The Draconic Path

by Mabigonia (from Witches Haven)


There is much confusion and fascination about the Draconic Paths – those who choose to work with the primordial Gods and Spirits known as the Dragons. When speaking on this path it is never as simple as it may at first seem, for there are several types of Draconic Tradition – most of which fall into actual bloodlines.

Those who have inherited this path can often trace their family lineage back to ancient times – families stemming from Persia, the Oriental Houses of Jade and the families of the Loch Nell, among others, are said to have dragon blood running in their veins. These families tend to be families with deep pagan traditions which link them to these ancient spirits as protectors and ancestors both. They do not tend to welcome in new blood unless they are married into the lines, or if a person is born upon certain auspicious dates marking them as belonging to the Draconic Spirits.

For those who are new to seeking this path without possessing either the blood or the inherited wisdom, there are of course options. Working with Draconic Spirits has become a popular path in the modern age, though few know where to seek information on working with these spirits of elemental power.

To begin, Draconic Traditions work on a deep sense of Honour – self discipline in all things is a must, and once you connect with the power of a Dragon you will know why. A mortal can easily lose themselves in the power and depth if they are not careful. They are all or nothing in everything they do – they expect you to have wisdom and control before seeking them out – they expect you to know yourself…and they will test you to see if you are worthy. A dragon will set trials before you – they will dredge up the darkest corners of your past and hurl it at you – they will question and challenge and tempt you with every vice to test your virtue…this alone may destroy some who seek them. Once a draconic bond is formed – it is formed for life. They reveal the unknown to us, seek to expand our potential and to help us learn as much as there is to learn about the world and ourselves.

Dragons are teachers of ancient wisdoms, so it is not surprising that those who follow this path go as far back as they can in their studies – many modern terms and disciplines may be lost to them. For example there is no Rede and no Rule of Three in the Draconic Traditions. They do not celebrate the wheel of the year, but will celebrate the seasons as they physically change around us – the signs of the shifts are more important than the placement of the planets, for sometimes there are other factors…this means there are no set holidays within the tradition. Draconic Magick is EXTREMELY nature based. They often seek answers in divination techniques that are rooted in the natural world -smoke, fire, cloud formations, animal movements and more. There is no Lord and Lady in the Draconic Tradition – there is the Power of the Dragon, a deity of balance. Some traditions speak of dieties not often found in other paths – all of which are dragons, but ritual is often left behind the deeper that one enters into this path. Spellwork, ritual and even foci are often given up for simple meditation and the power of one’s own energy, wielded merely by thought and will. Empaths do especially well in this regard – if they can learn to control their gift. In the end, Draconic Magick comes down to harmony.

The degrees as well in Draconic Magick vary from those in Wicca – the Acolyte, Elder, High Priestess and Matron heiracry is different. In my tradition it’s Seeker, Neophyte, Mage, Chantra, Master, Adept and Elder with a Matron at the top of this sect. These titles may change depending on the Draconic tradition one is a part of. Seven is a very important number in Draconic Magick however – seven disciplines, seven dragons, seven principles upon which to live that work in harmony with the code.

Those who choose to work with dragons should seek the year and a day quest for knowledge before even attempting to welcome dragons into their lives – doing otherwise may bring chaos. They should focus on truth and self understanding – learning and observation of the natural world. They should focus on energy work and their gifts as well as settling grudges, and righting the wrongs of their lives.

That is all a part of the path of the Dragons.

** Mabigonia **

(From the “Paths of Witchcraft” album on the “Witches Haven” Facebook page