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Draconic Lunar Phases

by Eidolon Moon, from Foxmoon Creations fox-moon.com

The Moons Influence

An important consideration, some say the most important, when determining the best time for magical working is the Moon or Lunar Phases. The Lunar Phases are on a 28-day cycle, going from New Moon to Full Moon and back to New Moon again. Some modern practitioners operate strictly according to astronomical calculations, timing their workings to the last second. Some prefer to go by simple observation, which might be more traditional method. But it might be best to use a combination of both, using an astrological calendar for basic idea when things are going on and by simple observation of the Lunar Phases.

The Draconic Tradition uses the moon phases similar to what you would find in modern pagan practices. The main differences are that the moon isn’t linked to the Goddess or feminine in Draconic lore and the inclusion of the Black Moon. Other than that you can transfer most of the knowledge over between the two.

The Waxing Moon is the period from the New Moon to the Full Moon, which lasts about 11 days. It begins at the first visible crescent and ends when the Moon is Full. This is considered the ideal time for magic geared towards drawing things to you, for increasing of things, and growth of things, the best time to bring things you have been working on into full blossom. Time to do healings, blessings and consecration of tools, except for the Athame.

The Waning Moon is the period of time from Full Moon to New Moon, which lasts about 11 days. It begins just after the Full Moon until last visible crescent disappears becoming the New Moon. This is the time for study, meditation and decreasing magic, to remove unwanted influences and energies, to break bad habits, to end harmful relationships and to reconcile with the past. It is a time of endings and to bring things to a conclusion. This is the time to consecrate your Athame.

A 3-day period when 100% of the Moon is appears fully visible. The 3 days are the day before and the day after astronomical full and the day of astronomical full. This is when the Moon is at its full strength, the apex of her power. This is the time of strongest work. It is the perfect time to do spells for fertility or those that will help increase psychic abilities.

Some practitioners don’t deal with or even mention the period of the New/Dark Moon. This is when there is no visible sign of the Moon in the sky, which is a 3-day period between the Waning and the Waxing of the Moon. This is when the energies of the Moon are at its weakest, traditionally a time of little to no magical workings are done. Depending on if you want to work with the New Moon energies or the Dark Moon energies will determine what type of work you would do. If you work with the New Moon energies you will do workings to bring about new things into your life. If you work with the Dark Moon energies should do workings for discovering or rediscovering yourself.

This occurs during the Full Moon and averagely happens twice a year. This occurs when the Earth passes between the Sun and the Moon, causing the Moon to go through its monthly cycle within a couple of hours. From the start to the peak is like the Waning Moon, from the peak to the end is like the Waxing Moon, and at the peak is like the New/Dark Moon. The advantage is that during this time you can work with the different phases of the Moon while having the strength of the Full Moon.

The current common belief is that a blue moon is the second full moon in a single calendar month. These moons are thought to be particularly lucky and have the double the power of a normal full moon.

This is an uncommon occurrence but comes around every ten to thirteen years. It is either when there is a second New/Dark Moon in a calendar month, or a second New/Dark Moon in a Zodiac Sign. This moon is thought to have twice the strength of a normal Dark Moon and is the best for removing that which is unwanted in your life.

This happens when the Moon is moving between Zodiac Sign. The energy during this time is chaotic and unfocused. Traditionally this is a time when you would not start any magical working, but this doesn’t apply in Draconic Magick. Because of their natural ability to work with chaotic energy, the Dragons of Chaos and Destruction can be used at this time for magical workings.

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