Flicker …and Space Otters!


Playful little Flicker is the Dragon who chose to communicate with me today, and for some reason, he brought otters to my attention. Weird associations are happening this morning — must persevere and see where this leads.

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Shandara’s Message


Today Shandara, my amethyst crystal Dragon, came forward. Today’s meditation was rather disjointed and strange, so much so that I wasn’t sure whether to post it publicly or not. However, who am I to judge whether a Dragon’s message is worthy or not? And, it’s more likely my inability to connect and channel effectively that’s at fault here …sorry Shandara 😥 …I tried. Continue reading

Thinning Veils & Time Tangles


Once again I tried to connect with my Crystal Dragon Clan in preparation for a meditation with one of them. This time I instinctively knew that  Thorgründ, the ancient grandfatherly being within my Hematite Crystal Dragon Skull, wished to communicate with me. Continue reading

Zanora Speaks


Today’s meditation turned into another “automatic typing” session where I just typed whatever came into my head as I tried to meditate. It was difficult to get into the right frame of mind at first due to noise from other people in the house so instead of sitting at my computer keyboard I disappeared out to the front verandah with my iPad and typed on that instead. Continue reading

Arcadia …a flight of destiny!

I first saw a photograph of a red jasper Dragon that I liked on 8th December 2014, on a Facebook page associated with the Scottish Dragon Wisdom School run by Alphedia. I fell in love with this particular Dragon right then and there, even though there were 3 other red jaspers in the photo (along with a few other types). However there was no pricing information yet and I was uncertain as to whether I should buy him, even if the price was right, so I waited …and waited.


Due to the holiday season, busy family life, trips away etc and no spare time, it took until the 31st January 2015 for Alphedia to finally post the prices of the Dragons in this photo online in her various Facebook pages and groups. It appeared that he was still available (though a couple of others were not) so I hoped that maybe he was meant for me. 😀 Continue reading

My Altar (2)

I first wrote about my altar and showed some photos of it back in 2010 (click here). It’s undergone a few subtle changes and become a lot more cluttered since then, but I rather like it that way. It’s also expanded way past a simple altar and my collection has now taken over an entire room, much more so than it had in 2010. 😉 So I decided to show a few more photos of my cluttered collection of Dragons and other Shiny Things. 🙂 (Click each image to enlarge)

28th December 2011

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Dragonflame ~ a Meditation with Emrys


Emrys, my Preseli Bluestone Dragon skull sits in front of me for inspiration as I enter a meditative state as wild winds rage outside my house. I see dragons riding the currents — wild, untamed, raw, vital, pure energy manifesting in draconic forms or what I recognise as such.  They are what they are — pure energy, intellect, knowledge, a stream of consciousness. They are of the light, the darkness, the earth, the cosmos, the All — always in balance. There is no light without the dark and vice versa — both must exist to reveal the other. Continue reading