Stone Circles & Other Dragony Places


During the last two years I’ve been lucky enough to be able to visit the UK twice. On our first trip, in 2016, we (husband and I) concentrated our travels around the south of England during our 3 week holiday. On our 2nd 3 week trip to the UK in 2017 we travelled further north in England and also around Wales. The few stone circles and other ‘dragony’ places I was able to visit were only some of the many locations we managed to see during our travels.

All the stone circles had, for me anyway, a very dragonish feel about them, though in some the energy was stronger than others. I think my ability to sense this energy was also greatly affected by my mood on the day about the presence of other people and a certain amount of frustration at feeling too inhibited to do anything that might look weird to other people (including my husband), such as meditating in the middle of the circle or resting my forehead against the rocks to ‘hear’ them and connect with them — just my way of doing stuff. I’m too much of an introvert for my own good sometimes. :::sigh::: Oh well, here is account of my experiences and some photos…  (You can click on the first image in each photo gallery to see them enlarged.) 🙂


Stonehenge ~ 1st Visit

7th June 2016 Woohoo!! 😀 I finally got to see Stonehenge!! 😀 My first sighting of Stonehenge was the day before we actually visited it. I was so excited just to see it that I snapped some photos from the car as we drove past for the very first time and again on the return trip past it. They’re rather awful as photos go but they are mementos of my very first sighting of this famous monument, lol. This first visit was the standard ‘no access’ where everybody viewed the stones from the path around the outside. With so many people around it was difficult to get into the right headspace to try to connect with the stones and the area in general on a deeper level than just as a starry-eyed tourist, but I was happy just to  be there! 🙂

While browsing the displays in the visitors centre I happened to notice a rather interesting person standing in one corner of the room. She looked very ‘pagan’ in her style of dress and was holding a most impressive staff with a carved goat’s head on the top. She looked like she was waiting for people to come over and speak with her — I was curious but far too shy, so I didn’t. However, I did overhear part of the conversation between her and a woman who asked about her distinctive staff, which was about sensing energy, time, vortexes, intuition etc. I Googled later to find out who the holder of the goat-headed staff was and found out she is Siobhan Peal, known as Stonehenge’s “Honorary Shaman”. Her website is Talking with Capricorn.


7th June 2016 After Stonehenge we travelled to Woodhenge. Although it had a certain ‘atmosphere’ about it Woodhenge didn’t conjure up the same feelings of mystery and excitement as I’d felt at Stonehenge. Of course, visually it’s not as interesting, but also ‘energetically’ I just wasn’t feeing anything much. The positions of the original wooden posts are marked with stumpy concrete pillars which just don’t have the same aura about them as natural stones. Read more at Wikipedia.

From Woodhenge we drove on to Avebury, and saw a white horse on the way. 🙂


7th June 2016 Unfortunately we arrived much later in the day than I had hoped for, and for a variety of reasons we were not able to stay very long. So I didn’t get to explore all the stone circles or avenues or see very much of the Avebury stones at all, let alone sit and meditate or whatever. 😥 I find it very difficult to truly connect with a place when there are other people around, including my husband who thinks the spiritual aspect of my interest in stone circles and the like is all a bit of BS, so the best I could do was to take a few photos for mementos and explore the stones in only one small section. (See Wikipedia for more info about Avebury.)

I could definitely sense ‘something’ but couldn’t relax enough to make a real connection. Sometimes now (many months later) when I look at these photos and remember, it’s almost like being there again so maybe I can connect to the Dragon of Avebury remotely through meditation. 🙂 I would love to go back there again some day.

I found these wonderful articles called The Avebury Dragon Awakes ~ Summer Solstice 2013 and I spotted the Avebury Dragon during the Solstice.


8th June 2016 — We visited Glastonbury and went to see the Abbey, where King Arthur is supposedly buried, then we went on a short bus ride which took us up a winding lane to reach the path to walk up the Tor, approaching the back entrance of St Michael’s Tower. It was a very hot day and a long walk, but we survived, lol. Once at the top and having had a little while to recover from the exertion of the hike up I was able to relax enough to sense ‘something’ vaguely Draconic, though it was difficult with so many people around. It felt calm and reassuring, like I was ‘home’. The top of the Tor provided a view of the surrounding landscape which was spectacular! After spending a while enjoying the view and soaking up the atmosphere of the place we left via the front path which eventually came out onto the street very close to the Chalice Well Gardens. The gardens felt very peaceful and relaxing — could have stayed there a lot longer but we had to eventually move on.

Stonehenge ~ 2nd Visit

12th June 2016 — We were able to book a Stone Circle Access visit  and returned to Stonehenge 5 days after our first visit. It looked much more spectacular from inside than from a distance outside. It was a hot, sunny day when we saw around the outside but this day was cold and raining, and the atmosphere of the place felt different …it was much better and I felt much closer to the Dragons! It also helped that there were only about 15 people in the group so finding some people-free space was a bit easier, though it was never as quiet as I would have liked as there was always someone talking …one woman in particular who just wouldn’t shut-the-f-up! So much for being silent and respecting other people’s diverse reasons for being there (as stated in the information and guidelines when applying for inner access to the stones) …oh well, I still enjoyed the experience of having access to the inside of this special place and I tried to connect with the Dragon energies there as best I could. 🙂

The Hurlers

12th June 2016 — We went to see The Hurlers Stone Circles which are 3 stone circles arranged along a common axis on the moorlands at Minions near Liskeard. It’s a vast area with a couple of other attractions — Cheesewring (a granite outcrop above a quarry) and The Pipers Standing Stones (a pair of stones) and old mines and displays about the history of the area — but I wanted mainly to see the stone circles. Like I said, it’s a huge space, but where were all the cows? In the relatively small space in the middle of each of the 3 circles of course! They obviously liked the energy inside the circles, but it did make photography of the actual circles a bit difficult, lol. So here’s a few photos of moorlands, and ‘Belted Galloway’ cows in stone circles.

The comparative desolation and the overcast windy weather seemed to amplify impressions and thoughts of “here there be Dragons”!


Castlerigg Stone Circle

4th June 2017 We drove to Keswick and saw the Castlerigg Stone Circle. Lots of pretty scenery along the way but our car’s sat nav had a strange idea of what the most direct route was so we got to experience a lot more tiny back roads than we were expecting, lol, including on the way to Castlerigg which we ended up approaching from a back lane rather than the more main road it opened out onto. As usual there were people crawling all over the place, including some young kids who photobombed a few times as I tried to take some people-free photos of the stones — little shits! 💩 😡 In spite of their efforts I still got some decent photos, haha. 😀

For a while there I had the feeling I was being watched — not so much by other people but by ‘something’ else — a presence that was quite tangible yet I couldn’t quite connect with it — whispers in the wind. Looking at the surrounding landscape I felt that there were definitely Dragons in them thar hills!

Lake District, The Pennines & Yorkshire Dales

6th June 2017 — We journeyed across the Lake District (a mountainous region in North West England) through the Honister Pass (slate mining area) and eventually on through the North Pennines (the northernmost section of the Pennine range of hills which runs north-south through northern England) and through the Yorkshire Dales (an upland area of the Pennines). I found the whole mountainous area to have a very ‘Dragony’ feel about it. The more remote the area, the closer to the Dragons it felt — with the strongest presence being the massive Earth Dragons!

Druids Temple

7th June 2017 Druids Temple in Knowle Lane, Ilton, Ripon HG4 4JZ, England — “a nineteenth century folly, styled after stone circles and well known prehistoric monuments such as Stonehenge. The Druid’s Temple was built in 1820 to alleviate local unemployment, allowing William Danby, a wealthy land owner of the time to pay workers a shilling a day for their labour. At less than 200 years old, it is nonetheless an atmospheric and intriguing location. Despite its origin being common knowledge, myths and rumours of mystic practices have sprung up over its lifetime with tales of devil worship and harrowing frights experienced by those who have spent the night.” (Source) Wish I could build a stone circle like this in my backyard! 😀

In spite of being a relatively recent construction the Druid’s Temple still had an energy or atmosphere about it that had me wanting to stay longer to sit and meditate and just ‘be’, but that wasn’t really possible due to time constraints, and the sporadic appearance of other people who came, looked and left again. We also saw a tripod-like structure decorated with flowers standing on the embankment above the main stone circle — signs of local Pagans’ activities I suspect. 🙂

CliffordClifford the Dragon – 9th June 2017 — I thought I should add here that we visited Clifford’s Tower/York Castle where I found a little travel buddy in the gift shop who I named Clifford. He features in many of my holiday photos after this point (which I won’t include on this blog). Here he is proudly showing off a model of ‘his’ tower. 😀 (Click image to enlarge)

Arbor Low Stone Circle & Gib Hill Barrow

10th June 2017 We visited Arbor Low Stone Circle & Gib Hill Barrow near Monyash. The stones in this circle are no longer standing but there is definitely a mystical feeling about the place. The strong wind blowing on the day also added to the feeling of mystery.

We also tried to find the Nine Ladies Stone Circle near Bakewell (video) but gave up after a road closure sent us on a detour then driving around for a while unable to find any indication of a walking path to get to the circle (or anywhere to park the car). So near (according to Google Maps & other info) and yet so far but we were running out of time to get to the B&B for that night. 😦

Rollright Stones

14th June 2017 The Rollright Stones include the Kings Men Stone Circle, the Whispering Knights and the King Stone.

Kings Men Stone Circle

For a while at least, I had the stone circle to myself and was able to slowly walk the perimeter of the circle, soaking up the atmosphere of the place. One small tree at the side of the circle was covered in clooties/clouties (bits of ribbon or other stuff tied to trees as part of a healing spell). I left a ‘clootie’ made of grass, mainly just to say, “I was here”, lol. There was a little spell involved too but I won’t elaborate. These spells rely on the ribbon or whatever being biodegradable so that by the time the object has rotted away, the magick will be done. Unfortunately the many synthetic bits of ribbon and cord tied to the tree won’t work the desired magick in an acceptable or practical time frame, which kinda defeats the whole purpose of doing such a spell. Many people consider such additions to any sacred site akin to littering and desecration. Personally, as long as it’s not harming the tree and is confined to one small area, I think it adds to the magickal charm of a place. There were also little bunches of flowers left by somebody in some of the hollows in the stones.

Whispering Knights

King Stone

Uffington White Horse (or Dragon?), Dragon Hill & Uffington Castle

14th June 2017 — After seeing the Rollright Stones we travelled on to see the Uffington White Horse. I sensed that this area also had an air of mystery and of Dragons about it as we walked from the car-park across the fields and up the hill to the horse and the Iron Age hill fort called Uffington Castle. Unfortunately we were not able to get very close to the horse as access had been restricted to help preserve it. Having already seen another white horse in 2016 that did actually look like a horse it was hard to see the ‘horsiness’ of this one. It has also been suggested by some that rather than a horse or horse goddess such as Epona it could be a representation of the Dragon killed by St George, which is an event thought to have taken place on nearby Dragon Hill. We saw Dragon Hill from a distance but didn’t actually walk on it. Whether the St. George story is true or not I don’t know, but if he did kill a physical Dragon there, the Dragons are thumbing their collective noses at this because the Dragon spirit is definitely alive and well at this location! The hill fort provided an excellent view of the surrounding countryside (obviously why it was built there, lol) including what appeared to be a crop circle in a nearby field.

Raglan Castle – There Be Dragons!

16th June 2017 — We drove to Wales and went to Raglan Castle …there be Dragons! We met Dywnwen and her Dragon Babies Dylan and Cariad at Raglan Castle. Unfortunately Dewi, the daddy Dragon was not visiting this location at the time. (See here for more details).

 Of course Clifford wanted some photos with these Dragons as well. 🙂

Raglan&CliffordRaglan the Welsh Dragon — On the way out of Raglan Castle we passed through the gift shop, where I found a friend for Clifford, whose name was of course ‘Raglan’. Here is a photo of Raglan and Clifford together at our next destination which was Craig-y-Nos (click image to enlarge).

National Show Caves

17th June 2017 — After our 1 night stay at Craig-y-Nos Castle we visited the National Show Caves just down the road, on our way to our next destination. The caves were quite spectacular and being underground had a very special feeling of mystery and wonder — I could literally feel the Dragon energy surging through the earth! — it felt safe and comforting. It was also very cooooool inside the caves as the temperature outside was extremely hot. There were 3 caves — Dan yr Ogof, Cathedral Cave & Bone Cave, but we only visited the first two — which also involved walking through the Dinosaur Park between caves and on the way out again. 🙂

King Arthur’s Labyrinth

18th June 2017 — We saw ads for King Arthur’s Labyrinth at the Corris Craft Centre in a tourist guide and thought it might be interesting. “King Arthur’s Labyrinth is an underground storytelling adventure, where visitors sail underground through vast caverns and winding tunnels, and through a waterfall to the past. Here tales of King Arthur and other ancient Welsh legends are told with dramatic scenes, light and sound. It takes place on one level of the old Braichgoch Slate Mine.”

The attraction/display started with a boat ride through the tunnels of an old slate mine, through a waterfall (which thankfully was stopped as the boat glided through, lol) then by foot being led back and forth through the tunnels by a guide who activated the lights and recordings etc for each scene and retelling of various tales of King Arthur. The photos aren’t great as it was too dark for my camera to focus, so I’ve only included a few here. Unfortunately I only got one (bad) photo of one of the 2 dragons. The 2nd dragon appeared by surprise over the top of the boat on the way out and I wasn’t ready for it, lol. It was fun even though the displays were very outdated and of comparatively poor quality compared to the Jorvik Viking Centre display we had seen earlier on our trip while in York, England. However, all that aside, once again being underground I felt close to the Dragons. In some areas of the mine I felt a bit off balance — similar to how I feel when there are grounded spirits about when doing paranormal investigations. This may have been due to some human spirit activity in the mine (possible fatal accidents in the past?) or it may have been geopathic stress, or maybe Dragon energy, but whatever it was, it was very palpable (to me anyway) and in my opinion made up for the crappy quality of the touristy displays. 🙂

The Journey Home

flight22nd June 2017 — As stated at the beginning of this blog post, the places listed here are only a few of the many locations we visited while on our trips in 2016 and 2017, but they represent the places where I felt the Dragons’ energy. The photo at the left shows Clifford and Raglan looking out at the night sky on the flight home …they opted to come on the plane instead of flying to their new home in Australia by themselves. 😀 (Click image to enlarge)

Websites & Articles of Interest:

The Avebury Experience
Earth Energies and Stonehenge
Power Centres and Hidden Energies
Radiation Levels, Time-slips and Manifestations at Ancient Sites
Ancient Origins — They’re Alive! Megalithic Sites Are More Than Just Stone

The Dragon Project Trust — Researches into rumours about the power and properties of ancient “sacred” sites.

Trail of the White Dragon: Part 1 — Wayland’s Smithy, Part 2 — Uffington Chalk Horse, Part 3 — The Avebury Egg.

I also came across this interesting bit of info in the “Google Books” preview of “The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom”, by Mark Amaru Pinkham, 1997 (on page 80 in Chapter 4 – THE WORLDWIDE DRAGON CULTURE pp70–109)


The Dragon Culture arrived in the British Isles via sea and land routes taken by the Iberians, the Egyptians, the Tuatha de Danaan and the Pheryllt. Together these migrant Serpents of Wisdom covered the British dragons’ lairs with stone circles, mounds, menhirs and tors (earthen mounds). The tors were manifestations of the mound form of the Primal Serpent and the stone circles were conceived of as being “Temples of Keridwen” or homes of the Serpent Goddess.

The British megaliths were all united by Ley Lines (the english term for dragon lines) into Dragon Communities. These Dragon Communities were in turn eventually amalgamated into one national British Dragon Community which included the communities of Stonehenge, Avebury, Glastonbury, Bath, and those on the sacred islands of Man, Wight, Iona, and Anglesey.

(The preview above ended halfway through its next sentence — will have to get the book to read more.)

A general description of the book can be found on The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom Facebook page and website:

The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom by Mark Amaru Pinkham

This landmark book brings together the lineages and teachings of the spiritual masters around the world whose symbol has been the serpent or dragon. The book traces the fabled beginnings of these adepts from the legendary continents in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, to their later occurrences as the pyramid builders, priest kings and hierophants of pre-Christian cultures around the globe, and finally to their clandestine manifestation as the Secret Societies of Europe, within which they orchestrated the overthrow of the British rule and the eventual founding of the United States of America.

In this book you will learn the history and teachings of the following “Serpents”:
– The Nagas of India
– The Lung Dragons of China
– The Djedhi of Egypt
– The Amaru of Peru
– The Druid Adders of Britain
– The Levites of Palestine
– The Ashipu priests of Mesopotamia
– The Quetzlcoatls of Mexico
– The Snake Clan of North America
– The Templars, Freemasons, and Rosacrucians


One comment on “Stone Circles & Other Dragony Places

  1. Jay Herring says:

    I found your blog by typing “Arbor Low dragon” in Google and making sure dragon was included in the search. I enjoyed reading your blog. I am lucky enough to have been to all of the places you have listed and am a regular visitor at Arbor Low where I practise magic alone and with a group. There is a dragon at Arbor Low. If you think of Dragons as elements it is air. The dragon has a name and I have had it with me at Uffington and in South Wales. I have summoned it at Uffington twice as part of a banishing ritual. It’s easy there as Uffington hill as you correctly say is not a horse. The whole hill is in fact a dragon. Dragon Hill is it’s eye.
    The time I had the dragon with me in South Wales was with 15 or so other people and we were all summoning dragons that day. The one at Arbor Low came to me again there. He has a wet nose when there are rainy clouds.

    Good luck in your future!


    Oh hang on…

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