Into the Abyss


I have been going through some drafts of older blogposts that I never finished for one reason or another. This is one such post, based on a meditation I experienced at a ritual run by my Sydney Pagan Circle, Spheres Of Light, in May 2015.

The circle was cast with Leviathan, the quarters called, Tiamat was invoked and then we settled for a meditation. Our chakras were opened with twin snakes coiling around each one before moving on up to the next.  I went into a cave and saw a large black obsidian column in the centre. I looked into it and saw  my reflection which started to turn into a beast — a wolf-dragon, huge and snarling, which then transformed into a full dragon. I felt my usual set of wings sprout from the middle of my back so I flew through the huge cave then on to the precipice at the cave’s opening and looked down into the swirling black salt water below. I dived head first into the whirlpool with my wings tucked by my sides. The water was frothing and turbulent on the surface but deep below it was calm and peaceful and surprisingly warm and comforting. I was then flying/swimming underwater. It felt thicker than air but somehow I could still breathe and didn’t feel wet. I didn’t want to leave. Many thoughts and memories passed by me as pictures projected out into the water. I saw images of myself at school being bullied, and other events in my life where I felt unfairly treated. I began to feel stronger, to feel large and powerful — no-one gets in my way! I continued onwards, still underwater but flying over submarine mountains — fish were like birds swimming/flying between them. I swam/flew with them feeling a freedom and confidence I had never felt before! Many more thoughts and images came to mind and I cast them aside, no longer worried by certain issues from my past. Suddenly, and all too soon it seemed, the meditation was ending and we were being called back to fly out of the seething whirlpool abyss and return to our human bodies. It was an intense and powerful experience, which my attempt to explain here does not fully convey. I felt regret at the need to return to “reality”. I was also quite disoriented for a while, until the twin snakes had completed their coiling journey back down through my chakras, closing them one by one until reaching the base chakra which is always left open.

You can read the full ritual and guide to the meditation here if you’re interested. 🙂


One comment on “Into the Abyss

  1. Nikanor 'SeaSerpent' says:

    I am going to try this ritual atleast in my mind, to see what i can see, because in this image i was reminded of a childhood dream which was important to me. But many times i dreamt about whirlpools, i need to dive in again.

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