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A few nights ago I had a dream about granite benchtops in kitchens but couldn’t remember in my dream what it was that radiated from them which could cause health concerns. I woke up remembering this aspect of my dream and feeling frustrated as it somehow seemed important.

After a quick internet search I (re)discovered radon — something which I had heard of and read about before.

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas, which has no smell, colour or taste. It comes from the radioactive decay of radium, which is present in small amounts in rocks and soil. Radon is chemically inert, so it can easily escape from the ground into the air where it can be inhaled. Radon releases radioactive particles when it decays. When we breathe in radon these particles can cause damage to the lung tissue which can lead to lung cancer.

Radon is present in all air. In outdoor air, radon concentrations are very low. Indoors the concentration of radon can be higher, as buildings have the effect of trapping radon. Radon levels are highly variable, depending on the type of house and the flow of air through the home. There are places where radon levels can be very high: in some caves, for example, or in a poorly ventilated underground mine.

Surveys have shown that the average concentration of radon in Australian homes is low, and is about one quarter of the worldwide average. Generally, homes that are well ventilated, made of timber or built on stumps have lower radon levels compared to homes on concrete slabs with brick walls. (1)

I remembered hearing about this a few years ago when there were media stories about the dangers of granite benchtops in kitchens because of this issue.

Granite, like any other stone, may contain veins of naturally occurring radioactive elements like uranium, thorium, and their radioactive decay products. These trace concentrations may vary from stone to stone, or even within a single slab of granite. If present, uranium, thorium or radium will decay into radon. In addition to radon, naturally occurring radioactive elements in the granite can emit small amounts of beta and gamma radiation. However, any radiation present would decrease quickly with increasing distance from the source. It is extremely unlikely that radiation from granite countertops would increase annual radiation doses above normal, natural background levels. (2)

For some reason I had the idea in my mind that this is somehow related to Dragons, or would lead to something related to Dragons so I continued browsing and reading and happened to notice a link to information about scalar energy products and health. Once again a dim lightbulb lit up the dark recesses of my memory regarding scalar energy, otherwise known as zero point energy. I don’t have any scalar energy pendants, which are alternative medicine products that can increase your radiation exposure due to the radioactive materials they may contain (see more at ref. 3 below) but I do have an “Iyashi” Zero Point Energy Wand (4) which I bought a few years ago, mainly out of curiosity, but have rarely used. It has spent most of its time with me packed away in its carry pouch inside its box inside a cupboard …which is probably just as well given the possible danger of constant exposure. I have no idea exactly what is inside it but it is supposedly a healing device “which is good for you” (refs. 5 & 6). I continue to keep an open mind about these devices and their uses and dangers and proceed with caution.

This in turn prompted a search for “scalar energy and dragons” which led me to an article called “Dragon in the Ground: Cropcircles and the Scalar Wave” (7) which I found very interesting as it touches on some topics that held some synchronicity with other things past and present (and future?) in my life.

The first thing I noticed was the image of the Cosmic Serpent crop circle of July 29, 2011: “serpent-dragon represents scalar wave technology seen in our double-helix DNA and the farthest spiral galaxy” (7).

Cosmic Serpent Crop Circle, Wiltshire England 2011

The Moon’s North and South Nodes, imaginary locations which have been known from time immemorial as the Dragon’s head and Dragon’s tail may also be represented here. (7) This crop circle and much of the symbolism associated with it (see ref. 8) was part of the inspiration for the logo a friend designed for her “Cosmic Dragon Healing” — a comprehensive healing system that connects directly to the energy of the Earth and aligns the energy with the meridians and chakras within your body and the ley lines and the grid lines of the Earth. (9) I spent a fair bit of time fiddling about with this design on Photoshop last year, helping to get the logo looking the way my friend wanted it to look. 🙂

The next section of “Dragon in the Ground” (7) goes on to say:

Both legend and astrology connect the Nodes with the ascendant, a point representing the rose-colored glasses we constantly look through (both directions) as we occupy an avatar, in this plane on the surface of the globe. The serpent, ‘Lucifer’, ‘angel-of-the-dawn’, the light-bearer all signal the astrological ‘ascendant’, calculated as the point where the light of dawn shines on that part of the world when the subject of the astro-chart is born.

…which I find interesting because this year our Dragon Path Circle have been working with Lucifer and other Watchers. (See my blog here.)

As with many of my “pathways of thought” I’m not exactly sure where this one was leading me. There are many other intriguing topics included in the “Dragon in the Ground” article (7) which could lead me to fall further down the rabbit hole of internet searches (while enjoying every moment of it!) plus information which ties all these Dragony things to scalar energy in one way or another, most of which is way too complex for my understanding, but hey, it’s interesting to read.

So, rather than continuing on more and more side lines (which you can follow for yourself in the articles listed below) I circled back to trying to find info relating to my dream about granite and radon.

Other things mentioned in the “Dragon in the Ground” article (7) which relate to my interests — eg. working with earth grids (my dowsing), interest in and visits to two Neolithic sites mentioned in the article (Rollright Stones and Arbor Low) and others such as Stonehenge — were studied as part of “The Dragon Project”(10).

The eponymous Dragon was that magical energy stored in the ground which ancient myth likened to a sleeping dragon. (7)

The Dragon Project was founded in 1977 (becoming a Trust in 1988 ) initially in order to mount an interdisciplinary investigation into the rumours (existing in both traditional folklore and modern anecdote) that certain prehistoric sites and ancient venerated places had unusual forces or energies associated with them. (10)

In the early period (late 1970s- mid-1980s) when the Dragon Project (later a Trust) conducted its physical monitoring, it also ran a side-programme making on-site studies of people claiming skills in primary sensing, such as dowsers and psychics. Could they tell us anything reliable about the sites we looked at, especially the Rollright Stones in Oxfordshire, the main field HQ of the project? Dowsers were invited individually on site and given identical reference materials – three site plans on which to mark their dowsing findings at three different, set levels beneath the ground. (10)

In 1990, the DPT decided to shift the main focus of its work to the study of the interaction between human consciousness and ancient site environments. Its first effort in this broad area of enquiry was its ancient sites dreamwork programme. (10)

Rollright Stones — The Kings Men (photographed by Topaz Drachen)

The Dragon Project used Geiger counters to measure radiation around sites. Sites in Cornwall will have elevated radiation readings because of the geology, and it so happens the Rollright Stones are also in a high radon area. Rollright was where a lot of the Dragon Project research took place because of its proximity to London. (11)

A glance at the UK Radon map shows a high correlation with the distribution of standing stones in Britain. but correlation is not necessarily causation. Radon is associated with granite in the geology and granite is a good megalithic raw material. Some of the DP results show regions of lower radioactivity than background associated with stones as well as others with higher. (11)

Ok, so I’m still not sure of the point of all my ‘research’ about my dream and where this rather disjointed blog was going, but I thought I might as well record my thoughts and findings here anyway. Something specifically about Dragons and radon may come up in the future …who knows?

As mentioned earlier, I did get to visit some of the Neolithic sites that were part of The Dragon Project, so to see my photos please go to my blog called Stone Circles & Other Dragony Places.

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