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Spheres Of Light (SOL) is an Australian Pagan group meeting in the Sutherland Shire in southern Sydney, in Nowra and now also in Canberra. SOL conducts Full Moon circles, Dark Moon circles, workshops, classes, meditations and healing circles, with a strong emphasis on eclectic witchcraft.

During 2020 Spheres Of Light will be conducting Dragon Circles and events throughout the year. The Dragon is a celestial being that can take on a multitude of forms and energies and inhabits many dimensions throughout the cosmos. The Dragon represents the unknown and the hidden energy within our self, in nature and the cosmos.

The Dragon path strives to make this unconscious force and knowledge conscious. The symbol of the dragon and the myths about it carries information about how the unconscious can become conscious and how one can evolve. Those of you who are called are now on the threshold of a great journey, let go of your restrictions and let the dragons guide the way.

2020 Dragon Program:

Dragon Elemental Energy Attunement

This workshop will be held on Sunday 16th February 2020 in the Sutherland Shire. This is a process of raising the kundalini and attuning to a particular element of the dragon. At this one-day workshop we will be attuning to the Dragon Element of Air. More details here.

Cosmic Dragon Healing Training

Cosmic Dragon Healing is a comprehensive healing system that connects directly to the energy of the Earth and aligns the energy with the meridians and chakras within your body and the ley lines and the grid lines of the Earth. This is a new comprehensive healing program which will be rolled out in 2020. This training program consists of an introductory session and then nine levels of attainment and activation. The training will be conducted as a series of workshops with additional assignments to completed at each level to meet the requirements of the training program. More details here.

Dragon Full Moon Circles

Dragon Full Moon Circles will be commencing 7th February 2020. Full Moon Circles are held at Loftus in the Sutherland Shire area of Sydney (Australia), in Nowra (NSW south coast) and in Canberra ACT on the Friday before each Full Moon. These Full Moon gatherings are Open Circles, meaning that people are welcome to come along any time and experience a Full Moon circle with us. Dates for Full Moon Circles can be found here.

Dragon Dark Moon Circles

Dragon Dark Moon Circles will be commencing on 21st February 2020. They are learning circles which are held during the dark moon of each month. This is a time when one can face their shadow to find their hidden potential. If you would like to become a member of the Dark Moon Circle you need to regularly attend full moon circles and dark moon circles and demonstrate a high level of commitment and dedication to the circle’s activities. More details here.

Other Activities:

Samhain Weekend Retreat – 1st to 3rd May 2020
Beltane Weekend Retreat – 6th to 8th November 2020
More details here.

Contact Details:

If you would like to attend the circles or other events and would like further information please contact us.


2 thoughts on “Dragon Circles & Events 2020

  1. Topaz, my Dragons and I would like to say a big Thank You to you and your Dragons. I found this wonderful resource while trying to uncover information regarding my own transformation, it has helped us. I have joined Spheres of Light specifically so I could participate in the Dragon circles, though due to COVID the circles and the monthly full moon gatherings have been postponed. No harm though as I now have a connection with other like minded people inmy own town/city, I thank you for this as it was this page that initially made me aware of Spheres of Light, I will be attending the upcoming October full moon gathering and I am excited to be doing so.

    Dragon Incarnate is a term I have been called by someone also working with Dragons and the crystal skulls, I am Dragon but not Draco. I class a Draco as an Earth based Dragon, my Dragons are a mix of Celestial and Ascension Dragons who tell me that they have never before now been to Earth and 3 claim to have never have been inside the VOID until joining me, they call where they come from the Dragon Realm which exists outside of the Creation/Universe. They say that the Draco is like a cousin, but they have many bad habits that we do not have. One thing I have discovered about them is that they DO NOT have a horde of treasure like most Draco’s have, these things do not interest us unlike the Draco. We are essentially have the same make up, we are much different spiritually. I do have 2 Draco’s around me, them and 37 others who are looking to reconnect with their humans again. I also personally have 7 + 1 with me personally, the +1 is my late twin brother who died in utero, he has now ascended and returned to help me acheive the same. He was initially Golden but after ascending he changed to Rainbow and has 7 different coloured flames.

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    1. So glad I could help you find SOL! 😀 Hopefully next year will be better as far as circles and other gatherings go. 🙂


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