Dragon Bloodline

Thoughts of a Taoist Babe

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They are not, and have never been, simple characters in children’s books.  They were keepers and teachers of ancient secrets, rulers and caretakers of vast stretches of Earth land, and they came from a distant land beyond the visible star-dome of the night sky.  Their presence is felt far and wide in graven images and statues of stone, their influence resonating clear to this very day.

Dragons show up everywhere, ubiquitously powerful, undeniably otherworldly, and infinitely wise.  Ancient mythology is repleted with it from every corner of the world.  Archaeology and palaeontology offer tantalizing clues about the dragons that roamed the lands in ancient times.  And now, they are showing up in areas once thought free of mythical beings—that of genetics, biology, chemistry, astronomy, and xenology, which is the scientific study of all aspects of extraterrestrial life, intelligence, and civilization.

XenoCoverLargeFor more information about Xenology, click on the image of the book…

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