Dragon Magick Podcasts

I came across a couple of podcasts about working with Dragons so I decided to make this page and start a collection. If I eventually find more dragony podcasts I’ll add them here also. 🙂 Unfortunately WordPress won’t let me embed some podcast players directly on my site so after you’ve clicked on the relevant image of a player below you may need to click on the “Play” button when the actual player opens in a new window.

podcast-dragon1“Join host Darren BuCare as he and his guest Laramie Roush discuss working with Dragons! Are Dragons real? What of their history in other cultures? Is it safe to ask a Dragons into your life? Join us for this fascinating and powerful spiritual conversation!!!” ~ January 14, 2016

Interview with Laramie Paul Roush starts at 28:23. I like the comment he makes about his friends in Australia who have a huge collection of crystal Dragon skulls (47:33) …hehe 😉

podcast-dragon2Ask a Witch with Lady Brigid and Kazan Clark (A.K.A. Mama Bear), is all about sharing, teaching, learning and having fun! TONIGHT: Working with Dragons. ~ July 21, 2015

General Dragon info starts at 10:10 after general preamble. Discussion about Elemental and other types of Dragons starts at 18:30 followed by advice about how to work with Dragons. After a half-time break with music, serious conversation about how to “use” Dragons for protection and healing begins at 36:30.

Realm of the Dragons, by Almine

An old radio show hosted by Almine, taking you on weekly journeys to discover the secrets of the hidden realms. Who are the dragons? What are their ancient secrets? What are twitches? Almine goes into her experiences with dragons and tells about their pride, intelligence, names, foods and appearances. Burt and Jeanne join the show to tell about the different fields around the body. Almine also speaks the language of the dragons. In the second part of the show she goes into the breaking of the old dragon dynasty’s oppressive rule. At the end of the show the dragons share their story and secrets…

Working with Dragons, Dragon Skulls and much more, from Alphedia Arara

Alphedia from elementalbeings.co.uk and dragonwisdomschool.org was interviewed by Bob Brown on www.beaconoflightradio.com and answered Bob’s questions on how to work with dragons, who they are, what is their mission for earth at this time and also talked about crystal dragon skulls.

Draconic Wicca — Tim Heye on Youtube

Tim Heye — owner of the Draconic Wicca  Facebook page and The Dragon’s Path Facebook group now has a Youtube channel where he discusses his views and ideas about his personal practice of Draconic Wicca.





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