The Energy & Nature of Dragons


  • What are Dragons? – by Topaz Drachen about the Energy & Nature of Dragons, Dragon Reiki/Healing.
  • What Are Dragons? – by Shawn MacKenzie, an essay to answer the question, “What are Dragons and why are they so important to us?”
  • Celestial Dragons – “The Dragon Storm” article by Wal Thornhill re Cassini Space mission.
  • Dragons in the Modern World“On Wings Everywhere Ascending: The Relevance of Dragons in the Modern World” – an article by Shawn MacKenzie.
  • The Dragon as an Archetype – an essay by Laurence Mee (Wyrm) discussing whether the Dragon can be considered as an Archetype. It runs through symbolism in various cultures and the origins of the dragon legends.
  • Dragons: Mystical Creatures or Reality? by Lorien1973 – dragons are not mystical creatures after all, there is substantial evidence that they existed in the distance past and their descendants may be hanging around today.
  • The Secret Life of Dragons – In the world of fabulous creatures, the dragon is unique. No other beastie has appeared in such a rich variety of forms nor in so many places. Are they mythical, allegorical, or did they really exist?
  • Sophia & the Dragon – a psychological analysis of the dragon as a metaphor. Contains a link to a website of the same name which is an educational resource about Sophia as personified wisdom, the dragon, and their relationship.
  • Dragons came from Sirius? – many cultures around the world have legends about “sons of the sky” or what we might call aliens, including the Dogon tribe of Africa.
  • The 11:11:11 Gateway & Tiamat– a high-vibrational portal opening to assist the evolution of consciousness on the earth, combined with information about Tiamat.
  • Dragon Bloodline – reblogged from “Thoughts of a Taoist Babe” – are we descended from Dragons?
  • Dragon Genetics – reblogged from “Thoughts of a Taoist Babe” – further discussion of the biological link between modern humans and our ancient ancestors, the serpent beings.
  • The Dragon Legacy – Tracy Twyman interview with Prince Nicholas de Vere, author of The Dragon Legacy: The Secret History of an Ancient Bloodline.
  • Dragon Power – an article by Janine Donnellan in the July 2017 edition of Axis Mundi eMagazine.
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