Dragons as Multidimensional Beings

The following 3 articles came from http://www.alloya.com/dragons.html in 2010 (changed in 2012 to http://www.alloya.com/texts/Beings%20Index.pdf which is accessed from http://www.alloya.com/articles.html)

1. Introduction to Dragons (32KB pdf – added here Dec 2010)

2. Dragons by Alloya (64KB pdf – added here Dec 2010, re-uploaded July 2014)

3. Dragons’ Return to Modern Times – by Lee Marsh

(44KB pdf – added here Dec 2010) – although this article was reprinted at Alloya’s websites on metaphysical topics listed above (and has since been removed as far as I can tell) I eventually found the original source of this article on the author’s home page at home.netcom.com/~leemarsh where Lee Marsh clearly identifies this article as a work of fiction. I am leaving it here simply because I found it interesting.

“A page on my fictional thesis on
The Re-emergence of Dragons in Modern Times.”  (Section 1)
Traces of Dragons Throughout History  (Section 2) (links added here Oct 2013)

(Edit: 8 July 2014 – Lee Marsh’s website, as linked to above, now no longer exists 😦 which is why I like to copy interesting articles to my site rather than just to link to them, so they’re not lost forever.)

4. Dragon Riders by Alloya (420KB) from http://www.alloya.com/texts/Dragon%20Riders.pdf and accessed via http://www.alloya.com/articles.html (added to Dragon Dreaming on 8 July 2014)