Ley Lines, Dragon Lines & Energy Grids

Ley lines, also known as “leys” and “dragon lines” are phenomena most people have heard of but few really understand. Indeed it would be fair to say that no-one understands them fully, as they remain largely unexplained.

From what we do know, a ley line seems to be a straight line that carries an altered form of the earth’s magnetic field, however it is proving difficult to define that power even to this day.

It has been claimed that birds, fish and animals use them as ‘compasses’, helping them find direction back to breeding grounds and to warmer climates during winter months. They have also been said to be vast prehistoric trade routes.

An article in New Scientist magazine, published in 1987, suggested that species as diverse as pigeons, whales, bees and even bacteria can navigate using the earth’s magnetic field.

It is thought that a tissue containing a substance called magnetite is responsible for this.

Magnetite enables living creatures to sense magnetic changes and has been found in human tissue linked to the ethmoid bone in the front of the skull.

From bbc.co.uk/gloucestershire/content/articles/2005/06/29/ley_lines_feature.shtml


The  whole concept of an earth ringed by meridians, veins in a matrix of power,  is not just an anthropomorphic projection based on Chinese medicine. Many magnetic images of the earth show similar veins of energy beyond our normal perception. Does the earth, like our own meridian system, harbour an energy matrix?

Older cultures than ours point to a hidden reality of energy. In an age where energy consciousness is dawning for some at least, perhaps we should attach more value to these ancient energy ‘pathways’. Geobiology is an emerging field and modern physics tells us nearly all the universe is made of energy.

These days our earth is awash with electro-magnetic vibration on many levels. We even carry round our own electro-magnetic disturbance devices in the form of mobile phones. For those who have the ability to perceive and use  ‘hidden energies’, modern electro-pollution makes much noise and interference. But perceiving at a more vibrational level is something people are tuning into.

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Ley lines were termed ‘Dragon Lines’ by the Chinese centuries ago. When these ‘Dragon Lines’ cross each other their energy spirals into a vortex. If several lines cross at a given point, called a node, it produces a massive vortex of energy. One such place is located at Avebury in England, where twelve lines meet and go down into the Earth. This is a place where megalithic stone structures were built in ancient times and is where many crop circles appear today.

From Eden, The Knowledge of Good and Evil 666 by Joye Jeffries Pugh, 2006.


The Rainbow Serpent is a ‘great energy current’ that travels the world from Uluru (Ayers Rock), linking ‘planetary increase sites’ or chakras, before meeting it self back in Uluru. The Australian Aborigines knew this serpent well. Their stories tell of two serpents; a female snake Kuniya and her nephew Liru, who meet at Uluru. According to Robert Coon, the Rainbow Serpent is the female aspect of two great energy lines.

The other, the Plumed Serpent, is the male aspect. These serpents are themselves made up of male and female currents that intertwine like a Caduceus or Kundalini through the landscape. (See map)

The Michael and Mary Line is the part of the Rainbow Serpent that travels though England linking many sacred sites from St Michael’s Mount, Cornwall, through to Glastonbury, Avebury and many sacred sites up to Bury St. Edmunds and finally, Hopton-on-Sea, where it goes into the North Sea.

The one energy centre that stands out for Robert Coon is Glastonbury. The Tor is the earthly representation of the planetary heart charka, which spreads out through the landscape zodiac. The Michael and Mary lines pass through Burrow Mump (third eye of the landscape Unicorn), Glastonbury Abbey, Chalice Well (and White Spring) and the Tor, before moving on to the Avebury Complex.

Crown Chakra – Mount Kailas, Tibet
Third Eye Chakra – Currently at Glastonbury & Shaftesbury, England
Throat Chakra – Great Pyramid, Sphinx & Mount of Olives, Egypt
Heart Chakra – Glastonbury & Shaftesbury, England
Solar Plexus Chakra – Uluru, Australia
Sacral Chakra – Lake Titticaca, South America
Base Chakra – Mt Shasta, North America.

Gaia’s energy system is remarkably similar to our own. Our connection to the earth is also far greater than we realise, especially when the 6th planetary chakra or 3rd Eye, is held not in the landscape but in the consciousness of people. It moves with the precession of the equinoxes to a new location, which is currently in Avalon for the Age of Aquarius (Piscean Age – Jerusalem). We are the awareness of the planet. Her birthing pains are ours, and the plundering of her resources we also feel as our own struggles.

From rainbowserpent.co.uk/page/2318250:Page:11245


The Hartmann Grid ~ For some years researchers like Dr Hartmann (Director of the Committee for Geobiology Eberbach – Waldkatzenbach – waldbrunn), Dr Palme, Prof. Endros, KE Lotz and many others have studied the undeniable influences of electromagnetic fields on living organisms. According to the researches of Dr Hartmann the geomagnetic field is composed of active and neutral zones, the active areas being lines 21cm wide with the neutral zone lying between the lines.

These lines form a North-South and East-West grid, they are about 2.0m apart on the North-South axis and 2.5m apart on the East-West axis in the temperate zone.

The crossing points of these lines are considered to be unhealthy if one is to remain over them for long periods of time as in a bed or at a work station for example. The regularity of the H grid can also be affected by man made disturbances such as high tension power lines, roads etc.

The effect of a crossing or knot in the H grid can be amplified by other local characteristics such as an underground stream or a geological fault making that particular spot potentially dangerous. According to Prof. Endros trees growing on the crossing of the grid are prone to being hit by lightning, especially if they are near or over an underground stream. Most trees or plants showing deformities are found on such “knots” of the H grid. On these the Romans used to build sham wells dedicated to Jupiter and consecrated to “Fulgur Conditum” (buried lightning).

Animals and very young children have not lost their instinct to feel if a place is healthy or not. In the morning, one can often see children cramped into one side of their beds, oriented differently from when they were tucked in. It is wise to determine then if the bed is well positioned. Sensitive adults will not sit in a particular spot often without being able to explain why they feel uncomfortable.

Animals in pastures will avoid a disturbed zone to the extent that one could follow their paths by looking at the area that has been grazed.

From earthtransitions.com/Earth-Healing/Hartmann-Grid.html


Geo-pathic Stress, or harmful earth rays, can result from natural radiation which rises up through the earth and is distorted by weak electro-magnetic fields created by subterranean (underground) running water, certain mineral concentrations, fault lines and underground cavities. The natural radiation, disturbed in this way becomes harmful to living organisms (including animals and plants!) Geo-pathic Stress can also result from electro-magnetic fields caused by electrical wiring, lighting, appliances (including computers, TVs, microwaves, clocks, radios), telephones (especially cellular phones), and from outside sources such as electric generators, transformers and electricity pylons.

Geo-pathic Stress lowers your immune system and your ability to fight off viruses and bacteria. While we sleep, the body should be at rest so that it can do its repair work on body cells, fight infection and absorb nutrients from the food eaten that day. However, if we sleep in a Geo-pathic Stress Zone, the body has to focus all its energy just to keep vital organs working and, consequently, the immune system is lowered, we cannot fully absorb nutrients or effectively fight off infections.

The most common indications of Geo-pathic Stress are resistance to treatment (conventional or alternative), feeling run-down and exhausted, depression, nervousness, allergies, insomnia, restless sleep, nightmares, sleep walking, headaches on waking, tingling in arms and legs, grinding teeth.

The entire earth is threaded with an invisible grid of Hartmann lines. They appear every 6-8 feet. They are named after the German medical doctor Ernst Hartmann. If your bedroom or work area lies over these lines, there is a good chance you have serious health problems. Heart attack victims often sleep on a Hartmann line. The Hartmann line itself is just over 8 inches in width. It penetrates everything in its path. If you live on the top floor of an apartment building, the rays will cut through the entire building and still affect you. The lines are more intense during the morning hours of one and four. It is also during these hours that people most often wake from their sleep. The worst place you could possibly sleep or work is over a ‘Hartmann Knot’. This is where two Hartmann lines cross. This is called a Geo-pathic stress zone.You can dowse using either a pendulum or dowsing rods to find out if you are sleeping over a Hartmann line .

From alloya.com/texts/Protecting%20from%20the%20negative.pdf


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