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Draconic Divination

by Eidolon Moon, from Foxmoon Creations fox-moon.com

Divination is the art of searching out information that is hidden or not immediately obvious, it can also be used as a tool to help shed light on what the future is going to bring. While it can see into the future, divination also looks into the past to see what caused the current situation in order to predict what will happen later. The information that we gain through divination is generally thought to be from a ‘supernatural’ source. Dragon practitioners see this source as the energy around us, energy from our gods and from dragons. Most cultures developed their own forms of divination; probably the best known forms today (and thus the most used) are the runes and tarot.

Divination is believed to be successful because it draws on the energetic connection between all things. It also has a high success rate that is obvious to people, both the practitioners and those who have readings done for them. It differs from scientific methods, which can predict future natural phenomenon like weather and eclipses. The predictions from divination assumes that there is an outside, unknown factor while scientific methods are all well plotted out and based in proven formulas. Divinatory predictions don’t rely on the empirical laws of nature like the scientific methods do.

The hardest part of learning a divination system is finding one that works best for you. Theoretically, no one system is better or more accurate than another; however, there will be systems that interact with your subconscious better and give you more accurate readings. To do this you need to find a system that calls to you, that has wisdom that you can learn from it, and one that is easy for you to understand. Then you must learn the divinatory meaning for your particular system and how the symbols interact with each other. You should also be aware that as you become proficient with your system of divination that you will continue to learn new meanings and deeper layers of the system open up to you.

Dragon magick advocates the use of divination because it puts us in tune with our intuition. That is what we are developing when we employ a divination system and as we become more in tune with what our intuition is aware of our predictions will become more exact. Being in touch with our intuition also means that we will be more aware of the messages that the dragons send to us. When we reach that level we can employ dragons as guides when we perform divinations to help boost our readings and help us to better understand what we are seeing.

Because most people use either the runes or tarot for divination purposes, there are draconic lay outs for both of these divinatory tools. I have also included the tarot divination for a magical name in this section, it translates the cards into sounds, then you combine those sounds to form a name. I know that many people in the class I was in found it helpful, but my divinations never came up with a name I was happy with.

Just click on any one of the links below to see the spread and instructions for that divination system.

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