Dragon Runes

Isedon Goldwing envisioned the Dragon Runes in April 2001. The Druatch language that the names for the runes come from is based on memories from others who have the past experiences of dragons as well, by finding the words appropriate to the idea behind the rune, the names were created, through continuing meditation and assigned appropriately. For more information about these runes please go to:



The Dragon runes are also featured on the Kagiri Ushumgal website, with a few alterations…

Click here

“I initially found some mention of the runes in my husband’s family’s grimoire, but it had sparse in information on them. Later through some digging on-line I found Goldwing’s runic set. Goldwing’s were very similar to what I was being taught and what I was coming to understand through meditations and working with my guides. I started to notice the slight nuances between what his runes represented and what I was being taught through the path were causing some issues with divination and spell work. I did some consultation with a few other draconic practitioners and massive meditations then came up with the small alterations to make it work a lil better. 

The biggest differences where in the elemental dragons and I added a few specific dragons who I strongly felt were needed to round out the system. I have conducted several test readings for others and a few simple spells, and am very happy with the results.”

A book which may be of interest, based on Norse runes, not Druatch runes…

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A curriculum of runic study which uses the myth of Sigurd the Volsung to awaken the powers of the Northern Dragon within the psyche of the student. Uses the same highly effective and transformative pattern of Draconian Initiation first developed in the author’s previous book ‘Apophis’, here adapted exclusively to runic lore.

See more of Michael Kelly’s books here…

“Roleplay” Dragon Runes

You may also come across other examples of Dragon runes which, like the ones below, are designed for roleplaying. If you are into using sigils and symbols in your magical work my personal opinion is that it probably doesn’t matter where your creative inspiration comes from as it is the intent behind the sigil/symbol/rune that is important. So why not use symbols that have been designed for roleplay if you so desire?

Image from www.dyasdesigns.com

When using runes I personally prefer to use something that has  more meaning and history behind it, but even the “real” runes were “new” at some point and who’s to say that some of today’s modern creations might not be “divinely inspired”. Anyway, the choice is yours.

8 comments on “Dragon Runes

  1. Thanks for posting this about the “Dragon Runes”.

    The TRUE-TYPE FONT file, for “Druatch”, is freely downloadable and can be used for any writings. Just please remember where you got them from, so that others may learn of them.

    I have also crafted a “TTF” that has D.J.Conways’ “Dragon Script” along with Astrological and Elemental glyphs in it. This one will eventually be available for download, along with the Druatch Runes, at Temple of The Ancient Dragons website.

    Please enjoy to the fullest, your use of these created fonts, as I enjoyed creating the fonts themselves! >;=))====

    – Rev. Dragon’s Eye
    Founder, Temple of The Ancient Dragons

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  2. Lori says:

    do you or anyone else make the dragaon rune? i would be interested in getting a set.

    also i have downloaded the font and intend to use them regularly.


    • Sorry, I don’t make Dragon Runes and I don’t personally know anyone who does. However, you could easily make your own set using modelling clay …air-dried is probably the easiest to work with, then once thoroughly dry lacquer them to seal the clay and make them more durable. 🙂


  3. Lori says:

    thank you very much. i will most certainly do that


  4. Aki says:

    Would you consider Dovahzul as a language for use in Dragon Magick? I have been guided to this conclusion, and it resonates well with me and my communications with the Nirnian Dragons, but I would like your input.


  5. Hi Aki, you can use any language you like as long as it helps you to focus your intent when practicing magick …that is the whole point afterall. Until I did a quick Google search, I didn’t know anything about Dovahzul or the Nirnian Dragons but I see they come from the Skyrim video games. I prefer not to mix elements of fantasy games with my Dragon magick, but if you think you’re in contact with “real” Nirnian Dragons, who am I to argue? What is real and what is fantasy could be considered purely a matter of perception, so as a solitary practitioner (which I assume you are) you can go with whatever system floats your boat. 🙂 However, if you were to join any type of Pagan group/coven/circle/grove or even a Draconic Pagan Clan, saying that you were in contact with Dragons from a fantasy game would be to your detriment …you’d get laughed at, plain and simple. I’ve seen it happen in face-to-face groups and online, so be warned. 🙂


  6. Aki says:

    I understand, thank you the warning. ^_^ The connection I feel to the Nirnian Dragons, Akatosh in particular, brings the realism out of fantasy for me, as most everything considered ‘fiction’ could simply be an idea that came from another world where that ‘fantasy’ is reality. Some of them seem to refer to me as their Father, which has led me to the conclusion that I share the same soul of Akatosh, but I always strive to learn from them, as I don’t have my memories from the life they know me from. I always respect them as my friends and Masters. I refer to them as my sons and daughters when it suits them, as in my practice, the dragons I work with, by blood or otherwise, are family. And whatever offering I can spare, emotional or physical, I offer as a gift of thanks and appreciation for their help. Would you find it acceptable? =)


  7. Unknown Undying person says:

    Thank you, i love dragons and everything related to them, i know im probably too old for dragons according to others (26 yrs), however i still believe in them, i have my own reasons for belief, some good old memories too from age 14 – 16, and due to those i like to look around gather information about dates, locations and runes. However i normally carve these runes into my walking sticks i make from wood and go walking with them over vast mile areas. If i meet a dragon again, i’ll be ready to defend them should anyone or anything come to claim them. Dragons/ Draconians depending on what you want to call them may be able to use elements to protect themselves, but over the years ive seen things in shadows which go bump in the night. Thankfully though ive had some minor upgrades done to my body which was dying at one point, which resulted in me hitting back, 10 times harder.


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