Gods and Dragons


A while back the Dragons told me that “All is Dragon”.

I see posts by others online who say that a true follower of the Draconian path will only worship the Dragon and not work with or worship other deities — that those who do worship other gods and goddesses are somehow a “lesser” form of Draconian practitioner. Personally I do not agree with those other opinions, however, to each their own.

Dragons come to us in a form we can recognise, and for each person that can be a very different image. If, as the Dragons say, all is indeed Dragon, then all gods and goddesses are of the Dragon as well — perhaps they are aspects of the Dragon presented to us in human form so that we can better identify with them and the lessons they have to teach us from their stories and experiences of their interactions with mankind over the centuries.

Many stories about Dragons involve Dragon slayers — perhaps aspects of ourselves slaying other aspects of our psyche that we are afraid to recognise — if everything is Dragon then we are Dragon also.

Ok, so my ramblings are becoming very circular, funnelling in on themselves — but perhaps that is what is happening to us as we are being shown more and more that Dragons are real and that we are of the Dragon.


Image from jpl.nasa.gov/spaceimages/details.php?id=PIA09178

5 comments on “Gods and Dragons

  1. Vonda says:

    I can’t find this article! Please send link that works! Thank you.

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  2. Anen says:

    I don’t agree with this at all. Dragons are dragons. It isn’t how we perceive them, it is who they are. But to say that Buddha, Allah, the goddess or ra are of the dragon or are dragons makes no sense. Personally, while I do believe all deities exist and govern their own followers, I know that dragons are their own entities. While there are many dragon paths that lead down the same road, there is only one destination. And it is not through path mixing. If you want to practice Wicca, follow Wicca. If you want to practice asatru,follow asatru. And if you want to practice the dragons path, follow the dragons path. This is dangerous misinformation and can get people seriously hurt. I urge anyone who reads this to NOT mix oaths. Especially those made with dragons.

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  3. Axel KNG says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with Anen. You’re literally taking “deity is all, all is deity” and replacing it with dragon. I don’t doubt you’re belief in this concept, but this concept makes no sense.

    Deities are energies and powers of many types, but have no actual known form. Deities can be found in the air, in the rocks, in the water, fire, or stars. Deities can be found within us and without us, and take multiple different forms to multiple different people. But dragons are different.

    Dragons are creatures with very specific, albeit diverse, forms. They are knowledgeable, but not all knowing. They are powerful, but not a power. They are not gods, not an energy, not a state of being. They are dragons – creatures of immense power and knowledge that should always be respected and, in some cases, feared.

    Dragons are not all and all is not dragons.

    Just as you wouldn’t claim that “all is dog” you shouldn’t claim that “all is dragon”.


  4. Ashiok says:

    Actually, depending on the perspective you allow, both could be right.

    In the Draconian Left Hand Path, there are 3 primal forces. Consciousness, Desire, and Void.

    Void is embodied by Apophis, the Dragon of the Void. Through his hypnotic stare, all life and reality exists. As gods are an expression of reality, although some Do embody the 3 forces, one could argue that all are the Dragon including the gods.

    Reality is riding on the Dragons breath, and life is product of Dragons blood in our veins

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