My Altar

Recently I rearranged my family room where I have my altar to accommodate an extra piece of furniture — another filing cabinet for my personal paperwork etc. My altar has grown over the years from a few statues and figurines on a windowsill, to the top of one filing cabinet  beside my desk and now is spread over the top of two filing cabinets which stand beside each other. My collection of dragon statues has also grown substantially so rather than have them all crammed together in the one area I now have dragons in different places in the room. Here’s a few photos (click to enlarge each one)…

My altar at Imbolc (August) 2008 — on top of my filing cabinet

Imbolc (August) 2010 — 1 cabinet is much deeper than the other so it backs onto the smaller one. Its drawers open from the end of the altar. A piece of particle board (with packing under one end) sits on top to cover the height difference between the 2 cabinets.

My new altar is big enough to include display/storage space for my tools plus a clear working area in the centre.

East (oil burner, censer, bell, wand) and South (stone ‘egg’, salt lamp, green-earth-dragon-on-book storage box)

West (chalice, selenite spire, scrying bowl, beach rocks, cauldron) and North (athame, salt tealight holder). Candle in foreground and charcoal block/herbs in bowl were part of some spellwork.

Dragons of the East – Air

Dragons of the North – Fire

The northern corner also has a drawing of a dragon (computer graphic created  by my son ‘J’ for his Year 10 “Major Work” for Visual Art) as well as my first dragon sword. And yes, I know there’s a painting of the ocean there as well, but the painting looked best on that wall. It does feature the sun, so that counts as fire in the northern sky …although the painting is of a sunrise (east) or sunset (west). Oh well, it was too difficult to get everything absolutely perfect …some compromises had to be made.

My son’s artwork 😀

Dragons of the West – Water

Dragons of the South – Earth

Some of you might be wondering about the directional correspondences I’ve used — they are correct as I’m in the southern hemisphere where the sun travels through the northern sky, putting the “Fire” quarter in the North instead of the south as it is in the northern hemisphere. There is a river just west of my house so it’s quite appropriate to have water in the west, even though I’m on the east coast of Australia with the ocean in the east.  Directional correspondences vary depending on where you are or who you’re talking to …it’s a whole other topic and best left for another time. 😀

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9 comments on “My Altar

  1. serciena says:

    Great collection mine is slowly growing all the time

    Smiles it’s good to see other dragons that are in touch with thier spirtuality, let me guess a calaboration of celtic pagan ejyption and Tibetan Buddhism

    I hve been visorting for some time first post I also got water dragon in the teast.


    • TopazDragon says:

      Thanks 😀 yes, my practices are rather eclectic – definitely Pagan & influenced by Celtic, Egyptian — not quite so much Buddhism, but many other things as well. Nice to know you’ve been visiting my site for a while now; thank you for that.


  2. Takeshi says:

    I Have a question, where do you get your stuff? They’re absolutely amazing! I hope that you can respond. ^.^


    • TopazDragon says:

      Thanks for your comment Takeshi. I have made some of the items myself, some were gifts from friends and family, others have been bought from different shops in my local area and a couple of items were bought online. 🙂


  3. Edgard Silva Junior says:

    Congrats for your altar and dragons statues.
    They are really beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Blessed be.


  4. DarkGlobe says:

    Hi! Beautiful altars!I’m going to embrace the dragon’s way too, we’re few.I heard the call, don’t know if for you was the same.. By the way, beautiful stuff!!


  5. Melisa says:

    Question? 🙂 Do you have to have all of that in the altar ? Im just asking

    Liked by 1 person

    • No, you can have as much or as little as you want on an altar, or not even have an altar at all. I just like to have a special place to display my favourite “shiny things”, some of which are my magickal tools while others are purely decorative. Even when it comes to magickal tools, you don’t really need those either. My collection has grown over the years and, believe it or not, my altar now has more stuff on it than when these photos were taken, lol. 😀 I tend to prefer organised clutter rather than a minimalist approach to decor. 😉


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