Draconic Correspondences


11th December 2013 ~ This is an ongoing project as part of my Dark Moon group ‘homework’:

“Your project for 2014 is to pick a magickal system/pantheon and develop your own table of correspondences to assist you in your magickal operations. Include quarter and planetary correspondences, colours, emotions, Gods and Goddesses, animals. You can develop this research as a database or as a journal.”

Naturally I chose Dragon Magick. 😀 Now I just have to find all the info I need either online, in books and through meditation with my Dragons and gradually add it all here.

Progress reports:

7th August 2014 ~ I was very enthusiastic at the beginning of the year, but unfortunately I haven’t progressed very far with my “homework”. My ideas about Dragons, magick and what is or isn’t important or useful to me in my practice keep changing. I feel kinda bad about not having progressed with this project but at the same time I wonder just how relevant it really is to my Draconic Pagan Path. The following blog post sums up how I feel about directional and elemental correspondences at the moment…

…though my ideas could change at any time. As for crystals and herbs …I believe they too are quite subjective and would depend on personal preference, availability and what one is intuitively guided to use at the time. In short, there are no hard and fast rules about what one “should” use.

14th October 2014 ~ I found a burst of enthusiasm again recently for this project so it’s moving along gradually. 🙂 I’ve started the sections about Colours, Crystals, added some previously prepared pages about Dragon Deities etc and have added a couple of extra Dragon names to the directional/seasonal correspondences section. However, apart from my own personal Dragons whom I have met through meditation and subsequent rituals, I really don’t relate to any of the others, including those in the Planetary list.

13th December 2014 ~ Well, it’s crunch time and this assignment is far from finished and “due” tomorrow. Progress has been sporadic as I find my time split amongst far too many interests, projects and general mundane duties :::sigh::: I’ll get back to it and add more eventually. Feeling physically and emotionally drained at the moment. :/

1 thought on “Draconic Correspondences

  1. yourmajestyunicorn March 20, 2017 — 6:54 am

    Your site is amazing! It’s helping me sooo much! I’m very grateful! 🙂


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