My Dragon Room


I’ve finally been able to finish transforming my spare bedroom into my Dragon Room so I now have two altar spaces in my house. There have been times when visitors to my home have been a little too touchy-feely with items on my altar in the family room, which is especially worrying when they want to touch or pick up my carved crystal Dragon skulls. 😮 I’d rather not have them ‘contaminated’ with other people’s random energies, but most importantly, I don’t want them accidentally damaged as some of them can be chipped very easily! So, I decided to move all my Crystal Dragon Clan upstairs, along with my crystal spheres, to their own special room.


My Dragon Room also houses my old computer which still works in spite of being nearly 8 years old and doing weird stuff occasionally, threatening to ‘die’ at any moment. It was replaced over a year ago when it seemed it might not last much longer, but it has soldiered on regardless …which is good because I can still run some of my older programs on it which won’t run on the new computer with the latest macOS, and it means I now have a private space to listen to meditations and do online group rituals and meetings (especially since the COVID-19 lockdown period started).


Due to the size of the room the bed sits very close to the wardrobe but that’s not really an issue as the doors don’t get opened much (Son2’s childhood stuff that he didn’t take when he moved out is stored in there) and it’s not too hard to move the bed and the side table to allow access to the wardrobe when necessary.


For Mothers Day this year (10th May) Husband-dearest put up the shelves for me, with the help of 2 sons, so yay! …I have my own space! 🙂 …as well as my original space downstairs. So now even more of my house has been taken over by Dragons! 😀


The artwork over the altar/shrine shelf is a high quality print of a painting called “Draconic Alchemy” done by my friend Lisa Winter (who very kindly gifted me the print). You can see more of her stunning works of art, many of which are available for purchase, at and through her Facebook pages at and The artwork has a special significance for me because the spheres at the top of the central waterfall represent different members of Spheres Of Light, the pagan group I am part of. 🙂

It’s a bit of a squeeze but I managed to fit furniture and bookshelves from other parts of the house, which I needed to store all my magickal books, tarot cards, herbal apothecary and other magickal bits as well as my art and craft supplies, including a table to work at (which can also be used as altar space for crystal grid layouts and special rituals) and some of my Dragon statues.


My original altar in the family room has also now had a bit of a makeover, and other Dragon statues have been redistributed around the room to fill up the gaps left by those that moved upstairs …plenty of room for more Dragons now, hehe. 😉


You can see earlier arrangements of my altar here, here and here. 🙂


2 comments on “My Dragon Room

  1. mcolmo says:

    Your dragon collection is amazing! Have you seen the dragon skulls and dragons carved by master carver Leandro de Souza? His are just perfection.

    Liked by 1 person

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