My Altar (2)

I first wrote about my altar and showed some photos of it back in 2010 (click here). It’s undergone a few subtle changes and become a lot more cluttered since then, but I rather like it that way. It’s also expanded way past a simple altar and my collection has now taken over an entire room, much more so than it had in 2010. 😉 So I decided to show a few more photos of my cluttered collection of Dragons and other Shiny Things. 🙂 (Click each image to enlarge)

28th December 2011


26th May 2012


23rd May 2013


13th June 2014


World Dragon Day, October 25th 2014


17th May 2015


You may (or may not) have noticed the piece of glass on the altar. This had previously been cut to suit a much earlier version of my altar and had been packed away for quite some time. I decided to use it on this larger altar to protect the altar cloths in the main working area from candle wax spills and holes being burned from stray charcoal sparks etc. It looks great with a grid cloth laid out under it too!

Altar with grid cloth under the glass – Dragon Council of 13, each with a space on Metatron’s Cube.


13th June 2015



The other side of the room (13th June 2015)…




altar5-2015    altar6-2015

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