Draconian Magic Titles by Michael Kelly

The information below all comes from descriptions of Kelly’s books on amazon.com and lulu.com where they can be purchased.

Michael Kelly is the author of several books of Draconian Magic and has nearly thirty years of practical magical experience. He is a past Magister of the Temple of Set and a current Master of the Rune Gild. He founded The Apophis Club for the study of Draconian Magic.


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A practical handbook of Draconian Left-Hand Path Initiation. The Primordial Serpent lurks in the deepest, darkest roots of human consciousness. Each of its seven heads embodies a power which may be awakened within the psyche.

Apophis outlines the transformative process whereby the human Initiate becomes something much more than human. It provides the weapons necessary to win the war of consciousness against conformity. It openly teaches the means of immortalising the Self.

Read a (partial) review of Apophis by Connell Monette, and a review of Apophis by “The Blog of Baphomet”.

Also see my blogs (and the comments at the bottom of each) here and here ~ Topaz.

Videos of Michael Kelly performing some of the ritual postures discussed in Apophis (click on the titles to go to YouTube):

The Pharaoh Posture — The Pharaoh posture, also known as the God posture, a basic yoga position of Western occultism. Its symbolism and significance demonstrated and explained.

The Stance of Set Fighting — The second of the five basic recommended postures in the book ‘Apophis’ by Michael Kelly. This highly offensive / defensive posture is entitled The Stance of Set Fighting, and aligns the consciousness with that of the Egyptian War God and breaker of boundaries, Set.

The Sign of Typhon and Apophis — A demonstration of the posture of Typhon and Apophis, as described in Michael Kelly’s book ‘Apophis’, shown here by the author.

Dragon Posture — The Dragon posture, used for raising Draconian energy, as described in the book ‘Apophis’ by Michael Kelly and demonstrated here by the author.

The Serpent Posture — Michael Kelly demonstrates the Serpent posture from his book ‘Apophis’.

Opening and Closing the Gate — Draconian gestures and posture work to open and close the gate to the Void.

Aegishjalmur ~ The Book of Dragon Runes

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Aegishjalmur takes the curriculum of Draconian magic — powered by the Dragon energies that lie in the deepest parts of the human psyche — and applies it within the context of the runic tradition of Northern Europe.

The myth of Sigurd and the Dragon Fafnir is used as a heroic role model fro the Initiation of the reader, who is guided on a journey of discovery which unlocks the hidden dimensions and timeless states of being.

The student is empowered by the polarised energies of the three great Dragons of the North: Fafnir, the guardian of the riches; Jormungandr, the Midgard Serpent who established the boundaries of the world; Nidhogg, the primal Dragon of Chaos, who transcends life and death.


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Dragonscales is a collection of essays and articles which supplement the Initiatory curricula presented in Apophis and Aegishjalmur. The articles may be read alone or together with the other two books in the series.

These essays explore some of the Draconian themes in greater depth than was possible within the scope of the basic curriculum, providing new avenues and techniques for students to explore. In particular, this book’s contents shed much more light upon the higher ‘Heads’ in the Draconian initiatory curriculum, providing much food for thought for the more advanced student.

With expanded lore, practice and philosophy across a broad scope of subjects, this book will prove invaluable to all who Seek After the Draconian Mysteries.

Draconian Consciousness ~ The Book of Divine Madness

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Draconian Consciousness is the fourth book in Michael Kelly’s Draconian series, and is intended for advanced students.

This is pre-eminently a book of ‘doing’, a practical manual of Work to be performed by the Initiate. It is a challenging and demanding curriculum which gives no quarter and pitilessly turns many cherished ideas and notions on their heads.

This book was penned from the heart of the Void.It is deliberately full of the contradictions and about-faces that characterise the Abyss where time and space no longer exist. Where most occult books fail to deliver, there is REAL power here, use it at your own risk.

The time has come for Apep, the Ancient Dragon, to swallow the Sun. Let the consciousness of the Dragon permeate your mind. You will never be the same again. NOTHING will ever be the same again.

Words of Power

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Words of Power is the fifth in Michael Kelly’s series of Draconian titles. Its purpose is to reveal the Mysteries of the spoken and written word, and how the precise use of words is essential to magic.

The book is divided into three sections:

In the first section, historical traditions of magic are studied with specific reference to the ways in which they use Words and Names of power. The Graeco-Egyptian magical papyri; Qabalism; the grimoire traditions; runes; ogham; Enochian; Satanism: all are examined closely and their techniques dissected. This demonstrates how the entirety of magical practice is founded upon words and their correct use.

In the second section attention is turned to the use of our own contemporary language as a tool to influence and persuade others, utilising the skills of Lesser Magic. The secrets of persuasion are laid bare, with a full discussion of how to choose the right words to convey precise meanings and emotions which will persuade others to do what you want, whether you are talking to an individual, addressing a crowd, or using the written word.

The third section looks at the Draconian characters created and used by The Apophis Club, demonstrating a method of drawing forth your own personal sound keys by accessing the qualities associated with various letters in your own subconscious. These words and letters are then explored further through three levels of numerological analysis.

The reader of this book can expect to come away with not only increaed knowledge of the power of applied language, but the skills and techniques to choose the right words to create the changes he or she most desires. For magic is the fulfilment of desires, and this book will show you how to fulfil yours.

The Grimoire of the Sevenfold Serpent

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The Grimoire of the Sevenfold Serpent is a small handbook of purely practical, result-oriented magic based upon the Seven Heads of the primordial Dragon and the teachings of The Apophis Club.

In this handy booklet, the sorcerer will find techniques for evoking the essence of each of the Seven Heads and applying their powers to achieve worldly success. There are also instructions for invoking your personal Daemon, an important consideration in boosting the power of your magic.

Here you will find a useful shortcut to harness powerful energies for those who are new on the Path, and who wish a foretaste of the unearthly consciousness which is their Draconian heritage.

Gods and Monsters

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Gods and Monsters is a collection of five profound and challenging writings by some of the foremost members of The Apophis Club. These essays seek to address the nature and essence of entities such as Gods, Dæmons and Spirits:

Vampyric Alchemy by Steve Dee and Lucien von Wolfe. This study examines the archetypes of the Lycanthrope and the Vampyre.

At The Left Hand of the Goddess by Matt Anon and Durga Mahavidya. An in-depth study of Indian Tantric practice (the original Left-Hand Path).

The Dragon in Antiquity by Joyful Hydra. A detailed study of the initiatory importance of the Dragon in the roots of mythic traditions.

Haunters of the Dark by Michael Kelly. A study of ghosts, hauntings and the spirits of the dead.

Remanifestations in Rheged by Jez Green. A personal account which demonstrates how Initiates can go about connecting with the mythology of the landscape that surrounds them.

2 thoughts on “Draconian Magic Titles by Michael Kelly

  1. Topaz Drachen — The info above led to some interesting comments on my Facebook page. However, the commenter had some misgivings about their initial comments and deleted them, leaving an apology which I accepted. There was a whole lot more I could have said in my replies but instead I decided to “bite my tongue” so to speak, and just be polite. I have added the comments here (without identifying the person who made them) as I think it’s a perfect example of how individual and varied the “Draconic/Draconian/Dragon” path can be, based on people’s unique perceptions of what it should or should not entail.

    “Person X”(this comment was later deleted from Facebook by its author) — Ok, not to be rude, but the whole ‘left hand’ path is NOT draconic, no matter what the author claims! Those he works with are ‘other’ (shadows or imitations) according to my guides, (I just asked) (again). Dragon magic is not sorcery and especially not demonic!! They have explained that eons ago there were dragons who served the dark, but this is no longer true. They either withdrew from contact with humans or joined those in service to light. It dishonors them and us to encourage what is false. I have worked with dragons for years in this life and for many other lives. I speak with them as if conversing with a person. I read some of this book and his blogs, and he is a demonic sorcerer regardless of his claims of enlightenment. These books are not just false, they are dangerous. Demonic possession exists, I have seen brilliant and powerful people destroyed, unable to free themselves of these vampire beings attached in the astral. They ended up speaking in tongues and psychotic, broken and unable to even function in normal life. True power requires study and commitment and wisdom. No dragon will work with these lower occult energies, and calling or pretending that you can entice or browbeat one into helping you, as these books suggest is ludicrous. This author is an opponent of the Light which dragons serve. It horrifies me that you would in any way recommend them!

    Ok one more thing. I understand that people long for magic, and the power to affect change in this world, but without heart and light, what you create is illusion, and true dragon fire crisps it into ash in a fraction of a second. Commit yourself to a heroic path, to honor and nobility, or any power you manage to draw will be worthless. Personal gain and the path of ego lead to weakness, cruelty and becoming an object of pity to those who really wield magic.

    Topaz Drachen — I’m sorry that you’re horrified that I’ve shared information about these books. I’ve included them because I found them all very interesting reads (though in some cases it was difficult to grasp some of the concepts) and because I like to read and share different viewpoints of how a Draconic path might be interpreted and experienced by various people. I don’t see anything wrong with offering a different perspective. People are free to pick and choose what works for them, but more importantly, to educate themselves and take responsibility for their own actions, and (hopefully) to have a healthy respect for the powers/energies/entities they choose to evoke or invoke.

    As for all Dragons now being exclusively lightworkers – well, we might just have to agree to disagree on that one.

    “Person X”(this comment was later deleted from Facebook by its author) — Yes, we will have to disagree. Have you seen anyone possessed by entities? Have you fought them in the dream planes night after night? Books are great, but I studied with an enlightened being and as his students we had to learn to stand against the things that came for him, and were way out of our league normally. He was one of the great warriors of light in the universe. He had the siddhas and the golden aura that froze time and reality like crystal. Miracles right and left and visits from innumerable beings from many realms and times. There are usually only 10 to 12 who enter samadhi and burn away the human structure incarnated on the planet at a time. Most are never known, they remain secluded. Christ was one, buddha, etc. my teacher also. The highest of magic, found in no books. I was taught many things. Follow or consider evil if you wish, just don’t call it draconic, you are leading those who don’t know into harm’s way from your own ignorance. Learn before you teach!!

    “Person X” — Hey Topaz, I deleted my comments because it is just too great a soapbox issue for me, and I need to respect your right to hold a different opinion without attacking you! Please forgive me, it was way out of line…

    Topaz Drachen — All is forgiven. 🙂

    But just to clarify, I have never claimed to be a teacher and I’m not leading anybody anywhere. I am simply collecting information from any and all sources that I find interesting or relevant to my path and sharing it on my personal blog & FB page for others who might have similar interests.

    In answer to one of your questions – no, I have not seen anyone possessed by entities, but I have friends who have seen it and were able to successfully get rid of said entity. Being part of a Pagan/Shamanic paranormal investigation group I have been privy to some rather “interesting” phenomena – mostly involving grounded human spirits who we assisted to cross over, some from residual energetic imprints and from geopathic stress and other instances where the supposed “spirit activity” had quite rational and mundane explanations, including underlying mental illness in a couple of cases. But, so far our group hasn’t encountered any demons – fortunately! True demonic activity seems to be far less prevalent than the Christian church would have us believe as they seem to label the majority of paranormal events as being of demonic origin, even though they are not – some could even be Elemental in origin. However, I don’t doubt that demons are lurking out there somewhere so the ability to properly energetically shield oneself comes in very handy, and also stops dreamtime intruders (including human spirits). Frankly I think that anyone who purposely conjures or summons any form of demon or spirit to do their bidding is asking for trouble somewhere down the line and this is not something I am interested in doing. However, use of a demon/servitor is not a necessary aspect of a more generalised LHP philosophy. As I wrote in one of my earlier blogs, my own practice is more “ambidextrous” rather than strictly RHP or LHP.

    I saw from your original comments that you are very passionate and committed to your particular path and I respect you for that, as I also respect your right to believe as you do based on the experiences you have had.

    So, yeah, we’re all good. 🙂


  2. Frankly, and I know this post is old, that person seemed ignorant. The sort of pure ignorance that can only come about when a person has decided that they are right, and regardless of perspective, everybody else is wrong.

    It’s been my experience that a person who is only willing to denounce, and who also claims godliness/exclaims loudly the strife and persecution they’re constantly under/claims to be the sole beneficiary of ancient and terrible power no human can achieve/comprehend has their head so far up their ass one can’t help but wonder how they breathe.

    If they were half as great as they claim to be, why jump to so many conclusions? Why brag about their hardships? Finally, why claim to be in the presence of some all powerful, kung fu, kickass monster slaying teacher, who’s so Damn weak that they need help “dealing with things that would normally be over our head” instead of dealing with things themselves?

    Every word from them smacks of a child who’s so into being right that they’ll try to shout down anybody who has even a slight worldview different from their own.

    I’m glad you didn’t rise to the bait, and I’m glad you didn’t let them bother you. Because we both know they’re full of shit.

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