White Dragon & Dragon Eggs

The following information comes from http://www.evenstarcreations.com

by  Soluntra King

The White Dragon takes you home into yourself  and on the journey of your soul from the beginnings of Earth to the end  of the song. You my dearest are me and we are only half way through, the  Earth is becoming a star and so are thee. As a star the energies are  rearranged as you know from carbon to crystal to diamond light of  creation sparkling gem shinning bright. Your heart is now in delight and  all who come with me will find the delight and joy in their heart, for I  am them and this is a key. The doorway has been shut to the deepest  recesses of the heart, but now to be opened in time for the start of the  most wondrous experience that ye shall ever know.  The journey is  within and it shines on the outer, one light from Source the Creator,  you know deep inside is the spark that for most has almost been  diminished completely, for some the spark has stayed strong and glows  when one is true to them self, feels love for all creation and has  unified duality. This path is not easy but you choose the adventure, its  only an experience and the spark within is still there, no matter how  dim, you are after all in human form and a spark of the Creator is the  norm, for ye are blessed to be here and on the jewel of the Earth as she  transforms, as ye are her and transform you are too. Many will not  choose this and that is not for us to judge as the way is not always in  the timing of all, but nothing dies and all moves into different forms.  But for ye of the dragon heart the diamond glows strong.


The Dragon Eggs that have been placed through  the Great Central Starmap that was awakened in Hawaii on the September  Equinox 2009 and anchored fully on the Earth plane at the 13th Gate in  the Dragon Lairs of the place of First Light and great vortex lakes and  volcanoes of North Island New Zealand through the chakra vortexes of the  13 human anchors for the anchoring of all. On the Solar Eclipse 15th  February 2010 they illuminated through the etheric blueprint  illuminating the divine blueprint more fully as now the key that has  opened the doorway for the light codes to be activated in the blueprint  of all who choose. There is still more journeying within and without for  this to anchor fully but with joy and ease in the dragon heart of love  and radiant light. At the July 11th/12th Full Solar Eclipse the doorway  will be anchored and the Dragon Eggs awakened through the chakra  doorways and divine blueprint.

I the White Dragon, ye in that form have  many aspects that are multi dimensional in human form in different  holograms and time space continuum but all that ye know; the ancient  one in the volcanoes, the ancient serpent woman in the centre of the  Earth, the ancient monk sitting in meditation for thousands of year in  Tibet, the dancing Goddess Devi who watches over all humanity and all  creatures, all life. For you are her too, the Gods who play the  Goddesses and Gods who hold the energy, the Yogi under the Earth buried  for so long, all holding the energy for the time that is now. Where you  dearest awaken and remember your core, the Light that you are and the  gifts and wisdom that you hold in all your different forms and aspects  from the grain of sand, the rock and sun, the insect and tree, the  monkey says have fun, as you swim in the cosmic ocean and play the  dolphin games of joy, while the codings are held within the whales in  their form. The extraterrestrial beings who are simply in parallel  universes and some have the key to move through the veils you see them  sometimes, and they are always here as there is no time or space, no  limitations or fear in the world of the Dragon  Heart all is one and  pure love.

The  fear is dissolved, the joy of life and love of self and all beings born a  new as you create the New Earth that you always wanted all through, and  now is the time if time can ever be used as a word, simply put in the ‘now’ all is unfolding. Come within your heart to the Diamond of the  Unseen, into the sparkling light of the multi faceted BEing you are and  always have been its true. Awakening now from the slumber and moving  beyond the world of parasites and fear to the Garden of Eden that was  always there. The Serpent was not the temptation but simply the pathway  for the journey, as you chose to descend and experience duality, become  fragmented and lost. Then the Serpent became your friend as you realise  it was the life force energy and the pathway home. Through the chakras  and central channel you move through the initiations of duality to full  union, the Serpent is you and yet you did not know it, until now you and your friend unite in a great blast of light to ascend to the heart.  The doorway through is light and on the other side was what you are all  along, the blessed child of the Universe in all your light forms  delight.