Into the Wyrd & The Draig Sidhe Path

WitchsWyrdThe Draig Sidhe Path is an evolving Pagan mystery tradition practicing a unique form of Dragon Magick. This Tradition was co-founded by Parker J. Torrence (author of Sea, Land, Sky: A Dragon Magick Grimoire) and his soul-mate Gwen Wolfrose (aka Kayote) at Beltane 2000. The new website for the Draig Sidhe Path is “The Witch’s Wyrd”.

“Into the Wyrd” is a new school and forum for the Draig Sidhe Path Tradition. The lessons contained within are for those seeking to become members of the Draig Sidhe Path. While this is an entry level teaching program, it is not a 101 class. Some basic knowledge is required. Members are admitted into the Draig Sidhe Path only twice a year on October 31st and on May 1st. Anyone interested may join the school/forum at any time to study the lessons at their own pace. If you do decide you would like to apply for full membership of the Draig Sidhe all lessons need to be completed two weeks before one of these dates in order for your request for admission to be considered.

When you first visit Into the Wyrd you will see the mobile version of the website. This is convenient for those who use cellphones as their primary means of reading the forums.


Once you have registered you will have access to two additional styles to choose from that display the Draig Sidhe logo, which are better suited to full screen viewing rather than mobile devices. When Admin has assigned you to the appropriate “user group” you will then have access to the forums containing the lessons.

black-on-white   white-on-black

Sea Land Sky: A Dragon Magick Grimoire
by Parker J. Torrence

“When you seek to employ dragons in your magickal workings, you are seeking to go beyond the conscious mind, and tap into the primal archetypes of the sub-conscious, and super-conscious minds. Each person has the ability to suspend their belief in the physical reality, and step into the vast untapped vistas of the sub-conscious mind.”

Part 1: Here there be Dragons is an introduction to the world of Dragon Magick and the Realms of Sea, Land and Sky. Here there be Dragons, and here you will learn the mystical art of meeting them and learn to incorporate them into your magickal rituals.

Part 2: The Book of Dragon Shadows is a miscellany of rituals, spells and formulas. Everything needed to practice the art of Dragon Magick. Designed to be used by the solitaire witch or by a group.

To find out more about Parker’s book go to or look inside it on the Amazon website…

Sea, Land, Sky: A Dragon Magick Grimoire on AmazonSeaLandSky

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