Elements, Quarters & Seasons


The compass directions and elemental correspondences below reflect the way in which I use them, based on my location. Not everyone will agree on the allocations of some of the qualities/correspondences, so feel free to switch things around to suit your own purpose. I should also mention that I’m using my personal Dragons’ “public” names here, not their true names which the Dragons have told me I’m not to share with anyone else – yet. 😀

The information here comes from a number of different sources, so a list of references/resources has been included at the bottom of the page and annotations have been added within the lists where possible. *


Keep in mind: No one element works totally alone, whether in the physical or magickal realm.

East – Air – Sunrise – Spring Equinox

Element of Air: Spirituality, Spiritual Growth or Expanse, Intelligence, Mental acuity, Gentle Force or Change. Air Circles are well suited for Workings for Spiritual Healing, Spiritual Protection, Mental Health, and Spiritual or Mental Increase. The environment within an Air Circle tends to be Warm, Moist, and Meditative.

Governs: Dawn and Springtime
Colour: Yellow, White or Blue
Magickal Tool: The Wand or Censor
Consecrative Tool: Incense
Elemental or Magickal Creatures: Sylphs, Zephyrs, Air or Nature Spirits, the Fair Folk
Alignments: Male/Positive, Projective/Increasing, Constructive
Sabbat: Spring Equinox – Good for things pertaining to the mental realm. This season is useful for beginning new ideas or cycles that will require longer periods of time to complete. Good time for self-improvement efforts, creating motivation, changes in career or housing, improving material status, setting future goals, and strengthening yourself spiritually. A period of gentle, but persistent flow of renewing energy.

Dragons of Air

  • Aggie – female (my personal Dragon, more information)
  • Sairys(sair’-iss) leads Air dragons. Subspecies are of wind, storm, and weather. Sometimes they will join with dragons of fire and volcanoes, seas and other waters, mountains and forests, even chaos. ~DJC
  • Eiglis – Spring Equinox – works with Air and Sairys. ~DJC


North – Fire – Midday – Summer Solstice

Element of Fire: Transition, Passion, Sexuality, Courage, Leadership, Victory, and Violent or Rapid Change or Force. Fire Circles are well for Workings for Sexual Healing or Attraction, Victory in Legal Matters or Combat, to Kindle Passion, and to bring Rapid change to a Situation. The environment within a Fire Circle tends to be Hot and Dry, and may be Agitating or uncomfortable for some.

Governs: Noon and Summertime
Colour: Red
Magickal Tool: The Dagger or Sword
Consecrative Tool: the Candle
Elemental or Magickal Creatures: Salamanders, Firedrakes, Sun Faeries
Alignments: Male/Negative, Projective/Decreasing, Destructive
Sabbat: Summer Solstice – Best for anything involving the action realm. Energy flow cycles become longer and faster now. Good season, as is Spring, to store vibrational energy in a red cord for use when Earth tides become low. Faeries, elves, and other nature spirits are quite active and willing to communicate. Continue to work on long-term spells and goals. Plant an herb garden to better communicate with nature spirits.

Dragons of Fire

  • Sam – male (my personal Dragon, more information)
  • Fafnir(faf’-near) leads fire dragons. They are related to the subspecies of desert and arid regions, sometimes with those of chaos and destruction. They are connected with all kinds of fire, including sunbeams, volcanoes, and lightning. ~DJC
  • Suuriy – Summer Solstice – glows a garnet red, works with Fire and Fafnir. ~DJC


West – Water – Sunset – Autumn Equinox

Element of Water: Movement, Depth, Vision, Intuition, Emotional Control, Peacefulness, High Magick, and Relentless Force or Change. Water Circles are well suited for Workings for Scrying, The Sight or Visions, Workings for Peace or Forgiveness, Workings for the Dead, and Workings to increase Magickal Power or Abilities. The environment within a Water Circle tends to be Cold and Moist but is Generally Calm.

Governs: Dusk and Autumn
Colour: Blue
Magickal Tool: The Chalice
Consecrative Tool: Blessed Water
Elemental or Magickal Creatures: Nymphs, Undines, Mer-Folk, and Water Spirits
Alignments: Female/Negative, Receptive/Decreasing, Destructive
Sabbat: Autumn Equinox – Useful for the emotional realm. The tides of Earth energy begin to slow down now in preparation for nature’s rest period. From the beginning of the season until the end of April, you can still store energy, but this time by means of knots in a blue cord. This time period is for harvest of any completed seasonal spells. For spells that will need more months, perhaps another year, to ripen, you need to do extra visualization and meditation, as their growth period will be slower at this time.

Dragons of Water

  • Elle & Gale – female (my personal Dragons, more information here and here)
  • Naelyon(nail’-yon). His duty is to oversee dragons of the seas, springs, lakes, ponds, and rivers. They help balance emotions, compassion, peace, and intuition. In their negative traits, they work in floods, rainstorms, whirlpools, lack of emotional control, and any kind of harmful water. Water dragons frequently work with those of wind, storm, weather, mountains, forests, and destruction. ~DJC
  • Shadalyn – Autumn Equinox – works with Water and Naelyon. ~DJC
  • Thuala – to remind you of your connection to the Dragons and to fine tune and hone the energies within your own emotional body structure as well as that of Gaia’s. ~ SDWS


South – Earth – Midnight – Winter Solstice

Element of Earth: Solidity, Strength, Sustenance, Stability, Endurance, and Consistent Force or Change. Earth Circles are well suited for Workings for Physical Healing, Physical Strength, Protection in the Physical Plane, and Physical or Financial Increase. The environment within an Earth Circle tends to be Cool, Dry, and Comfortable.

Governs: Night and Winter
Colour: Green or Brown
Magical Tool: the Pentacle (Shield)
Consecrative Tool: Ritual Salt
Elemental or Magickal Creatures: Gnomes, Dwarves, Moon Spirits
Alignments: Female/Positive, Receptive/Increasing
Sabbat: Winter SolsticeGood for things in the physical realm. Earth’s energy tides are in semi-hibernation in this season. This is a good time for practicing divination, physically and spiritually cleaning your sacred space, doing an inventory on your magickal and spiritual progress, and setting goals for the next year. Do short-term spells that will be ready to manifest close to the next Spring Equinox. Work on your long-term spells to keep them strong and also to see if they show signs of manifesting early.

Dragons of Earth

  • Robin & Horace – males (my personal Dragons, more information here and here)
  • Grael – (grail). Their duty is to oversee the mountains, land, minerals, gems, caves, the Moon and moonbeams. They can cause earthquakes. They often work along with those of Fire, volcanoes, destruction and chaos. They are also closely related to those of the mountains and deep forests, desert and arid dragons. ~DJC
  • Aettall – Winter Solstice –  works with Earth and Grael. ~DJC
  • Gullan – a spectral earth dragon, no longer incarnate, who has ascended to the next level for the Earth Dragons and guides them and assist them in a similar way the angels perform for people. ~ SDWS


Other Elements

Dragons of Light

  • Dory – male (my personal Dragon – came to me in a meditation on 15/12/2012 – no blog)
  • Llan Vys White and very pale shades such as ivory, orchid, lilac, and so forth. ~DJC

Dragons of Darkness

  • Stan – male (my personal Dragon, more information)
  • Nalm Kor Degrees of dark purple to almost black. Sometimes they have silver sprinkles across their scales, like stars. ~DJC

Dragons of Spirit

Dragons of Chaos


* Notes and Resources:

DJC – Information and Dragon names given to DJ Conway during trance.

  • thewhitegoddess.co.uk/an_introduction_to_paganism/properties_of_the_magick_circle.asp
  • DJ Conway – Mystical Dragon Magic (direct and via copy/paste from dragonofshadows.wordpress.com/path-of-the-dragon/dragon-clans/)

SDWS – Dragons channelled by Alphedia, founder of the Scottish Dragon Wisdom School  – dragonwisdomschool.org/channelled-messages/ – not all the Dragons channelled on this website have names so have not been included on my page.