Dragons in History, Myth & Legend


Dragons Through the Ages

  • Introduction to Dragons – by Eidolon Moon, discusses Dragons as magical creatures, the history of the Dragon, the role of Dragons in alchemy and science.
  • Enuma Elish – the Babylonian creation myth of Tiamat, Apsu and Marduk.
  • Notes on Dragons (reblogged) – by Tiamat’s Disciple, thoughts about the origin of dragons and the myths, with a focus on Tiamat.
  • The Dragon & Creation: Reclaiming the Sacred – article by Susanne Iles about the dragon’s integral role in the creation mythologies of many world cultures, focusing on Tiamat, Quetzalcoatl, Itzpapalotl, Nü-Kua, Aido Hwedo and The Rainbow Serpent.
  • Akhekh – Part 4 of “A Year of Dragon Rituals” by Topaz Drachen.
  • Anatolian Dragon – by Topaz Drachen, research initially inspired by a dream.
  • Melusine – Part 2 of “A Year of Dragon Rituals” by Topaz Drachen.
  • Veles – Part 3 of “A Year of Dragon Rituals” by Topaz Drachen.
  • Merlin and the Dragons – animated videos plus background information about Merlin/Emrys and the meaning of the story of the red and white Dragons.
  • On Dragons and Ghosts – another view that Dragons were animals/dinosaurs based on the work of Saint John of Damascus, a 7th/8th century Syrian monk and priest.
  • Mother Goddess & the Dragon – film clips from the documentary “Remembering the End of the World,” reviewing the lifelong work of David Talbott in his explorations of world mythology.
  • The Serpent as Divinity – by Robert T. Mason, discusses the concept of a divine serpent and also gives many examples of dragon myths and legends from different cultures.

The Many Types of Dragons

(Image modified from – “Dragon Ruins” by John E Kaufmann, from jek2004.com/Dragon-Ruins.jpg)