Planetary Draconic Correspondences

The following information comes from Mystical Dragon Magick by DJ Conway, directly from the book and via copy/paste from

Star-Moon Subgroups

Moon Quarters: 1.) Yen-Iamar of the First Quarter. Color: Very pale pearlescent blue. 2.) Memezah of the Full Moon. Color: Iridescent white. 3.) Unteekah of the Third Quarter. Color: Very pale pearlescent lavender. 4.) Jyn-Kuaan of the New Moon. Color: Iridescent black.
North Node of the Moon: Nadra Tho. As part of the Astra-Keepers, she is a silver-blue moonstone shade with a royal blue head. Forehead Ascending Node mark in black.
South Node of the Moon: Nadrica Thysa. Also part of the Astra-Keepers, her body is a multi-colored shimmer in black moonstone with a royal blue head. Forehead Descending Node mark in black.
Sun: Salaquet. Colors: Yellow and gold.
Moon: Memezah. Colors: Intermingling, changing pale colors of lavender, silver, blue, and pearl white.
Mercury: Talm. Colors: Multiple shades of orange.
Venus: Shemaleth. Colors: Soft pinks and greens.
Mars: Durankayta. Color: Red.
Jupiter: Yanizar. Colors: Medium blue and purple.
Saturn: Bulla Kasz. Colors: Black and indigo.
Uranus: Keetan. Color: Iridescent blues.
Neptune: Vunoket. Color: Sea-green.
Pluto: Zeirahnak. Colors: Deep reds and maroon.
Asteroid belt: Fylufor. This dragon belongs to the Astra-Keepers. Fylufor has the unique ability to change colors from sky blue with irregular spots of glowing white moonstone scales to sunrise pink with glowing pearlescent scales. However, his usual color of pewter gray always shows somewhere on his body His actions sometimes appear to affect planetary events in an unpredictable manner. However, all his orders for activities come directly from Goddess and God, which is the same as saying from Spirit. His influence covers not only the asteroid belt, but much smaller globes as Ceres and others.