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Draconic Symbols

by Eidolon Moon, from Foxmoon Creations fox-moon.com

As with most magical systems, Dragon Magick has symbols that can be used in its practice. These could be carved on candles to help give them power, stitched onto robes, used in rituals; their use is practically limitless. These are by no means the only symbols that you can use when working with dragons, but they are the most common for the Clan that I trained with.

Athame – traditionally this is the black handled knife of the witches. As it is the main tool in the dragon tradition, it stands for the strong relationship between humans and dragons; one that is built on strength and respect. This can be a detailed drawing or a vertical line with a curved horizontal line near the bottom (this would represent the hilt of the knife).

Dragon Eye – It is drawn to impart sight into the unknown or that which is hidden. It is also used for protection, ensuring that whatever it is drawn on is under the ‘dragon’s gaze’.

Flame – this represents the power of the dragon’s breath. It is useful for healing and renewal as well as destruction. It is a powerful tool, it all depends on how you apply it.

Horned Moon – this can represent the horns that some dragons have but it also shows the connection that we are all a part of deity.

Infinity – represents the universe and the idea that there is no end.

Pentagram – shows all five elements of dragon magick in balance and harmony with spirit.

Ring – this is a perfect circle and is another representation of infinity – the idea that some things have no beginning and no end. It can also represent a mirror which shows that dragons reflect back our true nature.

Triangle – This is they symbol for fire and can be used to represent the fire of dragons which is their breath. It is used mainly as a symbol for protection, burning away anything that might cause you harm.

Serpent – this is the symbol of the dragon on earth as it is the dragon’s near cousin. It also represents new beginnings, renewal, and immortality.

Spiral Path – this shows the dragon’s natural energy patterns and how their magick works in a non-linear pattern.

The Equal Armed Cross

The Equal Armed Cross is for blessing of food and can also be used to anoint your brow before ritual. It is called this because the arms of the cross are both the same length. Below is a diagram of one with the positions marked in order that it is drawn in.

It is also known as the Solar Cross and represents the sun and the four directions. Its energy is active, kinetic and vibrant, yet peacefully balanced. This cross is not related to the Christian crucifix in any way; it is older than the Christian one and is believed to be either Celtic or Native American in origin. Using the equal armed cross is way to bring balance to the item that you are marking with it; the vertical beam is the activity of the masculine in creation, while the horizontal line is the activity of the feminine.

Like the pentacle, the equal armed cross may also be enclosed in a circle, showing perfect balance with no beginning and no end. You do not enclose this symbol in a circle to contain its energy; it is encircled to show the infinite expansion of what it symbolizes.

Pentagram and Pentacles


The Pentagram is a five-pointed star representing the five elements in balance with Spirit. The center of the Pentagram relates to the element of Spirit as the dominant force, holding the other elements in form and balance. The uppermost point (when upright) corresponds to element of Chaos, the upper right-hand point to Water, the lower right-hand point to Fire, the lower left-hand point to Earth, and the upper left-hand point to Air. The upper most point can also correspond to the element of Spirit when not using the element of Chaos.

When tracing the pentagram in the air, an energy flow is created with the first stroke. An evoking pentagram is begun with the first stroke going towards the element you are calling forth. For example, to draw an Earth evoking pentagram, you start at the uppermost point of Chaos/Spirit, come down to the lower left point of Earth, then up to the upper right point of Water, over to the left point of Air, then down to the lower right point of Fire, and conclude with the final stroke up to the uppermost point of Chaos/Spirit. At the same time that you are drawing an evoking pentagram, you should try to visualize the center of the pentagram pulsating with energy of its appropriate color.

To banish the pentagram requires that you reverse the flow of the energy. A banishing pentagram is begun with the first stroke going away from the element you called forth. For example, to draw an Earth banishing pentagram, you start at the lower left point of Earth and go up to the uppermost point of Chaos/Spirit, then down to the lower right point of Fire, up to the upper left point of Air, then over to the upper right point of Water, and conclude by going down to the lower left point of Earth.

The basic symbol is often seen with a circle encompassing the entire pentagram, touching each of the points. The circle serves the purpose of both containing and focusing the energies, and is used whenever a pentagram is inscribed on an object such as an amulet or talisman. The circle is especially useful when evoking an element or the Elemental Dragons. The main reason is to contain the energy so that it isn’t uncontrolled and won’t have a chance to cause havoc. An example would be like a water pipe bursting because you didn’t contain the energies or incorrectly banished the Pentagram.

A pentacle is the physical representation of a pentagram, usually made of brass, copper, silver, gold, wood, wax, or ceramic. It is sometimes inscribed with certain symbols or glyphs for different types of magical purposes. It is the centerpiece of the altar, on which objects are consecrated. When worn it is with the Chaos end pointing up. Pentacles are sometimes hung over doors and windows to act as protective devices.

When we wear jewelry that has the sacred star in a circle it is a pentacle that we wear, we do not wear our working tools for everyday purposes.

Evoking and Banishing Pentagrams







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