Dragon Guidance

by Travis Saunders from DragonIntuitive.com

What is your personal take on the whole modern resurgence, or rather, a reworking of dragon myth for modern man in the reptilian theory? Well, the humanizing is a semi-enlightenment. The alien conspiracy phobia is a crock though, and really even the whole “alien” idea. Not to say there are no extra-terrestrial intelligences, but humans are just hugely narrow minded, and they are in for a horrible shock once they realize terra is not and never has been a gated community.

We’re self centered in the idea that a reptilian species would want to control us all and make us eat McDonalds and watch American Idol. 😀 They are the ones who gave the gift of insight in the first place, and who gave the potential for humans to see beyond their organic limitations. It was very deliberate, but oh no, we are bad because we have made them see the scary abyss, astral space… Pardon, slip there. I hate the collective consciousness sometimes. 😉 Jung was too right. Too bad he couldn’t continue his work longer. His disciples fell hugely short.

Each person’s journey is like a path calling to the witness to follow their own. Jung spelled out what Myth is, and we have to explore our own myth. And recognize what we share. That we are not slipping into solipsism, but more rightfully out of it.

Could dragons shape shift to become humanoid? They could in the past. If they still exist, likely still can.

We can all access some things that occur on a collective psychic level. Sort of like an astral news feed though it’s less false or manipulated, at least not manipulated by anyone but you. So a vision involving dragons likely does involve you, as well as a larger event.

You can access this astral horizon either in free daydreaming (just have to be sure you are relaxed and not directing it), or in meditation (which helps you systematically stop directing), or in dreams if you want to keep a dream journal.

I have been. Excellent. 🙂 Then just be sure to not exhaust yourself with fighting anything mentally before bed, and you won’t have the astral tension to muddy your perception.

I was last night. I was fighting to make it go away. I was screaming at it to leave me alone, the tension I mean. You can’t be in “analytical/fix it mode” and have clear astral vision. You have a guide you use? Yes. Ok, trust them with physical guidance? Yes, I do. Ok, if you can get over the defensive reaction, the brain is an organ, and your guide won’t actually be hurting your mind in any way. You can ask them to help with that overworked organ so your astral presence can clear up.

Well, it was running like a train and making my body react so I said help and it did help. That’s its job, though it doesn’t have to be so hard to manage.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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