The Tales of Little Purple – Part 7

At Last

by Night Blade*

It was with great trepidation and some quite big fear
That Little Purple headed out of the Dragon Cave so large
And took his first flight in the big wide world so huge.

At first he only flew just outside the cavern’s mouth
He didn’t seem to show any fear
But what dragonkind couldn’t see
Was Little Purple crying in his sleep.

But as time went by,
As time went along
Little Purple found his little courage grew
And further afield he flew.

And then came the great big day
That caused the dragons to roar
The day that Little Purple flew solo
No harness, No more.

And on the fateful day
Where do you think he flew
Why to Uncle George’s grave no less
At the bottom of that great big hill.

LittlePurple7Little Purple crying in his sleep ~ Illustration by Rayvensclaw

Text & Illustration © 2010 Night Blade & Rayvensclaw

* Night Blade was previously known as Amethyst when this story was first published in Axis Mundi eMagazine. “The Tales of Little Purple” are reprinted here on “Dragon Dreaming” with Night Blade’s permission.