Celestial Dragons

After posting my previous blog entry about “The Nature of Dragons” I continued searching the internet for more clues and came across the following article…

The Dragon Storm

by Wal Thornhill

A news item headlined “The Dragon Storm” appeared on the Cassini mission website on February 24, 2005.

Saturn’s atmosphere and its rings are shown here in a false color composite made from Cassini images taken in near infrared light through filters that sense different amounts of methane gas. Portions of the atmosphere with a large abundance of methane above the clouds are red, indicating clouds that are deep in the atmosphere. Grey indicates high clouds, and brown indicates clouds at intermediate altitudes. The complex feature with arms and secondary extensions just above and to the right of center is called the Dragon Storm. It lies in a region of the southern hemisphere referred to as “storm alley” by imaging scientists because of the high level of storm activity observed there by Cassini in the last year. Image Preparation: John Barbara. Figure Caption: Andrew Ingersoll, Carolyn Porco.

The imagery of the celestial dragon in this context is an unconscious nod to an electrified universe. The new science of plasma behavior emphasizes the dominant role of the electric force and its powerful effects in the electrically charged matter that makes up 99 percent of the universe. Plasma science is re-writing the textbooks on galactic, stellar, and planetary evolution. And it throws new interdisciplinary light on the ancient “doomsday” dramas involving a celestial dragon and the “thunderbolt of the gods.” This dragon storm on Saturn connects the modern science with the ancient dramas.

A few thousand years ago, ancient artists around the world carved similar complex images on stone. The meticulous research of plasma scientist Anthony Peratt, a leading authority on the forms taken by high-energy electrical discharges in plasma, has confirmed that these images pictured heaven-spanning forms seen in the ancient sky. Stories and rituals in all ancient cultures, memorializing a catastrophe that involved heaven-shattering battles of planetary “gods” and monsters, parallel these images. Most common is the story of the fiery serpent or dragon attacking the world.

Such archetypal images seem to be burned into our collective subconscious. For example, ringed planets often feature in a young child’s primitive drawings about space. Yet they have no experience of them. In the same way, scientists seem unconsciously to draw on archetypes. And the results are often equally surprising.

The Electric Universe model may explain the connection between the dragon of legend and the storm seen in this image.  Continue reading…

(Article from http://www.holoscience.com/wp/the-dragon-storm)

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