Draconian Path


The following information outlines the philosophy of the “Temple of Ascending Flame which is a platform for individuals around the world who want to share certain aspects of their Work with Gnosis of the Draconian Current with other adepts of the Path and for those who simply need guidance into initiatory magic of primal Draconian Gods.” ~ ascendingflame.com

The Path of the Dragon

Draconian Path is the Path of the Nightside. It holds the mystery of initiatory transition of the soul from mortal being to Godform incarnate through spiritual death and rebirth in the Womb of the Dragon and in the hearth of Draconian Fire. Through successive work and communion with Gods and Spirits of the Current the consciousness expands and the soul develops its potential for receiving, holding and grounding this energy. Each step on the Path reveals new secrets, new possibilities, new mysteries to pursue. On the Path of the Dragon the Initiate is continuously challenged and tested. As the keys to soul transmutation are revealed and the gateways to forgotten powers are unlocked, the mind is gradually attuned to the energies of the Current and the soul is forged in Draconian Fire, so that it could understand and harness this power. The initiate of the Draconian Path is the emissary and the living manifestation of the Dragon, the messenger of primordial Gods.

This is the work of self-empowerment and the ascent of the soul. It aids in understanding of the Gnosis of Lucifer and His manifestation in the world. It prepares the body, mind and soul for the amount of power and knowledge that will be released during the work with these primal forces. It elevates the soul beyond all expectations. The Path of the Dragon will open the gateways to powers you want to achieve and to many more. Through successive work your soul will become fully integrated with the Current and you will become the living manifestation of the Dragon, the God Incarnate. Once opened, these gateways will be forever connected to your soul. This is the Path to the origin of the Current, the source of all power and all knowledge, the descent into the Void to face the Dragon and to become the manifestation of the primal Draconian force.

Draconian Path is individual and different for each traveler. You are welcome to contact us and participate in our projects and self-initiatory program that will prepare your body and mind for the flow of the Current and for the opening of the gates of the soul for the primal Dragon Power. Our Work is to open the gateways of the soul for the transforming Fire of the Light Bearer, the Flames of the Dragon. When this is done, you will be guided by Lucifer himself, Lilith, the Queen of the Night, and by Gods and Spirits of the Current. However, if you would like to continue your self-initiatory work by following the Qlipothic Path of Self-Deification, you will also receive assistance from the Temple and guidance on successive levels of your personal ascent.

Temple of Ascending Flame is the Temple of Lucifer. He is the symbol and the patron of the Age of Re-Awakening. He stands as the Gate and the Guide to the Path of Self-Deification, Enlightenment, Freedom of the Spirit, Awakening of the Soul from the Slumber of Ignorance. He is the Source of all Illumination and one of the most primordial Draconian Gods. He is the Lord of Ascending Flame and the patron God of the Temple that was founded to bring forth the Current of the Light Bearer and the Gnosis of the Void. This is the Gnosis of the Dragon, which over the ages has been forgotten, lost, misinterpreted, and distorted, and now it is being brought back to the world in the form of primal Draconian Current that is being earthed through individuals capable of receiving and channeling this Knowledge.

Draconian Gods & the Path of the Nightside

Draconian Gods and Spirits are our allies and guides on the Path. They reveal and open the Gates of the Soul and the Pathways to the Nightside, through individual initiatory process, so that Man could become God Incarnate. The initiatory Work of the Temple is therefore centered on opening consciousness for the nature of their power and preparing the soul for communion with their primal energies.

The Dragon of the Void is Leviathan, the Primal Serpent coiled around the Universe, holding it in timeless embrace. The Void itself is the Womb of the Dragon, vomiting worlds and devouring them in endless cycle of death and rebirth. It is the primordial force existing outside the structures of Creation, unnamed and undefined, for it has no form and all forms at the same time, its shape and name differs depending on magical tradition and initiatory system. The Dragon exists outside the Cosmic Tree, which is the Pillar of Spiritual Ascent. The Tree, both in its bright aspect and negativity of the dark side, is but a manifestation of human consciousness, projection of conscious and inner mind, according to the ancient principle “As above so below”: All that exists Within also exists Without. Man is God in potential, manifestation of the Dragon, part of this eternal, timeless force that permeates all Creation and stretches beyond, into Infinity. The purpose of the initiatory journey through the Pillar of Ascent is to realize and understand this potential, and in consequence, transform it into Godhood. Viewed as the “emanation of Godhood”, the Tree constitutes human perception of the deified consciousness. The completion of the Path is the crowning of the process of self-deification. The Tree is also a manifestation of the Dragon, as the Draconian force is the source of all Creation. But the Dragon is more than the Tree in itself. And in order to reach to the very source of this primal power, Man has to step beyond the Tree, into the Void, the Womb of the Dragon. While working with particular paths and zones of the Cosmic Tree we sometimes catch glimpses of this timeless force, and we can find doors to the Womb of the Dragon in the Qabalistic Abyss, but the actual Gate to the Void exists in the realm of Thaumiel, within the Throne of Lucifer, where Man becomes God by completing the Ascent through the Pillar of Soul Elevation. The last step from humanity to Godhood is the step beyond the Tree, in final liberation from illusion of manifested world.

Lucifer’s Throne exists in Thaumiel, the last realm before entering the Void. Therefore He is the Gate and the Symbol of Deified Soul, the patron God of the Path. He is the solar, illuminating force that has been fuelling the evolution of human consciousness since the birth of mankind. He is Force, Fire and Fury. He empowers and elevates the soul through His fiery Pillar of Ascent. His female counterpart in Draconian initiatory magic is Lilith. She is Passion, Desire and Seduction. She seduces souls and lures them from Light into the Nightside, the averse side of the Tree, awakens Lust and Hunger for knowledge and power that only grows with each step on the Path, and ignites the spark of Divinity which progressively becomes the Ascending Flame of Lucifer. It is the Fire of Transformation, the very essence of Godhood. They both constitute the Archetype of the Adversary: The Devil and the Saviour. Therefore, foundations of Draconian magic within the Temple are centered on these three Archetypes of Power and Wisdom: Lucifer – the Lord of Flames, Force of Evolution and Ascent; Lilith – the Draconian Fire of Transformation, Principle of Passion and Desire; and Leviathan – the Dragon of the Void, Primal Source of all Manifestation.

The Dragon of the Void manifests through many different names and in many different forms. It is Leviathan of the Hebrew legends, Apep of the Egyptian lore, the Goddess Tiamat from the Babylonian myth of Creation, and many others. In the Atlantean Current, the First Dragon Goddess of the Void is Hecate, the Mother of the Universe, She who created the Primal Gods. She is the patron Goddess of the path of ascension and it is through Her rites and with Her blessing that the aspiring soul is elevated to Godhood.

The Current of Lilith is a part of the Work started in 2002 by Draconian ritual group formerly known as Lodge Magan and continued actively throughout the following decade. The purpose of the Work was the Re-Awakening of the Dragon, the primordial force Within and Without, by assisting in initiations and introducing potential Initiates into Draconian Tradition. In 2012 this task was taken over by Temple of Ascending Flame and extended by conjoining the Draconian Current of Lilith with the Atlantean Current of Lucifer and primal Draconian Gods.

The central Work of the Temple is to introduce the aspiring Initiate into Draconian Path and the Tree of Qlipoth and assist in the initiatory process on the Path of the Dragon.

The Purpose of the Work

The purpose of the Work with Draconian Current is to open the gates of the soul and awaken consciousness, so that the Initiate could gaze into Infinity and travel to the Heart of the Void in order to open the Eye of Lucifer, the Eye of the Dragon, and illuminate the Path which leads to Divinity. The initiatory Work of the Temple will help you recover the primordial consciousness and primal Draconian power which holds the potential of all creation and all destruction. Our introductory course will prepare you for Initiation into Draconian Current and for the further work on the Path of Self-Deification and more advanced projects inspired by the Draconian Tradition and the Atlantean Magic. Our projects and individual workings will teach you how to manifest your Will in the world and form manifestations of your Desire from the primal energies of the Void.

In order to travel to the Womb of the Dragon and not to be consumed by the immensity of the Void, you need to fortify your soul by invoking and becoming the Ascending Flame of Lucifer. This prepares your consciousness for the Work with the Current. The purpose of the Temple is to assist the Initiate in this process and prepare your soul for the flow of the transformative power of the Dragon and for the vision of the Void in the process of initiatory transformation through the energies of primordial Gods.

This may sound abstract at first but Draconian Initiation is an intimate and personal experience and it is different for each Initiate. The Change always manifests in the most personal areas of your life. The Initiation ceremony will be conducted by another Draconian Initiate and it will open the gateways of your mind and soul for the Gnosis of the Current. Then you will be free to pursue your own Vision, and you will receive further guidance from Gods and Spirits of the Path, who will act as initiators and allies on particular stages of your Ascent. Once the gateways are opened, the Current will flow through your consciousness, enhancing your magical skills and transforming your life.

Self-initiation is possible if you cannot travel and receive the initiation from a more advanced adept on the Path. We will help you and guide you both through preparations and the initiation procedures. However, be sure that you really cannot make this journey and remember that the very travelling to pursue the Gnosis is already a valuable token of devotion and determination and it is also an initiatory experience in itself. Draconian Path is not for quitters, dabblers or disbelievers. The more you give and sacrifice to the Path, the more you will receive in return.

There is only one Initiation done by the Temple – preparation and initiation into Draconian Current. This is the Primary Goal of the Temple. Once you align your soul with the Current, Gods and Spirits will guide and inspire you themselves. Draconian Path is a part of the Left Hand Path tradition, which is in its essence solitary and personal. The main core of the Work is done individually, as a solitary and personal communion with the Gods and Spirits of the Current. However, sharing and discussing the Work with others also provides an opportunity to learn and progress faster and to avoid certain mistakes in magical practice.

What happens after the Initiation?

After the Initiation you have three options: 1) you are welcome to stay and work with us – either to empower the Current or to participate in our inner projects 2) you can go separate way and work with the Current as a solitary practitioner 3) you can begin the process of personal ascent on the Path of the Qlipoth according to our Initiatory Program that will guide you through successive levels of this self-initiatory work.

Draconian Initiate

Being a Draconian Magus is about living your life according to the Path. It’s not something you do in your free time, on occasion, at social events, or as a means of recreation. It IS life, living the Path and being aware of your Vision and Desire in every single moment of existence. Walking the Path is a life-time choice. It is up to you whether you choose to remain a dabbler, always looking for excuses why not to do the daily practice, why not travel in the pursuit of your Vision, why not work with the magic of the Path at all, or whether you focus your life, time and energy on true spiritual evolution. It is by no means easy. Most of us have jobs and families, we all struggle with occasional health troubles or money problems, etc. But the key to succeed on the Path is to find balance between your mundane and spiritual life and not to let these things stand in the way. This may mean that you will have to rearrange your while life to suit the Path, and if you are not ready for such a change, you will most probably not succeed beyond the basic level of magical advancement. Be aware of this when you take your first steps on the Path of the Dragon. Even if this change is not needed right from the start, it will become a necessity on further stages of your personal evolution. How you do this, is solely up to you. But once you are on the right track, when you let your soul ride upon the wings of the Dragon and ascend with the Flames of Lucifer, all things will start to fall into place, bringing you more health, prosperity, love, excitement, and inspiration than you have ever had in your life. This is a difficult, often painful and traumatic process, but it is also thrilling and rewarding.

There are no restrictions for anyone to succeed in spiritual ascent. Most magicians fail on their initiatory Path when they choose passive existence, laziness, and self-pity over challenge, passion and experience; safety over risk; the limited over the Infinite; the mundane over the spiritual; the sleep of the soul and mindless ignorance over awakening and illumination. You will have to find new ways to interact with the world, the old ones will be shattered in the process. But then again, this is a path for few, not for many.

You don’t need prior experience or advanced magical skills but you do need a potential and Will to develop both. You need to be devoted and passionate about your magical Work. It’s important to be careful but it is even more important to let yourself be driven by Desire, to keep your heart open for new experience, new quests to pursue, new mysteries to discover. Without it, you will NOT succeed on the Path of the Dragon. Being careful should not, however, be mistaken for being afraid, reluctant or skeptical to walk the Path. You need to be able to let go, to let yourself be consumed by Lucifer’s Fire and inflame your Way through the Darkness of the Void. Embrace the new experience and enjoy it. Approach it with anticipation and excitement, not with fear, skepticism or nervousness. Draconian Path is harsh and difficult but it is also a beautiful spiritual adventure. It is ecstatic, challenging and inspiring on all possible levels of existence. Let your soul fly through worlds and dimensions in ecstatic rapture. Don’t lose the thrill and enthusiasm by being focused on harsh and demanding training only, let yourself be fascinated and inspired by every change in the world that occurs by your Will, by every manifestation of your Desire. Don’t fear to be self-confident about your Work, but then again, do not mistake self-confidence with arrogance and egotism. It’s a trap which is easy to fall into on the Left Hand Path, which is in its essence centered on the development of powerful self-awareness.

Draconian magic is also above all Work: practicing, training, developing, shaping, polishing, perfecting, experimenting, descending into the blackest pits of Hell and soaring up to the Sun to tear down the illusions of the world and to reach for powers that may seem imaginary and mythical for the Ignorant, but for the Initiate they can be real and tangible tools, if only we learn how to harness and control them. There is no such thing as theoretical or passive Draconian Magus. Draconian magic is invoking, channeling and absorbing the power and manifesting it in the world. It is about recognizing weakness and inhibitions and transforming them into the vehicle of personal spiritual ascent. There is no place for empty philosophies that only boost the ego but are not grounded in real experience. All methods and tools of sorcery are good enough if they aid in your spiritual advancement, if they can give you access to genuine power. Sacrifice, sexual sorcery, blood offerings, tools of pain and pleasure, intoxication, etc. are all part of the Work, to lesser or greater extent. Some of them will be taught by the Temple and employed in certain magical projects, others will be left to individual choice of practitioners. What is recommended, though, is not to reject any of these methods as they might come useful or even necessary on further stages of your Path. You will not be forced to anything in the course of the Work but you will be constantly challenged to question your values and principles, to overcome inhibitions, and to transform your fears and hesitations into strength and tools of power.

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