Dragon Knowledge

by Travis Saunders from DragonIntuitive.com

Are dragons an entity akin to angels in the metaphysical world or a species of angel? They are not angels, but not beneath angels. In the beliefs that deal with dragons, there was always a path to meeting with dragons, and it was always seen as intense, challenging, dangerous, because it always involved confronting the passions as does dealing with the inner serpents in kundalini or “serpent” yoga.

Were they primarily demonized in Christianity and hence went underground in our culture? Yes, but even where revered, they still required struggle of seekers. A sort of baptism by fire.

Might be one reason modern “secret societies” are said to be practicing Luciferian magic rituals at the higher levels. They have to hide their craft from the church. Yes, and have no enmity toward any religious faction. Actually little concern with other beliefs beyond social abuses they are enacting these days. But Leviathan, Tiamat, Nidhogg, any dragon really, were only approached in one of two ways, and they are not actually separate ways. Either retreat into the wilderness, emphasis on the wild, where they must live “as the beast”, or by retreat into the “beast inside”. Funny that even modern psychology is widely saying that people should be more willing to be “good animals”. That it’s good for mental health, but you actually have to go deeper than even that. You know you have confronted a dragon, and the “primal dragon”, when not only are you in touch with the wildness, but you go beyond it into a state of transcendent chaos/order.

Perhaps unlocking the blood of the Nephilim inside? Exactly, and yes in that case your psychic signature approaches a state where your “inner fire” can serve as a spiritual beacon in the astral, and those intelligences will be drawn to communication with you. But you don’t have to achieve such a lofty height to see the activity of dragons in your world. Though they abstain from manifestation these days, their ways haven’t really changed. They are in evidence in the “communication” between regions of the world, as if the mother dragons knowledge and experience was carried on the winds. You can hear it yourself if you listen. Have you ever been in a meditative state in a natural place, and suddenly find you know what is going on in a familiar place but distant from you? It isn’t a human event, but instead the state of the land elsewhere?

And those who listen carefully, or are instructed through the mystery schools of how to tune themselves into that knowledge. Yes.

I see those places more in my dreams. They are there also, and from time to time you can detect the passing of dragons in your dreams, because they leave a shadow over your dream landscape. Generally, either making it seem more pastoral, dreams of the “lion laying with the lamb”, or more predatory, and you have strange dreams of eating. Depending of what dragon you live with, it dwells in the astral parallel of your land.

I think I met my spirit guide in such a place. Oh, it’s even possible that ones spirit guide is a dragon. They do take a shine to some souls.

Perhaps souls who have been dragons in past reincarnations? Dragons live for ages. They are “spirits of an aeon”, but they do pass in time, and their spark can pass into mortal form. It’s how they come to be later reincarnated as dragons, and is why dragons are universally shown as “eaters of the dead”.

Perhaps some even take to the material plane for certain localized goals? Yes. It’s not beyond their power even to appear as a “human” though they have a hard time behaving as humans. Generally their dragon instincts are too strong.

Yeah, I’m sure it’s a challenge acting like a sheep of the system when you’re that powerful. Yes. Sometimes you just want to eat a particularly annoying sheep ;-), but I won’t go there.

Lamb chops anyone? 😀 Well, dragons eat according to a pattern. Mortal reptiles sort of mirror that. The temptation is to ignore that pattern, but besides Father Typhon, who was always a cranky old coot, most only eat according to the time. The pattern people call “fate”, but damn if you don’t get hungry. 😉 Nidhogg is a great teacher, and he’s also known as the feathered serpent. His coming is nigh.

Hmmm, Quetzacoatl? 2012. Yes, and his was the “burial ground”. Even in the American culture, he was the eater of corpses and the guardian of souls. Also the great rectifier, not punisher, but corrector. This is why there will be no mercy, because there is no punishment, Just the inevitable consumption of the world serpent.

The Egyptians speak of a cycle even in death itself. That though the dead go to the offering fields, they will return after an aeon, and what was lost will be restored to give the chance to grow anew with full benefit of the inheritance. Perhaps the “dragons hoard”? The dragon in old stories doesn’t always hold to its hoard with tooth and claw, but rather gives only when it’s appropriate, which is mostly beyond human reckoning, or at least was.

I have probably met dragons and not even realised it. Kind of like angels. Very possibly, and the brood of the ancestors has been reborn. Even if humans criticise them for being a nest of serpents. That whole fear of change thing maybe.

My brain itches. :-S  I usually avoid this topic, but someone asked. Have had to hold to the old creed even if humans don’t keep it anymore.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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