Dragon Circles & Events 2020


Spheres Of Light (SOL) is an Australian Pagan group meeting in the Sutherland Shire in southern Sydney, in Nowra and now also in Canberra. Continue reading

To Help, To Heal & To Honour


Yesterday, after receiving some sad news, I was guided by the Dragons to set up my altar using crystals of blue and green, as well as some amethyst, for a working to bring healing to a friend. Continue reading

Eclipse Dreaming

Background Eclipse Wallpaper Twilight Sun Moon

Although the total solar eclipse earlier today was not visible from Australia the energy was still strong. The time of maximum eclipse here in Sydney Australia was 4:25:35AM, 22 Aug 2017. So, what time did I wake up this morning for no apparent reason? …at 4:24AM of course, and then I couldn’t get back to sleep until a bit before 7AM (which, when I later checked here, turned out to be very close to the time of the last location in the world to see the partial eclipse end). Continue reading

Dragon Skulls Workshop

The Dragon Skulls Workshop outlined below will be held in Scotland on 29th November 2014. If you can’t be there in person, distance options are available (see Newsletter link below, or bottom of this page for booking details). The workshop will be led by Alphedia, founder of the Scottish Dragon Wisdom School.

Dragon Skulls Workshop

DragonSkulls-sPhoto by Alphedia, Copyright  © 2014 Scottish Dragon Wisdom School

(From Elemental Beings Newsletter – November 2014 and www.elementalbeings.co.uk/dragon-skulls-workshop)

In this workshop lead by Dragon Communicator Alphedia she will introduce you into working with the Crystalline Dragon Skulls. In this workshop she will channel the Dragon Skulls to allow them to explain why they have come into being and also why they are connecting with so many people at this time. The Dragons Skulls will then teach you how to activate them and how to establish a deep connection with them. You will go on a guided meditation with the Dragon Skulls to alter your chakra system to a more crystalline frequency to make communication easier and more profound with your skulls. Continue reading

Dragon Power Healing Workshop


This is an introductory workshop on Dragon Power Healing which is facilitated by Janine Donnellan, in southern Sydney, Australia. Continue reading

Golden Dragon Healing Order


Tuesday 20th May 2014

While randomly browsing the internet tonight I came across this webpage connectinglight.com/goldendragon.htm purely by “accident” (edit 15/12/2016 — page no longer exists — new website is www.ashati.org). It did look slightly familiar so I checked my  What are Dragons? page, which has information about Dragon Reiki, and found that I had actually added a link on my page to the Connecting Light website a few years ago. Obviously at that time I wasn’t ready to do anything with the information as I never pursued it any further and had forgotten about it.  As I browsed the Connecting Light  site I realised it is based here in Sydney Australia and that there are workshops offered throughout this year! 🙂 I eagerly read all the workshop information and decided that perhaps the distance attunement for Golden Dragon 1 might be more suitable for me (due to pricing and a number of other factors) as I have already received a Reiki 1 initiation (a prerequisite for this course). Continue reading

Dragon Power

The following information was written by Alexis and is copied from transferencehealing.com/channellings/index/827/6/channellings/dragon-power

It’s time to own the power of the Dragon within.


The Dragon Power Symbol is a symbol of ‘empowerment’ in Transference Healing®. It revitalises the power centre to enable the body to energetically re-nourish and heal. It also protects us against direct psychic attack and counteracts negative feelings or projections against us. It supports us to overcome the limitations of the ego and connect to ‘Divine Will’. It is the lost symbol or key to the Elemental Kingdoms of the Dragon. Continue reading