Finding some direction…


I cast the circle, “By the power of the Dragons, may this circle be blessed, cleansed and sanctified…” I call in all the Dragons who have presented themselves to me over the last few years as being associated with a particular elemental influence and direction to protect, guide and assist me as I work magick. They are not “Elemental Dragons” as such, contrary to how many of my writings about them here may seem to portray them …I believe they each have a preference or an affinity for certain elemental magick and they come to me from the direction in which I call to them because that is my preference, and perhaps theirs also.

There are Dragons of all persuasions in any and all directions. In the past I have called other Dragons from different directions to work with various elemental correspondences. I did not call them by name as I did not know them …I asked for those who were willing to come …and they came.

Originally I tried working with Water in the East (for the ocean coastline), Fire in the North (for the direction of the sun), Air in the West (for the strong westerly winds) and Earth in the South (for the land to the south of me). I could also have worked with Earth in the West (for the mountain range and the vast expanse of land to the west of me) and with Air in the South (for the strong southerly busters) but somehow that just didn’t feel quite right here in the immediate vicinity of my home, plus I also felt disoriented when doing group rituals with my Circle as they used different directions again.

So finally I decided to go with the same directions my group generally uses (which can also change for certain rituals) with Air in the East (for sunrise, spring and the cool sea breezes), Fire in the North (for noon, summer and the direction of the sun in the southern hemisphere skies), Water in the West (for autumn, sunset and the river that comes closest to that side of my immediate street area, plus my swimming pool which is west of my altar too) and finally Earth in the South (for winter, midnight and the hill that rises to the south of my property). Circle casting is generally thought of as following the direction of the sun so the fact that this last arrangement does that perfectly as well as fitting with the “traditional” seasonal correspondences just feels right to me and makes so much more sense to continue using. It was only after I felt comfortable with these directions and correspondences that specific Dragons started to make themselves known to me.

However, although a Dragon may have a preference for a particular element, or it may feel more at home in a particular direction, relative to a specific point in time or space, who is to know how a Dragon defines that “area”? The Dragons that come to me from my east could be the same ones that come to someone else from their west (or north or south etc) to work with the same element. So, does the Dragon really have a “direction” at all? Also, how do I know that the Dragon who appears to me from the east to work with air doesn’t appear from a different direction (as already suggested) to work with another element with somebody else? Are directions and elemental correspondences even relevant? Perhaps a Dragon’s physical appearance is also very subjective …the Dragon I see could look totally different to someone else. Do Dragons really care about how we perceive them? For all I know, they don’t …this obsession with categorization is probably a purely human trait that perhaps the Dragons simply tolerate for our benefit …because it makes us feel good, confident, or whatever …and we probably only see them as we want to see them, not as they truly are.

Then there are other times when I don’t cast circle or work with specific directions/elements at all …I accept assistance from whichever Dragons are willing to come to my aid in whatever the circumstances might be at the time. Flexibility is good. 😉

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2 comments on “Finding some direction…

  1. SeaDragonST says:

    It wouldn’t require this much thought, I was always inspired by the elemental properties of dragons…


  2. The Dragons learn to master ALL elemental forces when fairly young. It is when they age, that they may choose to find which particular energies they are more interested in working with. – This is why many ancient cultures which honored Dragons viewed them as omnipotent Gods.

    I wish you continued good luck and good fortune in your travels with the Dragons. My travels with them have not disappointed me in the least.

    – Rev. Dragon’s Eye


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