Stone Circles & Other Dragony Places


During the last two years I’ve been lucky enough to be able to visit the UK twice. On our first trip, in 2016, we (husband and I) concentrated our travels around the south of England during our 3 week holiday. On our 2nd 3 week trip to the UK in 2017 we travelled further north in England and also around Wales. The few stone circles and other ‘dragony’ places I was able to visit were only some of the many locations we managed to see during our travels. Continue reading


Meditative insight …and confusion


During a meditation last night, which was part of a ritual hosted by my Dark Moon Group, I received an interesting insight about the nature of Dragons and Draconic energy that I’ve not consciously thought about before. Continue reading

Dragon Time

This morning when I woke up I had a strange sense of melancholic “knowing”, and the feeling that I was on the precipice of some significant event in my life.  I thought of the upcoming eclipse and the Dragon Awakening it would supposedly bring about (see Dragon Awakening & Eclipses) and then suddenly thought of  an obscure little book I had purchased some years ago but still haven’t read, called Dragontime, as I realised I was actually entering my own “Dragon Time” again, and that this time would be my last. Before I go any further, here’s some info about the book from a website called “Dragon Energy” Continue reading