Sophia & the Dragon

Sophia Goddess of Wisdom
(image from Wikimedia Commons)

This next very interesting website I came across is not your usual site about dragons as actual physical creatures but rather a psychological analysis of the dragon as a metaphor. The following excerpts are from the introduction. Click on the title below to go to the website…

Sophia and the Dragon: Bringing Wisdom to Life

“This website provides an educational resource to people seeking information about Sophia, personified wisdom. My theoretical position is informed by archetypal psychology and hermeneutics. The site goes a step beyond contemporary academic, religious, Jungian, and goddess contexts from which Sophia is examined by introducing Lady Wisdom’s shadow–and companion of power–the dragon…”

“Sophia is the mysterious divine feminine being who appears in the wisdom literature of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, igniting the hearts and imagination of mystics, poets, and philosophers throughout the ages. Sophia, as the intelligence of the life force that flows in all beings, expressed for these visionaries so much that is worthy in the human heart…”

“The mythological figure of the dragon is a picture of the irrational forces in nature and in the human psyche. Esoterically it is an entity of craving that is constituted of the traces of all prior life and thought…

“When we live the dance of Sophia and the Dragon, we awaken to the longing in the heart for understanding and purpose. As life force is reclaimed from the clutches of resistance and habit, it is reconnected to the soul of the world through our conscious intention. This is the position of clear perception, the mastery of life.”

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