Dragon Magick – An Interview

I came across this interesting interview from Issue 12 of “Spheres The Spirit Guide” 2006 (www.spiritguide.com.au/pages/magpages/issue12_page4.htm).

Dragon Magick

Tony Mierzwicki with Anthorr Nomchong

Anthorr Nomchong is one of the best known exponents of paganism in Australia. Part 1 of the magickal spotlight interview with Anthorr covered the beginnings of his spiritual path, his initiation into the Craft, his experiments with a ouija board and the Australian Council of Pagan Elders’ wreath laying.

Tony: You also have an interest in ‘dragon magick’.

Anthorr: The members of my magickal group, the Water Dragons, noticed that in every mythology there is some mention of dragons. I wondered if what was hinted here was some very ancient form of deity.

We started to do a series of meditations based loosely on various dragon myths to connect with the underlying deities. What we found was that there were four elemental dragons, which had the appearance of Celtic or Eastern forms. These dragons appear to correspond to the four traditional elements but not quite in the way that would be expected. They were related to cold water, a warm icy fire, a deep black earth and a floating breeze.

After two years of experimentation of using them in place of the usual elements in our circle, we found their energies to be extremely powerful. We’ve done protection, elemental and seasonal rituals. They seem to be much older than the traditional elements.

We then came to realise that these elemental dragons were connected to both a male and a female dragon deity. They do not come when called in the traditional way, but only when their names are whispered. They’re amazingly huge entities which have a regality to them.