What are the Draconic Arts?

Another interesting viewpoint on the “Draconic Arts” to be included here on Dragon Dreaming.

Thoughts of a Lost Soul

Most people have no idea what dragon worship is about, or the idea they have is so wrong its comical. So, since I’ve had a lot of free time for thinking and meditating, I thought it was time to put some of my thoughts on paper and answer some of the more apparent questions. If anyone has any questions regarding dragon worship please email or PM me and I’ll be happy to answer them.

First however, we need to get a few facts down. Over 99% of the information you’ll find on dragon worship on the the net is BS. Taken from the likes of Dungeons and Dragons and other fantasy worlds. Other authors have adapted already known techniques and have called them ‘Draconic ‘. The most notable of these is Draconic Tarot, in truth there is true tarot for Dragon Worship. The only type of divination to be used…

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