Notes on Dragons

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Thoughts of a Lost Soul

These notes are in no set order, nor are they linked as such. These are just a collection of notes taken from my written journals. I’ve rewritten them a bit so as there is a bit of flow from topic to topic, but I’ve left the core unaltered so as to show the changes in my philosophy over the years.

In western culture the common dragon is pretty much set in stone, long neck, four legs, tail, and wings, with possibly barbs or spikes and breathing fire. However in recent years there have been unsupported sightings of western dragons with hair. There are numerous theories floating as to why, varying from the plausible to the utterly ludicrous. One of which is the possibility of an eastern dragon mating with a western. This one theory alone is responsible for more rifts and arguments in the draconic community than you could imagine…

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