Serpent Wisdom

by Soluntra King
(Extract from the book LIGHT CODE ACTIVATIONS)

The Serpent energy is the life-force of Prime Creator, we use it to reproduce, as well as the vehicle that takes us into Divine/Unity consciousness, our multi-dimensional self on all worlds and dimensions. The Serpent is the pathway to the Stars, our Ascension process and to Physical Immortality, being our Light Body. In every culture the Serpent is important; the dream time of the Aboriginal, the Serpent God, Quetzalcoatl and Kulkucan of the Mayans, Aztecs and other Mesoamerican tribes. Lord Shiva, god of destruction and creation with his Cobra, the Nagas of the Hindus and Tibetan Buddhist, the Yogic Kundalini. The Adders of the Druids, the Djedhi of Egypt, the Dragons of China and South East Asia, and the Dragon culture worldwide, the Shamans and American Indians serpent wisdom, initiation and creation story, going back to the Dragon culture of Atlantis and the Serpents of Mu the Sun Empire. All cultures and myths have the common thread that the Serpent takes us out of the illusion of matter, and into the reality of spirit and the creation story. Awakening the light codings in our cells and DNA, and through the Crystalline Grid and Crystals within the Earth that link us to this Solar System and beyond. The Serpent is the holder of wisdom and love and is the pathway.

The Serpent in most cultures is positive and is even the symbol of healing in the Cadesus, the medical symbol of the two entwined serpents which expresses the Kundalini and life force as well as the DNA. The Serpent is also the Dragon and Lizard energy, the Creator Gods, but people often fear this energy as it holds the current of life and the power of creation. The Serpent also shows us the darkness and worlds of illusion, the fall into matter, as we bite the apple we grovel around in the underworld, the world of fear, lust, greed and desire that are illusion, until we are ready to move out. Like the Kundalini that rises up from the base, we rise up out of hell and into the heavens, the world of peace, love and wisdom, no longer controlled by the lower energies that are just the illusion of separation.

The Snake People, like the Dragon People came from Altair, as well as Serpens, Draco, Ophiuchus and live in the centre of Earth in the higher dimensions. The Snake People have a variety of body types, some are human like, and some are half snake or reptilian. They have tunnels that go all through the Earth, with entrances at portal sites and on Dragon lines. The Dragon people created the Leylines or Dragon lines around the Earth with the Crystals and the Crystalline Grid, and both work with the Earth holding balance and alignment with our Solar System and beyond. The portal vortex sites are often called Dragon’s Lairs and link the Dragon lines. The Serpent life-force is the vortexing life-force energy that moves through the portals, these Serpent vortexes also are inter-dimensional doorways and access points for the Councils of Light and the Greater Central Sun to illuminate the Earth creating the solar grid and activating the Golden Solar Discs.

You can go and meet the Serpent and Dragon People in the inner planes whenever you wish, if you have a fear of snakes ask the Serpent Deva to help you, and breath into the fear. You are really only fearing your own life force energy, remember the snake can also be poisonous so is showing you to love your own poison. There is one Serpent that is especially beneficial to meet, the Wise One, the old Serpent Woman in the centre of the Earth, you will feel her love, she embodies all that is.

The collective consciousness of humanity is now awakening to their Kundalini, Light Body and Ascension process. Western Culture lost its connection with the Serpent Wisdom, the Earth and Goddess, our cosmic heritage and seeding from the Stars, unlike the indigenous people who always kept the Serpent Wisdom. This wisdom is not from the material world but from the inner worlds, or spirit, the energy of Prime Creator which religion tried to disconnect people from. But now the awakening of the Serpent Wisdom, Kundalini, Light Body and Ascension process is inescapable. Just like in the heavens the constellation Ophiuchus, the Serpent Bearer is making a rebirth in our consciousness. The planets in our Solar System actually orbit through Ophiuchus, it is between Scorpius and Sagittarius and represents a man encoiled by a serpent, the constellation Serpens. Astrologers do not acknowledge it but Astronomers do, as astrologers only work with where the collective psyche is at.

Ophiuchus is opposite Orion in the heavens, Orion being placed between Taurus and Gemini. In the great Pyramid the old initiations were through the doorway of Orion, that held duality and the cycle of birth and death, until the 11:11 when oneness was finally anchored there and is now filtering to the earth plane as humanity also anchors oneness, the doorway is closing. The opposite doorway in the great Pyramid is aligned to Ophiuchus and represents the Ascension, as we become one, we are the Serpent Ascending, Physical Immortal and returning to our fully awakened state as Cosmic Beings as the doorway opens.

The stargate of Ophiuchus was anchored on 22nd November 1999 and on the 22nd of November every year Ophiuchus is sighted at the horizon before the Sun. The opening of it as a stargate means that humanity is now ready to move out of the underworld and rise into the Stars. The Kundalini has been stuck at the base in all the old desire body and fears of survival and for life. Now we are free to move beyond that as the Kundalini rises within, so to do the worlds merge and we move into the New Solar System, in alignment with the Sun, Central Sun and Greater Central Sun.

Serpent spiralling vortexes of life-force energy are in all of life and hold the codings of the creation story and light codes. You can observe the Serpent flow in the Nadis, in the strands of DNA, in the spin of the chakras and all energy flows. The vortexing spirals moving clock-wise bring the higher energies into gravity and matter, and the anti-clockwise spin as the denser energy and matter moves into spirit. These vortexes are your gateway chakras that unify all levels of your being with the All that Is. As well as create the dimensional doorways in the Earth at the Dragon Lairs/vortexes/portals/sacred sites/pyramids/stone circles and standing stones. When we are aware of this energy and tap into its flow, it enables us to unify and raise our frequencies and be the multi-dimensional beings we truly are. You have already experienced or read about some of this with the sections on the Chakras, the Nadis and Central Channel, and next are exercise with the kundalini, DNA and further in the book other exercises for awakening, transmutation and activation of your divinity and energy fields in harmony with the creator essence of Source, through the Greater Central Sun, Central Sun and Sun as the Serpent takes us to the Sun – through it and beyond.

For more on the Serpent Wisdom, Greater Central Sun, Councils of Light and Golden Solar Discs, connecting to that energy within yourself and the Earth please see the author’s books ‘Handbook of RA”, as well as “Egypt and Immortality, Journey to Source” where there is also information on 11:11, and the 11 gates through the doorway of Orion and into unity consciousness. Also in the Egypt book is a meditation in the great pyramid – Cheops in the Kings Chamber to go through the new doorway and travel the Solar Barque down the Celestial Nile to the temple of Physical Immortality. Please see the back pages for more on the books.

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