A Clan of Crystal Dragons


My Crystal Dragon Clan has grown from the three in the image below to a total of thirty Dragons (17 above) …so far …there might be more coming in the future. 😉

I thought it would be nice to have them all together here on the one page, and when more arrive I will edit this page to add them in the future. To get a closer look at any of the images just click on one to enlarge and scroll through each individual gallery. 🙂

Regarding the Dragons’ names — usually when a Dragon has revealed its name to me I have been told a private Dragon name, which I will never share with anyone, and a public common name (such as Fred or Henry etc) which I can share. For some reason the Crystal Dragons are happy to give me one Dragon name only which I can share, and, as far as I know, this seems to be the case with most other people who have crystal Dragon skulls …interesting.



Black Obsidian

Ouromundi is my very first Crystal Dragon. When he first came to me (on 20th March 2012) I didn’t know his name — or even that he had one — and he sat on my altar for a couple of years before my interest in crystal Dragon skulls was stirred once more. I wrote an earlier post about Ouromundi and crystal grids here.

Ouromundi came from www.mineralminers.com – photos above by Topaz Drachen


Lapis Lazuli

I have previously introduced Zanora here and explained how she made her presence known to me before I had ever seen her. She arrived 11th December 2014.

Zanora came from www.mineralminers.com – photos above by Topaz Drachen



This Dragon arrived on 17th December 2014 and has been rather elusive and mysterious when it comes to revealing anything about his/her self. With my first 2 Dragon skulls I got a definite impression of gender but with Arandorn the closest description I can come up with is an effeminate male or a masculine female — either both or neither — all genders rolled into one, as Dragons have come to me in this form before. Arandorn has a very gentle energy, yet there is great strength there as well …a very intriguing individual! (More details here.)

Arandorn came from Rikoo Gems and Crystals on eBay – photos above by Rikoo



“Miss Amethyst”

When I was guided to add an Amethyst Dragon skull to my clan I had actually chosen another one, but after my purchase the vendor contacted me to apologize for accidentally breaking the left back horn of my beautiful amethyst Dragon skull when packing her ready for postage. I was disappointed as “Miss Amethyst” (as I’d nick-named her) was so lovely and had more purple in her than Shandara has. However, for whatever reason, that first amethyst Dragon was not meant for me (or anyone else!) and I was offered another in her place — Shandara — which I accepted. Shandara arrived 13th January 2015 and had spent only a couple of hours making herself at home with the others on my altar before she revealed her name to me as I briefly laid my hand over her while admiring her beauty. ❤

Shandara came from Mineralbiz on eBay – photos above by Mineralbiz

Whenever a Dragon tells me their name I always Google it, just out of curiosity. Ouromundi is almost unique, with only one entry for a website that doesn’t exist; Zanora occurs as a name in a few places, as does Arandorn which exists as a username or a type of elf on a gaming site. I am not aware of having heard any of these names before, and the same applies to the name Shandara. Actually, she introduced herself first as Shandy, then said her full name is Shandara. I was surprised when I Googled her name to find that it is the name of a city in an epic fantasy series of which the first book is called “Road to Shandara” …and there are “awe-inspiring majestic Dragons” in this book ...”creatures of high intelligence and purpose, not simpletons ruled by animalistic passion.” Hmmm… interesting, to say the least, that my Amethyst Dragon should have this name. 😮 Information about the properties of amethyst can be found here.



Thorgründ arrived on 21st January 2015. He revealed his name later on the same day. Being hematite he is very heavy for his size, giving him a very strong, securely grounded energy. He also has an aura of grandfatherly wisdom, very old knowledge or “wisdom of the ages” about him. He is a rather stern, no nonsense sort of fellow who commands respect and perhaps even a certain amount of obedience — he sets boundaries, within which can be found a sense of safety and security.

Thorgründ came from Mineralbiz on eBay – photos above by Mineralbiz

Some information about the metaphysical properties of hematite can be found here. Interesting to see how I was picking up on many of the commonly accepted properties of the stone in my impressions of this Dragon’s personality (and no, I had not read it first). 🙂



Malamindi arrived with Thorgründ on 21st January 2015. She finally gave me her name, after Chrysalis (below) had finished interrupting, lol. Malamindi is really happy to be back home in Australia (the only place Mookaite is found, specifically the Kennedy Ranges near Gascoyne Junction, a small town east of Carnarvon in Western Australia). She has a very gentle energy, almost shy.

Malamindi came from Mineralbiz on eBay – photos above by Mineralbiz

Information about the properties of Mookaite can be found here.

And then there were six… 😀



Clear Quartz

Chrysalis arrived after 15 days, on 3rd February 2015.  While trying to connect with and find out the names of the Hematite and Mookaite dragons a few hours after they arrived (13 days earlier) the name Chrysalis suddenly popped into my mind and my clear quartz Dragon showed herself to me …cheeky little thing, butting in like that! …especially as she was only 2 days into her travels here at the time. 🙂 When she finally arrived at least I already knew her name, lol.

Chrysalis came from Skulls4U www.crystalskulls.eu – photos above by Skulls4U

See metaphysical properties of clear quartz here.

The magnificent seven…



Flame Chalcedony

I wasn’t sure if was ever going to get this little guy or not but now he’s finally here (arrived 23rd March 2015). He was advertised on the Celtworld website (which I originally came across when searching for Preseli Bluestone Dragons) with only the following information, a price, but nothing about how big or small he was.

“Gorgeous Baby Dragonhead exquisitely hand carved in a simply wonderful flamed chalcedony. This is the only piece of this beautiful stone that we could manage to acquire, so there won’t be any more of these little beauties. It brings both warmth and joy to its surroundings, stimulating and empowering those who are nearby. An excellent aid for all learning environments, flame chalcedony helps to develop skills and realise dreams.”

So I sent off an enquiry. It turned out he was in the care of someone other than the person I was in contact with so after a few more emails back and forth I eventually found out he was about 3″ long and would be offered to me at a much lower price than advertised on the website. I was happy with that, so I bought him. 😀

When he arrived I found a little surprise tucked away inside the packaging! …a beautiful silver and bluestone ring which I love! ❤


Flicker’s name came to me before he’d arrived, but once I saw him I knew it fitted perfectly with his patches of red “flame”. Being a baby Dragon he has a very innocent and playful energy about him, though there is also an underlying element of age and wisdom …even very young Dragons can be “old souls” I suppose. 😉

Flicker came from Celtworld Studios – photos above by Topaz Drachen

By purchasing Flicker I have helped in a small way to support the ongoing work to build Galonglas Spiritual Retreat (in Wales, UK) — “A project with a difference… ecological, spiritual and social, all in one!” At Galonglas there is no money and the project has been instigated by gifts, and is to be sustained through self-sufficiency and bartering of their surpluses and donated craft items such as carvings and jewellery which are available for exchange. Naturally, being on the other side of the world it’s a bit difficult for me to barter directly by swapping goods or helping to dig holes or whatever else needs doing, so the money from my purchase has been used by one of the Galonglas “barter buddies” to buy goods for them on my behalf to make the trade. I believe Flicker has probably been traded for some stone chippings to go under the lodge that they are building so that visitors can stay in a little more comfort than what the onsite gypsy caravan currently offers. Maybe I’ll be able to visit one day and see these stone chippings, lol. 😀


Preseli Bluestone (Spotted Dolerite)

pb0I finally purchased this crystal skull on 12th March 2015 (it arrived 24th March 2015) even though I’d been thinking about getting a Preseli Bluestone Dragon for months beforehand and missed a couple of earlier opportunities. Long before acquiring this Dragon I knew his name was Emrys as Preseli Bluestone has a strong connection with Merlin, and Emrys is a name associated with Merlin. When I’d finished my blog entry for Emrys I decided it was a bit too long to go here so I’ve created a page specially for him called Emrys ~ My Preseli Bluestone Dragon Skull, where you can also see more photographs of him. 😀

Eldoron & Cerise

Smokey Citrine & Rose Quartz

Smokey-and-Cerise-sEldoron (formerly known as Smokey) and Cerise arrived on 25th March 2015, making a total of 4 dragons arriving over only 3 days — a very Dragon week! 😀 They were both carved by Leandro de Souza, “the talented Master Carver from Brazil who is known for selecting the finest and highest energy crystals in the world and his carvings are known for their quality, fine detail and uniqueness.” (from The Crystal Enchantress)

Eldoron gave me his name a couple of weeks later, on 8th April when I picked him up from my altar to admire him. Cerise was already named before I bought her as she had revealed her name to Krystina from thecrystalenchantress.com which is where these two beautiful Dragons came from (well, from the Facebook page for the site actually).

Eldoron came from The Crystal Enchantress – photos above by Topaz Drachen
Cerise came from The Crystal Enchantress – photos above by Topaz Drachen

Here are all eleven Dragons gathered together (with some Preseli Bluestone healing wands) and getting to know each other. 🙂


Binah & Adelinda

Dark & Light Atlantisite

DLA-1Binah and Adelinda arrived on 20th April 2015 and eventually told me their names after a couple of weeks of settling in to their new home. They are both female; the  Dark Atlantisite Dragon is called Binah (Yiddish/Hebrew for understanding/wisdom – also Qabala sephira of understanding) and the Light Atlantisite Dragon is called Adelinda (German for noble serpent). The name Adelinda can also be spelled Adalinda but I thought it was fitting to use the “e” as it makes a connection with the name of their place of origin:

“Atlantisite” is the name given to the beautiful combination of green serpentine with inclusions of pink to purple stichtite from Tasmania. The Adelaide Mine, Dundas in Western Tasmania, Australia is apparently the only source of this unusual combination. (from Sandie’s Pyschic Stones Newsletter)

It works on opening the heart chakra but brings through the Green ray light of the nature kingdom. This stone assists with remembering ancient Atlantean wisdom and helps clear out any karma from this time. It connects to the Earth and Air elements but the Galactic Dragons also work though this stone. (from Scottish Dragon Wisdom School)



Binah & Adelinda came from Scottish Dragon Wisdom School – photos above by Topaz Drachen

I think Binah and Adelinda are very happy to be back in Australia. 😀

The whole clan…


The Dragon Council of 13 – a space for each on “Metatron’s Cube”…




This beautiful carving of a full dragon arrived on 16th June 2015. Like Eldoron and Cerise, this sodalite Dragon was also carved by Leandro de Souza. The Dragon has been very shy about revealing his name but after just over two weeks he finally told me I can call him Haldor.  The majority of my Dragons’ names are words/names I’ve never heard before and this one is no exception, so I did a google search and found the following info:

From the Old Norse name Hallþórr, which meant “Thor’s rock” from hallr “rock” combined with the name of the Norse god Þórr (Thor).
Haldor came from The Crystal Enchantress – photos above by Topaz Drachen

Schiehallion & Arion-Longma

Fluorite & Chevron Amethyst


These two dragons arrived on 23rd June 2015. They have been extremely quiet since arriving here, though I do get the sense that they are quite happy …just not talkative. However, after I spent some more time with them they eventually revealed their names to me …and yes they are happy for me to share them publicly, as are all the other Dragons on this page.

The fluorite Dragon (above left) told me his name is Schiehallion. I hadn’t heard of it before and I wasn’t quite sure how to spell it at first so I started with Shehallion and did a Google search (as you do) and found the name of a Scottish mountain. The name Schiehallion is an anglicised form of the Gaelic name Sìdh Chailleann, which translates as “Fairy Hill of the Caledonians” …interesting! There are many legends associated with this mountain. My Dragon confirmed that he prefers the same spelling as the name of the Scottish mountain rather than my phonetic version, so that’s how it will be.

The chevron amethyst Dragon (above right) finally revealed his name — Arion — which I had not heard of before either. I Googled the name and found it is the name of a (Greek) mythological horse. So perhaps I have a Dragonhorse? The Longma of Chinese mythology is exactly that — a dragon-horse — and after a bit more consultation with Arion he agreed that he quite likes the two part name of Arion-Longma. 🙂


Schiehallion came from Earth Spirit – photos above by Topaz Drachen


Arion-Longma came from Earth Spirit – photos above by Topaz Drachen

The Clan of Sixteen Dragons, patiently waiting for their brother Arcadia to arrive.


Red Jasper


Arcadia arrived on 7th July 2015. He told me his name a full 5 months before he finally arrived here! His story is a rather long one so he has his own page at Arcadia …a flight of destiny! 😀


Scottish Serpentine (Scottish Greenstone)


This beautiful Dragon arrived on 12th August 2015 and is another one who really needed to be with me. I first saw the photographs of 11 serpentine Dragon skulls posted on the Scottish Dragon Wisdom School Facebook page on 23rd July 2015 and sent an inquiry about this particular Dragon on the same day. Unfortunately I had to wait a while to find out if it was still available as this and many other Dragon skulls would first be offered for sale to people attending a workshop in Scotland in person on the upcoming weekend. Alphedia contacted me on the 28th July saying that she only had 2 serpentine Dragons left after the Merlin camp weekend as people loved them so much. Amazingly, one of those 2 remaining Dragons was “mine”! As a lot of people had inquired about the Dragons online it was difficult to choose who to send the 2 remaining ones to, so she asked the Dragon skulls who they wished to go to and the one I had chosen really wanted me! 😀 I’m soooo happy!

When I first held this little Dragon I got the distinct impression of a gentle female energy. She was also incredibly cold to the touch — far colder than I would expect based on the temperature here. I immediately saw a vision of a rocky shoreline with icy winds blowing across the water and steep rocky hills beyond — her place of origin perhaps?

Ever since I first saw her I’ve been wondering about her name, which she eventually told me. Her name is Apple — a very cute and sweet name, very fitting for the energy she has. It also describes her beautiful “apple green” colour.

Apple came from Scottish Dragon Wisdom School – photos above by Topaz Drachen

Scottish Green Stone is a form of Serpentine.  This Dragon has been hand carved from this stunning Ledmore Serpentine. This formed on the west coast of mainland Scotland but has similar properties as the famous Iona Green Stone.  These Dragons are here to open our heart chakras and to balance. Their gentle energy is soothing and calming for bringing their guardian back into balance and harmony within themselves. They are abundance generators neutralising negative thinking and bringing in self worth and confidence. Hand carved for the Scottish Dragon Wisdom School they carry the Celtic codes of the land and call out to those who have worked with Celtic and Druid Magic in the past. Each dragon has a unique energy signature and if you feel its call it is resonating with your consciousness. These are rare Dragon Skulls offering us great inner transformation. (From Scottish Dragon Wisdom School)

Iona Marble comes from a small Scottish island in the Hebrides. This is an island that is a place of magic. The properties of crystals from here is connected to the energy of the ancient druids who used the island for their ceremonies in the distant past. This use of the land embodied both the earth of the island and these stones with an energy that may aid the development of supernatural powers. These yellowish-green and white stones are also said to have good healing attributes, and may aid healing of karmic issues related to Celtic past lives. The color of these stones comes from Serpentine, which is naturally blended with the white marble of the area. (From healing-crystals-for-you.com/properties-of-crystals.html)

In Scotland, this beautiful green and white stone has been highly revered since prehistoric times. This Scottish Greenstone was well known in St. Columba’s time during the 5th Century. Local people carried small pieces for protection and since the 18th Century, small polished pieces have been much prized by collectors, jewelers, and the wise folk. As a healing stone, it connects deeply with the earth and the realm of the Fae. During centuries gone by and into today’s world, it is sought after and considered to have sacred, mystical, and healing properties. This stone can help to draw pain from the body and has been used for thousands of years against poisons and dark magick–a strong protective amulet. It helps to recall dreams and provides thought mastery; it aids intuition in the healing arts and provides structure and stability. It provides the wearer or carrier with a “new” self-confidence and worthiness of self. Used in stone layouts and grids, Scottish Greenstone “connects with the faerie realm” and connects to the spiritual vibration and energy of Scotland. A piece was always carried when traveling, hunting, and fishing to ensure protection and good fortune. (From metaphysicalrealm1.com/xcart/home.php?cat=1548)

Atama & Erissa

Amethyst/Selenite & Topaz

atama1erissa1On 27th January 2017 I decided to adopt a couple of GemChip Baby Dragons — Atama and Erissa — from Tysha’s Dragonwys store on Etsy. I’ve admired Tysha’s Dragon babies for quite a while but never adopted any before now. Read more…


Orange Calcite


Sweet little Apricot arrived here on the 6th July 2017. I thought my clan of crystal Dragon skulls had reached capacity, but no, another Dragon asked to join, and I’m so glad she did. Read more…


Pyrite with Quartz inclusions


Yes, my collection is still growing! 😀 Haandoth arrived on the 26th July. Read more…


Black Obsidian


Eclipse arrived on the 8th August 2017 — the day of a partial lunar eclipse and Lions Gate portal. Read more…

CrystalDragons20170808-2The Dragon Clan (minus Haldor) on 08/08/2017

FamilyPhotoAug2017The Dragon Clan on 22/08/2017


Gold Pyrite

This teensy little Dragon arrived on 20/03/2018. I wanted a Pyrite Dragon small enough to wear as a pendant and I found her. She arrived early in the afternoon and told me her name later in the evening — it just kinda came into my mind and I knew that was her name. 🙂 More here…


Andelana (previously Nacreous)

Clear Quartz

Arrived on 8th May 2019.


Jasper & Vulcan

“Fire” (Red) Jasper & Que Sera (Vulcanite/Llanite)

Arrived on 27th May 2019.



Llanite (Que Sera or Vulcanite) skull with Labradorite eyes

Arrived on 3rd June 2021. More here…



Black Obsidian

This little fellow was bought on 8th June 2021 from a local crystal shop that opened its doors for the first time on this date. He had also been featured in their online shop, where the following photos came from. Stormy is approximately 53mm / 2⅛ inches long.

Dragon from and Photos by AP CRYSTALS


Dragons “in spirit” …still waiting. 😥

On 22nd and 23rd January 2015 I selected 2 hand-carved Alabaster Dragons from “Egyptian Skulls and Dragon” and was told they would be packaged and posted on 26th January (the man who carved them was even taking a day off work to stay home and package the many dragon skulls he had carved for others as well). It’s now 13th May 2015 and they still haven’t arrived. Fortunately (and rather unusually) I haven’t paid for them yet — the instructions from the seller were that I’d wait until I actually received the Dragons and would then request his bank details etc to make the payment. I can only guess that the war and conflict in Egypt has disrupted the postal services, which is probably also why the skulls were sent on trust that payment would follow if they ever arrived. 😦

Even though I don’t physically have these Dragons they did still tell me their names, and I do have some photos from the Facebook page I selected them from, so I thought I’d include them here anyway.

Akheraten & Tenyina

I was hoping these Dragons would give me Egyptian sounding names for them, and they did! I knew of the name Akhenaten but had never heard of Akheraten so I wasn’t sure if I got it right, but as it turns out, it is a regular Egyptian name. Not that this matters one way or the other as Dragons can call themselves anything they like 😉 but this was a name that I “heard” in my mind when I asked.

I found the second name, Tenyina, quite by accident after doing some rather random Googling for Dragon information one day. It seemed as if I’d been led to the information on purpose so I figured it was a “sign” from my Blue Alabaster Dragon that this could be her name (at least, the name she was prepared to share with me and let me use in public). Tenyina is the phonetic spelling of the Arabic word for dragon — yay! 😀


Egyptian Alabaster  (male)


Egyptian Blue Alabaster  (female)

Maybe these two Dragons are still trying to come home to me and perhaps they will eventually arrive …one day. 🙂


For my eyes only …Big scary GRAND TOTAL of Draconic Extravagance! …’tis truly ridiculous! …but, oooh look! SHINY!!


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