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Tools of the Draconic Path

by Eidolon Moon, from Foxmoon Creations fox-moon.com

A ritual tool is a psychological aid to concentration. It is the tangible representation of unseen forces. The mind works magic and the tools enhance the power of a trained mind. Still, as such, they are very important. These listed are the basic tools that are used in dragon magick. Many of them you will already own and can be used in your work with dragons. You may choose to double consecrate them, that is consecrate them again so that they are filled with both divine and draconic energy.

Altar Candles: Element – Fire
These are the candles that are kept on the altar for God, Goddess, and the elements. They are used as sentinels to bring blessings to the altar. They may be reused each time, simply re-anoint with Power Oil before beginning each ritual.

Altar Cloth: Element – All six elements
Traditionally black or purple– it should be cotton and washable. Can be other colors for particular purposes, such as Green for an Earth or money ritual, etc.

Athame: Element – Fire
Traditionally it is a black hilted, double-edged blade, projects force of will, it is the aggressive, masculine principle; and is used to direct fire energy. Used to invoke Dragons. Used to evoke & banish elements and draw the boundary of a circle. Aggressive rather then assertive. Always held in your dominant hand. Never used to cut.

Bell: Element – Spirit but also Air
Used to attract the attention of the Dragons, to summon Dragons, and to dismiss them. Usually rung 3 times – ring then wait for the tone to stop before ringing again.

Book of Shadows (BoS): Element – Earth
Traditionally a black bound, unlined book that is used to record spells, magical & herbal recipes, invocations, etc. In the Clan I studied with it was subtitled the ‘Draconis Libri Umbra’ meaning Dragon Book of Shadows.

Boline: Element – Earth
Traditionally a white handled, single edge blade. Used for cutting wands, herbs, inscribe on candles, etc.

Bowl: Element – Water and Earth
Used to hold water for cleansing and consecrations

Candle Snuffer: Element – Earth
Used to extinguish candles (NEVER BLOW THEM OUT)

Chalice: Element – Water
Holds wine for the ritual libations. Brass should not be used for wine unless it’s sealed.

Charcoal: Element – Fire but also Earth
Used in thurible or censer to burn powdered incense. Use self-lighting coal not barbecuing coal.

Guardian Candle: Element – Chaos
Traditionally red it represents the dragon(s) that we call into ritual. It is also used to honor their presence.

Grimoire: Element – Earth
Used as a diary or journal.

Pen & Ink: Element – Air
Pen -Traditionally a feather quill pen, but it can also be a glass pen. Also known as a Pen of Art.
Inks – Dragons Blood, which is aggressive for power. Should be consecrated during the hour of Mercury. Inks are mixed with three drops of your own blood to link them to you, but no one else can use the ink if you do this and doing this is not required.

Pentacle: Element – Earth but also all six elements in balance.
Can be used to insulate altar from the heat caused by the thurible. Personal pentacle – Used as an amulet for protection. All tools are consecrated upon the Pentacle.

Robe: Element – Earth
Traditionally black with hood made from natural materials. Some traditions work “skyclad” (nude).

Sash: Element – Earth
Helps keep you grounded during rituals and also shows your rank in the Draconic Clan by the color. It is worn across the shoulders, not around the waist. Made from natural materials and hemmed at the end and edges to keep from fraying. Should measure nine feet long and three inches thick.

Staff: Element – Air
Traditionally made from natural woods – Willow for women and Oak for men. Used in place of the Wand when working in a group.

Statues: Element – Spirit
Used to represent the Dragon(s) being invoked on the altar, the statue should be draconic or serpentine in nature. This statue does not have to be on your ritual altar, but should have a prominent place in the room that you do rituals.

Sword: Element – Fire
Traditionally it is a black hilted, double-edged blade that is used in place of the Athame when working in a group.

Tarot Cards: Element – All five elements, excluding Chaos
Used to aid in meditation, in concentration during spells, in representing elements, divination, etc.

Thurible or Censer: Element – Fire, but also Air from the vapors given off and Earth from the residue left.
Used to burn incense, petitions, etc.

Wand: Element – Air
Traditionally made from natural woods – Willow for women and Oak for men. Held in the submissive hand while invoking Dragons. Assertive rather than aggressive. A symbol of knowledge.

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