Dragon Room Makeover

Recently my Dragon Room underwent some rearrangement to accommodate the majority of my Dragony bits and pieces that were previously on my downstairs altar (which now no longer exists).

Now that my sons have all flown the nest I have been able to move furniture around the house and re-purpose a few rooms. Previously I had a spare bed in my Dragon Room but now the bed has been moved elsewhere so that I can have one large altar upstairs (which also frees up more space in the family room downstairs where the altar previously was for many years) so that when necessary I can close the door to keep prying eyes and fidgety fingers away from all my precious pretties.

I decided to use the beautiful Dragon scarf, which was a gift from a friend, as a doorway curtain. Prior to this it spent some time looking spectacular as a window dressing but during the daytime the room was a little too dark so, after the furniture rearrangement I stitched a ‘rod pocket’ to the top of it and voilà …a “veil between the worlds” was created!

I’ve also managed to reclaim the wardrobe in this room which was previously storing bits and pieces my sons had left behind …all that has been moved to another room so now I have space to hang my ceremonial robes, cloaks and dresses I have collected over the years, as well as drums and ‘overflow’ of witchy items and some art/craft supplies from over-stuffed cupboards elsewhere in the house. 🙂


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  1. It’s beautiful and inspiring 💕🐲💕

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