Ingwaz – Potential & New Beginnings

Please read my post — A Year of Norse Paganism — which explains my current interest in Norse Paganism. 😀

“Our first exercise to kick start our journey into the Norse system is to pick a rune that will show the wisdom/lesson this year will bring each of us. Shake up your runes in their pouch — concentrate on what you want and, with your eyes closed, choose a rune from the bag as your answer, or you can throw them down on a table and with your eyes closed pick one. Study its meaning and post your interpretation. It will be something to look back on when we finish the year.

I held my bag of runes with eyes closed, concentrated and asked a question, then rummaged around with my hand inside the bag, feeling all the stones until one felt “right”, then drew it out.


Traditional meaning of Ingwaz — Fertility. Ingwaz is the rune of Ing, one of the names for Freyr, god of fertility. In addition to fertility, this rune also represents potential and new beginnings.[1] It is the rune of isolation, separation and introspection, in order to grow and transform at one’s own pace. This separation is much like the chrysalis that a caterpillar needs in order to transform.[2] Ingwaz often appears to remind you of what is possible, what is held within the womb of all potential.[3] Ingwaz is a cycle rune, representing the completion of beginnings. It is representative of a time of joyful deliverance, of new life, a new path. You may need to free yourself from a rut, habit or relationship, or from some pattern or activity that no longer serves you.[4]

Draconian Magic meaning of Ingwaz — We reach a phase where life reaches a standstill and we can progress no further. Here we need to withdraw and turn inward, assessing which of our practices are helpful and which are merely habit. An active reassessment allows us to identify our self-created blockages and demolish them, emerging with a new vision and sense of destiny. This cycle will repeat over time as we unconsciously create new barriers for ourselves at the limit of our vision. Such blockages, which may seem frustrating and disheartening at the time, are actually positive indicators of our progress as they mean we have reached the limits of what we previously understood and that it is time to seek a new illumination. In Draconian terms, the whole process of Ingwaz may be likened to the serpent shedding its skin when it has outgrown it, emerging as a new being: the same, yet greater.[5]

My interpretation of Ingwaz — Having consulted my books for the meaning of this rune I find it very synchronistic to have drawn this particular rune at this time. In many aspects of my life I have come to a standstill and have felt somewhat at a loss as to how best to proceed. Drawing Ingwaz has validated my feelings of needing to stop, think, come up with different plans and to move forward once more, finally getting out of the stagnant rut I’ve been in for a while now. This applies to my life in general as well as to my magickal practice. I also find it amazing that at the very beginning of a new year of working with Norse Paganism for the first time within Spheres Of Light’s circles that I should pick this rune of new beginnings! I will take this rune as a message from Freyr (and perhaps from the Dragons that they are indeed still listening to me) letting me know that, after a period of self reflection, I am able to make the necessary changes in my life to move forward and be creative and productive in my various pursuits. Time for the ‘new’ me to emerge!


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The photo at the top of the page shows my set of runes engraved onto hematite tumble-stones, which I purchased many years ago.

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