A Year of Norse Paganism

In 2022 the Pagan circle I am a member of — Spheres Of Light (SOL) — will be working with Norse paganism.

SOL is an eclectic pagan learning circle whose members come together to share experiences, understandings, and teachings. Each year we learn about different pantheons and magical systems. In 2021 we did Ceremonial Magic, working with The Watchers. Prior to that we have worked with other systems of magic including Sumerian, Draconic, Shamanic, Celtic, Egyptian, and many others. We have all benefited and grown from being able to experience different rituals utilising the energies from a wide variety of pantheons and magical systems.

During the course of the year I hope to write about my foray into Norse paganism, especially when I can include any information about Dragons or the Draconic Path (though there will be general information here as well). As blogs are added I will update this page with links to each one.

  1. Dragons in Norse Mythology
  2. Norse Symbols
  3. Ingwaz – Potential & New Beginnings
  4. Frigga – Norse Goddess of Love & Marriage
  5. Mjölnir – Thor’s Hammer

The rituals conducted by Spheres Of Light, inspired by Norse paganism, can be found here.

Image at the top of this page is “Arrival of the first Norse colony in Greenland”, an illustration from “Ridpath’s Universal History” 1897 from Wikimedia Commons.

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