The Tales of Little Purple

by Night Blade*

I have been visited for a while by a large dark silver-grey dragon, whose energy should be very chaotic (but isn’t). He’s not actually that friendly either, I would say more indifferent but not. He’s very confusing, because there’s something up, but he wasn’t talking.

I turned round recently and saw a little purple coloured dragon. All I could see of him was two claws, one eye, and a bit of his nose. He really was just peeping around the door frame at me, quite insistent though. He seems to me to be a Disney style dragon (blasphemous but cute) and I’ve never seen that type before. And then this started:

LittlePurple2I am at it again you see
Telling tales of old, bold and daring do
I’m visited by a little dragon
Who’s as cute as cute could be
He peeps at me around a door
Not showing me any more
And demands I tell his tales so bold
He demands and commands for me to speak
And will not leave me be
So here is part one for the world to see
Of The Tales of Little Purple

There was a little purple dragon
As cute, as cute can be
He gnashed his teeth and thrashed his tail
He wanted to be as big and brave as a lion you see.

He had sisters a plenty
And brothers a few
A loving mum
And a dad that holds him in the palm of his hand.

His size does bother him much you see
For he has been condemned to be small
For all eternity
A spell was cast you see
That affects both his parents and me.

I am to tell the tales of old
Of how a little dragon bold
Cast off his terrors and fears
To become the Mighty Purple.

Little Purple illustration by Rayvensclaw

Text & Illustration © 2009 Night Blade & Rayvensclaw

* Night Blade was previously known as Amethyst when this story was first published in Axis Mundi eMagazine. The Tales of Little Purple” are reprinted here on “Dragon Dreaming” with Night Blade’s permission.

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