Mother Goddess & the Dragon

I was having a quiet moment (ie avoiding housework, lol) and randomly typed “dragon goddess” into Google and came across this video. It’s interesting (if not a little ‘spooky’) that it follows on directly from my previous post about Saint George …synchronicity strikes again? 😀

Film clips from the documentary “Remembering the End of the World,” reviewing the lifelong work of David Talbott in his explorations of world mythology.

4 comments on “Mother Goddess & the Dragon

  1. The Dragon Master says:

    Thank you .. very much like my research and writings beginning in 1984 when I ressurected the ancient society .. enjoyed ..
    Yours in Fire & In Flight,
    ~ The Dragon Master ~
    The Dragon Society
    Currently ‘nesting’ on Facebook and Tagged


  2. sylvia says:

    What an absolutely wonderful source of information here!
    Thanks so much. I’ll be back again.


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