Dowsing for a Dragon Portal


I felt inspired today to try using my dowsing rods again so I headed out into my backyard and asked the rods (or my Higher Self and/or the Dragons) if there was any particular place in my yard that was special to the Dragons, and the answer was yes (the rods crossed over while I was standing perfectly still, waiting for an answer). Next I asked the rods to show me the direction of this place in relation to where I was standing. The rod in my left hand swung very clearly to the left while the one in my right hand followed more slowly to point in much the same direction. So I turned and walked in that general direction, asking that the rods show me a “yes” (by crossing) when I reached the spot, which they did right at the edge of my fire-pit. I approached the fire-pit from different directions and each time the rods crossed over at the edge of it, and my questions of, “Is this the special Dragon place?” were always met with a “yes”.

Next I asked if this could be considered a Dragon energy portal and once again the answer was yes. I also asked if the energy of this vortex rotated clockwise and got a “no” (the rods moved slightly apart) then anti-clockwise and got a “yes”, which makes sense I guess, being in the southern hemisphere.

Prior to building the fire-pit the area was part of a large vegetable garden. When we decided to get rid of the veggie garden (which had become too shaded due to trees planted in neighbours’ yards getting taller over the years) that exact location seemed the right place to have a fire-pit, not only because it was well positioned between the pool and gardens but also because it has always felt ‘special’ in some way, even though I never knew why (or thought to ask) until now.

I decided I should also dowse for the Hartmann Grid energy lines (which I have found easily before but had forgotten where they ran in my yard) to see if this portal also coincided with a crossing of the Hartmann gridlines. I’ve often been asked to dowse for these gridlines whenever I’ve attended paranormal investigations as these vortices can be favourable places for paranormal activity (see the articles at the bottom of this page for more information about dowsing). The gridlines are typically about 2.5 to 3 metres apart.

As it turned out I had unwittingly constructed the fire-pit directly over a Hartmann Grid crossing and this particular vortex was also a Dragon energy portal! 😀

dragon-portalApproximate positions of the Hartmann Gridlines running through my backyard, found by dowsing with L-rods.

The fire-pit is essentially a sandstone circle filled with more stone, broken concrete and gravel in the middle. The sandstone used happens to be rich in quartz and silica as are the buried pieces of broken concrete. It is known that quartz acts as an amplifier — it has piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties which support the amplification, focusing, storage, transfer and transformation of energy — so possibly that has amplified the energy, making it a suitable portal for connecting to Dragon/Earth/Fire energy. I think I will be doing some meditation with my Clan of Crystal Dragons at this Dragon Energy Portal and spending more time there in the future to see what unfolds.

fire-pit The first fire lit a couple of days after construction of the fire-pit was completed.

There’s also something special about just staring into the flames and looking for Dragons. We shall see what eventuates. 😀

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2 comments on “Dowsing for a Dragon Portal

  1. ashivon says:

    Where I live is pretty close to a ley line (Hueco Tanks State Park, El paso TX)Do you have any links to a map or grids of the US. The one or two I have seen are kind of non specific. Thx.

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