Dragons Way

by Travis Saunders from DragonIntuitive.com

It was said that a dragons roar could disturb the harmony of nature itself. They now know that animals are distressed before a seismic disturbance by an actual sound called “black noise”. A dragon roaring from the underworld? I might ask, what’s the difference really?

The rulers of the Chinese dynasties were often seen as either the adopted sons of dragons, or as having dragons in their literal lineage as dragons were the children of heaven, but still very much of the earth. In a more modern belief, they say that an alien species of reptile live among us, and that they were responsible for our advancement into sentience as well as our temperament, but supposedly they have suspicious motives. Supposedly they want a dominance that they aren’t entitled to, and supposedly might also have predatory intentions.

Hence Satan as the serpent in the garden? Exactly, but in fact that demonization of the “wise serpent” is actually relatively new in human history. Perhaps a human itch for a sense of sovereignty, and maybe the reason for their insistence on an anthropomorphic God. This suspicion isn’t totally supported, or actually even largely supported in dragon lore. Usually the ignorance of the dragon/serpents way led to desolation of the earth and suffering, not for a capricious reason, but more a cause and effect sort of thing.

I believe I recall a myth in ancient China about people succumbing to draught for not heeding a water dragon’s warning about irrigation? Yes, and the geomancers learned their art from those same dragons. Even Buddhism, though it doesn’t advocate worship of “higher beings”, spoke of the proper respect shown of these “Gods of the land”, and Buddhist temples typically have dragon imagery in them extensively. Their prayers speaking of peace for all sentient beings, not peace for “humans”. Wonder why this is such an ancient part of their religion? Even Christianity has a curse against those who had an affinity for dragons, which to me just sounds like an angry rant. “Cursed are those skilful to rouse Leviathan” they say.

Interesting. If we were to suppose from the modern reptilian theory, perhaps a form of truce between the dragons and men? Oh, there was a truce yes, and Solomon didn’t tame the elemental powers by force, but by truce. There is a long standing tradition preserved in whole or in part in Jewish schools of thought. He had his authority by his wisdom or understanding, and even in Jewish legend the “sons of heaven”, a term also used in Chinese lore, took the daughters of men as wives and had children by them known as the Nephilim. Giants among men. Men of renown.

Elohim, born of clay and blood. Yes.

There are recent psychological and sociological studies done, and being done, on a relationship between epilepsy and greatness of thought. Epilepsy being a “storm in the brain”, and in Greek tradition this was how the oracles were selected. Animals have been shown to have a sensitivity to epileptic seizure also. To get back to dragons, the most powerful such oracle was the Pythian oracle. Pythian meaning “of the serpent”. Coincidence?

Would Pythagoras have anything to do with the etymology? Yes, roughly being a serpent sage himself, and linked with the symbolism of the caduceus, the twined serpent staff.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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