Path is an evolving mystery tradition practicing a unique form of dragon magick. The Draig Sidhe Path was founded by Parker J. Torrence, author of “Sea, Land, Sky: A Dragon Magick Grimoire”.
    • Private: Book of Dragon Scales – my personal answers to the lessons of “Into the Wyrd”. This section will remain private i.e. not visible to the public. The link is here for my benefit only. ~ Topaz Drachen
  • Disruption to Magick Circles – brief article by Topaz Drachen which has links to articles by another author about mental illness in relation to Paganism, Magick and Mysticism.
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