Welcome to Dragon Dreaming — my collection of information, illustrations, dreams, meditations, magic and anything else I can find about dragons. It’s a work in progress, and probably always will be, as my ideas about exactly what to add here keep evolving. For the most part it’s a collection of information and illustrations from various websites and books, with many links to other websites with information about Dragons, Dragon Magick and the Dragon Path.

The main focus of this website is Draconic Paganism, not role playing games. 🙂

I have collected a few different Dragon rituals so if you have written a Dragon Rite or perhaps a meditation that you would be happy to have added to the collection (with full credit to you as the author of course) please let me know via the comments section at the bottom of this page or via my Facebook page. 🙂

dragon1665Early modern scientific description of a dragon found in Athanasius Kircher’s “Mundus Subterraneus” (1665)

There’s also some information and ideas that I’d love to be able to include here, but really shouldn’t out of respect for the Dragons, as they don’t like to have certain things divulged to all and sundry. As with any close personal relationship trust has to be maintained and some things just shouldn’t be shared …or someone could end up seriously burned! ;-)

“Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.”
~ Dilbert, by Scott Adams

Now for some more personal stuff about lil’ ol’ me…



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48 comments on “Introduction

  1. David says:

    My name is David and i was born september 27th 1976 at 1:30 pm In Brownsville Pennsylvania making me a fire dragon, my sences have been on fire and i feel this profound inner calling and im not sure what it’s calling me to do. I’m not sure if you may be able to offer some guidence as you seem to be very knowledgeable of dragons.


    • TopazDragon says:

      Hi David …I don’t really know if I can be of assistance or not, but my advice would be to research as much as you can and see where it leads and what resonates with you, and also to meditate and see what thoughts or ideas come to you. Everyone’s journey is personal to them alone, so only you can know what you’re being called to do. It may take a while, but you’ll eventually figure it out. 🙂


    • Felicia says:

      How do u know what kind of dragon u are ? Im intrigued I wanna know! Im eclectic pagan but have always had a connection to the fae ans dragons. I was able to meditate and connect to my dragon spirits. I learned i have 2. 1 male reg HUGE and scary, black rounded horns can fly and breath fire and gods know what else. Another just popped up randomly once. She felt female, and was green, alot smaller then the red one. She had no wings or horns and even her body looked very diff purportioned compared to the other. She was crawling up a very deep and endless hole on the ground.


  2. I just started calling for help from all the higher vibrational beings to fulfilll my desire to become an energy worker and CHANGE the path I am on. I especially asked the ancient ones of the Lakota Sioux and the animal/nature spirits as I get re-charged from being in Nature.
    I made an offering of my fav amazonite gemstone and threw it in the lake by my house as I performed a medicine walk around this lake.

    First, Dragonfly came to me the very next day. WOW…blew me away as I stumbled across it sitting in the cold grass. I had to CHANGE a flat tire, CHANGE my shirt, grabbed some loose CHANGE and put it in my pocket for some strange reason, instead of in my change jar.
    I carried him around on my finger for several minutes and then started to breath my warm breathe on him while concentrating on Light energy in my breath. He flew away after that but I recognized him as a totem and was very grateful.

    Two days ago, I had a very very powerful dream in which a dark Green Dragon came to me and flashed before my eyes several times in my dream. I immediately knew Dragon had come into my life as well. I went and bought a small green dragon statue to honor Green Dragon and knew intuitively that Dragon had also come to help. I also found your website that same morning and my intuition was just thrilled with your page.

    Can you give me any info on Green Dragons?

    I kind of feel this was an Earth dragon as I am a water/earth person but am not sure.

    Ive also seen Hawk swoop across my path 5 days ago and then have noticed hawks 8-9 times while driving around the Denver area.

    All these flying totems .. =)
    Dragonfly, Hawk and then Green Dragon

    Dragon is really tugging at me and I am super excited about the spirits helping me.
    I’ve been wondering what mode/type/method of energy to start learning. I am attuned to Reiki 2 and EFT but both seemed to lack something.
    I have very powerful energy that is lying dormant and intuition is telling me it is a rare form that not many posess. This “feels” right and I think Dragon is here to help me do something with this energy.

    Any advice or knowledge you could impart would be greatly appreciated !! (even if it is “read as much as you can”)


    Dave in Denver

    I am a Starseed as well =)


    • TopazDragon says:

      Hi David, thanks for commenting. I haven’t got any info here that relates specifically to different coloured dragons. If you Google for info you’ll find plenty, however, I feel that the significance of colours, or any other magical or elemental correspondence for that matter, depends in part on what you believe about it and how it makes you feel. You obviously associate ‘green’ with ‘Earth’ so I believe that is the colour your dragon has chosen to reveal itself as, so you know that it is an Earth dragon. And, yes you guessed it, my advice is also to read as much as you can …some of what you find about green/earth dragons might not resonate with you, but other stuff will, so take what you think is relevant to you. 🙂 Go with your intuition about the energy too. I’m also attuned to Reiki II and feel it’s not quite the right mode for me either. I have my own way of sensing/sending energy which is right for me …I “just do it” without the symbols and stuff that Reiki requires. I’m sure your dragon will provide insight there too.

      Dragon Blessings,


    • Enidan Aboil says:

      How was your journey since 2012?
      I am just starting myself and was wondering what your dormant power are now?


  3. Hailey says:

    So i think my spirit guide is a black dragon. But think i have a different entity playing off as my spirit guide. How do i make sure my view of the dragon is clear?



    It’s amazing I just start reading about these woderful creatures a few days ago and I’m already feeling myself completely involved by them power and beauty.
    Yesterday I was meditating when sudenly I started feeling the powerful presence of Goddess Tiamati in the company of a shining dark brown dragon. He (or She) stayed a few inches from my nose watching me with a kind of friendly curiosity.
    I took that as a calling for me to follow him and that’s what I’m doing here.
    I wanna know more and more about them. Every single line I read about them fascinates me.
    Thank you , Topaz, for allowing me to get into the dragon world through Dragon Dream.
    Blessed be.

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  5. alycia mcdonad says:

    i found this awesome dragon video, thought of it while I was reading all these amazing facts. you should watch-

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  6. Madilen says:

    Hello, Topaz.
    I just came across your site this evening, through looking for definitions of the dragon animal totem, as well as looking through various crystals and their properties. my interests for gemstones, chakras, “spirits” (which of course are only those whom have no physical body) and the like has been burning on and off for the past several years… kind of like the cycle of the moon, if you want symbolism. well, these desires have come back with an awesome vengance–and after I was in such a deep, dark place within myself. (depression’s a bitch).
    I don’t know why, but I just feel the need to tell you these things.
    I also wish to tell you another thing. a month or so ago, I had done a past life regression with Archangel Michael. someone else, without my asking *giggle!*, came along. it was a dragon. during the regression, I had found out that this dragon and I were once lovers, partners, and good friends among the mountains of Ireland. his scales varied from deep green to sky blue. we lived together, tending to the creatures of the forests and plains. we were loners, but that didn’t matter to us.
    as the audio guide I was using suggested, I went “fast forward” to my death. I found myself in front of many humans who had somehow captured my partner and was killing him… the pain is so deep that just thinking on it brings tears to my eyes.
    ahem! anyway, I think that he is still with me. I just do not know how to come “face to face” with him. I’m sorry if none of that made ANY sense but I do not know who I can speak to about this, and I just felt compelled to speak to you.


    • TopazDragon says:

      Hi Madilen …thank you so much for sharing your experiences. Sorry I’ve taken so long to reply. The only advice I can give about how to come “face to face” with your dragon partner is just to meditate on the matter, whenever you have the opportunity for some quiet time. I’m guessing he will reveal himself to you when he feels the time is right and you are ready.
      Dragon Blessings,


  7. lhunakaidhin says:

    Hi, Topaz Dragon…
    I just wanted to let you know how much I and my Clan appreciate your site. We use it as a reference for our weekly lectures. We are practitioners of Dragon Magick in the Philippines. Dragon Blessings to you. Hope you and Shelby are doing well.


  8. moonlight_tiger says:

    Dearest Topaz
    I have quite recently made contact with a dragon during my meditations, and though he does not talk much, he has given me his name and forced me to realize, what I wish for from a dragon companionship.
    My question is, do the dragons test you? Last night, during my meditation, I was led into a room with a dragon on the door. When I entered the room, the door locked behind me, and the room flooded (and Im terrified of being under water). The panick was spreading, but there was nothing to do, and I had to trust that nothing could happen, while my dragon was watching over me, so I ducked under the water. Shortly after the water disappeared, leaving me in front of what was clearly a dragon alter.
    It felt like a test, but for all I have read of the dragons so far, I have not yet heard of them testing people like this?


    • Personally I have not been tested like that, but that’s not to say that Dragons don’t test people. Maybe they felt you needed to be shown that you can trust them. Sounds like you had a very profound experience. 🙂


  9. mkr4600 says:

    Is there a wrong way or right way to pratice Dragon Magic?


    • I guess most people would say there’s a right way and a wrong way to do anything, though what’s right for one person could be wrong for another. The usual advice given is to have a sound knowledge and understanding of magic in general, as well as some practical experience before working with Dragons. There are books that can assist you to find your way (D.J. Conway and Parker J. Torrence are excellent starting points …click here.) After that, how you work with Dragons is up to you and them. However, no matter what you do or how you practice you must always maintain a sense of personal responsibility for your actions and words and always show respect to the Dragons. 🙂


  10. mkr4600 says:

    I was making sure, my fire dragon is somewhat stubborn lol But thanks to him, he taught me that very same thing.

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  11. Marcel says:

    I looked into asking for my spiritual dragon and end up calling it DRAGON. Original I know : ) It was after watching the tv series Merlin.

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  12. Bojenn says:

    Hi! I want to send a picture to you of a dragon that I photographed with my iPhone… The dragon formed out of the flames of a bonfire where I burned several items. I was hoping you wouldn’t mind taking a look at the pic… Thanks!

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  13. Bojenn says:

    PS from the above post, you won’t be disappointed in the picture, promise.


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  14. EBethy says:

    How do you find a guardian dragon? I’ve been drawn to dragons for awhile (I make little clay ones for fun), and I’m really interested. Any advice?

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  15. Silk says:

    Hello Topaz Drachen.

    I’m an 18 year old boy from America, and for over a year, I’ve been in contact with dragons. I recently found your website and I’m both glad and grateful I’m not the only human who can see or talk to dragons. I’ve much to share with you, but I’m shy. Do you have an email or phone number i can reach you with? Just wondering…

    P.S.: I like to call myself an “indigo” rather than a “human.”


  16. Salina says:

    Hello my name is salina. I have a special gift that i would like to share with you. I can see peoples past and futures when i touch their hands. I cant explain it but i get pictures flashing in my head and sometimes it doesnt stop until i let go. How do i use this gift that i have. I am good at reading tarot and seeing things people hold secret or privite and i shock alot of people cause i know things they have never told anyone ever. I am studing wicca and just started reading up on dragonic magiks but i would love some adice and some help to control my gift. Do u have any adice or special site i can go to to control this . I want to help people or even make a job out of it but don’t know how to go about it HELP ME PLEASE…


    • Felicia says:

      Hey im a pagan of almost 12 years ! Id like to offer some help along with whomever. I woukd also LOVE if you could do a reading on me ? I like to recieve readings from various individuals to see what they get from me. I also do tarot. Email me ?


  17. Kenneth Kidwell says:

    Dear Topaz, with this comment I just want to let you know how much I appreciate your blog/website. I am very thankful to have found it…love it, love it, love it…thank you!!! It opened up an other world to me, which it has been there my whole life, though it was just patiently awaiting for me to discover it. Roughly a little over a month ago and just days before I ran upon your website, while I was getting a full Reiki session by my loving husband, (we are both Reiki Masters), during in which I fall into a state of trance and were visited by all kinds of different gorgeous looking Dragons who were not shy and actually were very playful…amazing experience. Since then I keep receiving these visits and one of them, ever since that session, always sits by my side next to my bed, at night, although we have yet to establish a much better communication, I feel they are trying to nudge me into a much deeper relation with them and I am so ready for it. I didn’t know how much love energy they carry prior this experience, amazing creatures, cannot help, but to be fully in love with them!!! By reading your blog/website I am actually able to learn more about them and the more I read the more I appreciate their mighty presence in my life as well as all the beautiful work that you have done with them. You must be a truly terrific “light worker” yourself, I admire you very much. Thank you!!! Most sincerely, Zelda 🙂

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    • Thank you for your kind words …I’m very glad my site is helpful to you on your journey. Your meditation/trance experience and subsequent visits sound wonderful!

      Dragon Blessings to you and your husband,


  18. Theresa bischoff says:

    hello. maybe you could help me? my magic senses(third eye, minds eye, etc) are kind’ve messed up and ive been wondering why. my spirit guardian says you might be able to help with this. im not doubting her but can u? im new to magic and inexperienced and im looking for someone who can help me with understanding my different aura forms, senses, etc. you dont have to but im just requesting help. btw, all my energy forms/aura forms, are dragons, literally. i have, sulfur, air, fire,death, holy flame(and evolved dark form of it), and water, i saw this site couple days ago and ive been checking it out. so topaz. can you help me out? i dont know much and i feel that i need others of my kind who are more experienced.


  19. Hello Again, Topaz Dragon!

    Been a while, I know. I guess my own celebration of “World Dragon Day 2017” was basically to post an update on my own blog, but thought also of saying hello to you.

    I see you are still going good and strong on your blog here! That’s wonderful, and hope that you keep it going that way.


    I am hoping to get my self-hosted blog site lively again, being that “internet time” for me is a bit difficult these days (at-home internet service has gotten ridiculously-expensive!) – So, I’ll be looking forward to doing some more active “blogging” again, and wish you and yours the very best.

    – “In Peace, Love, and Light”,
    – Rev. Dragon’s Eye


  20. Al says:

    for now call me Al, so based on the information you have, its all great, however in my case I never used the spell for calling dragons, yet I can sense dragons and even hear their thoughts (to some degree) and just about every dragon I know and have, have called out to me, and even ask me to name them, have you ever heard of anything like that before


  21. Lucan Archanis says:

    Miss Topaz,
    it’s Lucan. Where did everybody go?
    No Seraph, no Draggy, no you.
    A guy goes away for a while and the whole world just…poof!

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    • Hi Lucan,

      Yep, unfortunately the Clan has had a lot of address changes. So many in fact that I can’t remember which one you were last a part of, lol. A few of us (plus a lot of new members) made the move to which is now run by Tysha and is by far the best, most comprehensive site we’ve had thanks to Tysha’s dedication to finding and preserving all manner of Dragon info from obscure and obsolete websites. Unless the “Proboards” free platform disappears into the ethers it IS our final home. 😀 Rather than explain things here (and as I can’t remember how far back you lost contact) I’ll direct you to my blog post The Winds of Change where I’ve outlined the various moves the Clan has made — also read the “Edits” at the end of the post for the full story. 😀 I tend to be rather quiet online these days and mostly just lurk on the new website. Tysha is doing a marvelous job of running and building the new site so head on over there and join up. 😀

      Topaz 🙂


  22. Olivia says:

    Ever since I was a child I had a huge interest in dragons. They are majestic and almost surreal. My community online is mostly about dragons, and I have a visioned persona of how I should perceive. I am a dragon queen, however, I have no desire to rule dragons, but act as a medium between humans and dragon alike. I’ve never considered myself as entirely human, as I strongly feel I am as a dragon. I was born of a Christian family but I want to cleanse myself and full commit to the worship of the gods. I want to learn their names and practice meditation in their names. I despise stories where dragons are evil or nothing more than servants for humans. Dragons and humans should be seen as equals as we both capable of greatness.

    Where do I start without having to spend loads of money?

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  23. Estela says:

    Hi, I’m Estela and was born on April 13, 1995 at 7:35 am. I really don’t know anything about dragons until I dreamed a Red dragon that was glowing infromt of me. I had a very poweful feeling that I want to go near it but the dream ended. Is it possible its a dragon guide waiting for me to acknowledge him?

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    • It could very well be a Dragon guide but you are the best judge of that …go with your ‘gut feeling’. As I explained on my FAQ page, I’m not really in a position to interpret other people’s dreams or meditations etc. Dragon Blessings, Topaz 🙂 ❤


  24. Auryn Rose says:

    Hi! I have information about dragons; my husband taught me a few things. I’m happy to share it with you; you might not have some of the knowledge that we do.


  25. Elentiya Celaena says:

    following the page draconic wicca,i was also offered to join draconian order,which i do not prefer, i have my great,white,ghost-like dragon guaradian…looking forward to learn from this site….i am nature orientated wiccan,and just want to get in more contact with my dragon,but he shows sooo rarely,more often i dream od black or red who talk…and they talk in riddles…

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